Sunday, January 20, 2008

Supporting Hillary Clinton for President: Our Faith is Our Strength

"For many of us the golden rule calls on us to act."
~ Hillary Rodham Clinton

Dear Anonymous and the Barack Obama Fan Club,
You are for Barack Obama and I am for Hillary Clinton.

I have no apologies or regrets for supporting Hillary Clinton for President and as you can see, we are winning.

The great living legend of African American poetry, Ma Maya Angelou, consummate music genius Quincy Jones the "Dude", Earvin "Magic" Johnson, rapper 50 cent, the majority of the certified African American ministers supporting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for President are right there in God's own country and if they believe that she has it more than Senator Barack Hussein Obama, then I am in the right direction in my total support for her.

"What I [saw] in her was clearly a very good searching and clear mind.
She was already a little brain child, a budding intellectual, I would say. So her interest in my ministry and my version of the gospel and the Christian faith was to some extent intellectual. She would come up after one of our sessions and talk to me about a fine point about something I had said."
~ Rev. Don Jones on Senator Hillary Clinton and he took her to meet Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1962.

On Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton said:
"Well, I'm going to stay focused on where I am right now. I'm an admirer of his; I campaigned for him; I raised money for him... I am a very big admirer of his, and I think the sky is the limit for him -- in the future. [Laughs.]"
~ From Nigerian Times International

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