Monday, May 29, 2006

Miss Young Takes On Nigerian Internet Scammers


I am happy to tell you that there is one dare-devil young lady called Miss. Young who is taking up the challenge to expose all the tricks of Nigerian Internet Scammers. And she needs our cooperation and support.

Nigerian Times gives two thumbs up to Miss Young and thumbs down to all Internet Scammers from Nigeria to America to Russia to the Netherlands!

If you are a 419 victim, you can help in preparing a documentary on the subject:

" Seeking 419 victims to share their stories for an Independent documentary, see, email for more information. The only way we can stop this foolishness is by educating people about this matter. Please, help us stop the next scam. "

My Nigerian pen pals.

Have you ever received an email from a stranger in Nigeria promising you millions of dollars? - You should just delete it, because it is a pack of lies.

However, some people answers them, and they soon find out that they have to pay some fee in order to get the millions. Then comes the second fee, and the third fee, etc etc. No one has ever received the millions, but many have lost a lot of money, and some have even got killed.

This so called "Advance Fee Fraud" has become an industry in Nigeria, and the surrounding countries. Another common name is "419 fraud" after Section 419 of the Nigerian Penal code, the section that specifically prohibits this type of crime.

The fraud is difficult to stop, but we can have some fun, and have the criminals use their time in vain. That is called scambaiting.

If you are new to this sport, I will recommend you to look at the links-page.

Have fun,

Miss Young

Friday, May 26, 2006


President Moi and US President Bush at the UN headquarters in New York on November 10, 2001.

22nd May 2006


“KESDEMO believes that Moi should be tried in a court of law because there is massive evidence that could sustain a case against him so that he can spend the rest of his life in prison instead of loitering around Kenya delivering bogus political summons after running down the country during his 24 years reign of unmitigated terror”

The Kenya Scandinavia Democratic Movement (KESDEMO) is deeply concerned that former Dictator Daniel arap Moi, a ruthless man who converted Kenya into a one Party dictatorship thereby triggering the 1982 coup, murdered thousands of innocent Kenyans in cold blood, looted billions of tax payer's money through corruption, promoted tribalism, encouraged nepotism, cemented inter-ethnic hatred, instigated bloody ethnic cleansing during the 90s for his political survival, massacred thousands of Kenyan citizens in the marginalized North Eastern Province (Wagalla massacre, Kibish massacre etc) and served Western Imperialism with zeal for 24 years, is now attempting to make a political come back using dirty politics he perfected during his long reign of darkness and death.

From Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya’s first President who laid the grounds for neo-colonialism in our country, Moi inherited a well tested and iron-fisted method of totalitarianism which he used with abandon to crash his opponents at every opportunity and to assassinate his political rivals to maintain his grip on power. Jomo Kenyatta, the fake “founding father of the Kenyan Nation” is famous for his betrayal of the Mau Mau and his forgiveness of tainted home-guards like John Michuki (the Internal Security Minister) now terrorizing the media with terror gangs and harassing Kenyans in North Eastern Province with heavily armed military personnel.

Political assassinations

In his irritating public utterances, Moi has wondered aloud the crimes he committed that should precipitate a national outcry that he should stop meddling in politics by shutting his mouth while in retirement. The courage with which Moi continues with his defiance is a direct consequence of the failure of the Kibaki dictatorship to arrest the ex-despot after Narc came to power and the failure of the regime to set up a structure to investigate “Moi’s crimes against humanity”. Due to the huge volume of these crimes, KESDEMO wishes to give some headlines that could for ever confine Moi behind bars if they are investigated. Bringing Moi to face justice could put to a permanent end what is increasingly becoming “The Daniel arap Moi menace” fuelled by the ex-dictator’s arrogant and unwelcome public outbursts.

The Assassination of Owiti Ongili ( former MP), Robert Ouko (former Minister of International cooperation), Bishop Alexander Kipsang Muge, Ben Gethi (former Police Commissioner and General Service Unit – GSU - commandant), Mbuthia Gatoto (Gethi’s second in command) among others are just but few examples of Kenyans who lost their lives as a result of Moi’s policy of systematic assassination “Kenyatta style” of real or imagined opponents.

After Dr. Robert Ouko’s assassination, more than 15 witnesses linked to the Ouko murder case were either killed or made to disappear mysteriously under Moi's brutal and evil empire. As capitalist newspapers looking for sensation continue to give Moi coverage, all cases of bloody political assassinations under Moi remain unresolved.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Democracy Will Only Succeed in Nigeria if...

Afrobarometer, a nonprofit polling project reports that:
Sixty-one percent of Africans surveyed said they regard democracy as preferable to other political systems. But the pollsters found that flaws in many democracies across the continent have undermined support for the concept.

Washington Post

Democracy has been hijacked by kleptocrats and plutocrats in Africa.

The obvious truth is the fact that most of the African rulers from Nigeria to Egypt have not been faithful to the tenets of democracy in the governance of their countries. But majority of the citizens want democracy to succeed. And we should begin the breeding and training of democratic leaders from the grassroots.

The Nigerian government is a quasi-democracy controlled by plutocrats and kleptocrats. Nigeria is best described as a corrupt plutocracy:"A system of government whereby wealth and the benefits that wealth accrues lead to a concentration of power in the hands of those with disproportionate access to financial resources."Source

Democracy will only succeed in Nigeria if the Rule of Law prevails.

Democracy still remains the most proactive system of government in Africa. And we should do our best to support the advancement of democracy in Africa.

South Africa still remains the Beacon of Democracy in Africa.

Monday, May 22, 2006

If Shell refuses To Pay Us $1.5 billion, Then Prepare For The Worst

Niger Delta Militants
"How much lying to yourself are you actually capable of?"

-- Howard Roark in The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.

Right now the militant revolutionary groups in the Niger Delta have united to launch more attacks on the Multinational oil companies. And they buy their arms with money from illegal oil bunkering and funds provided by their sponsors who are all stakeholders and shareholders in the illegal oil bunkering business.

But the Multinational oil companies and the Nigerian Government are not ignorant of the principal crooks and rogues engaged in illegal oil bunkering in Nigeria. They are all partners in crime.

If Shell refuses to pay us the ordianry $1.5 Billion the courts have ordered Shell to pay into the coffers of the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN), then Shell and the other multinational oil companies should prepare for the worst case scenario in the Niger Delta region.

Shell Corporation knows how to extract oil without causing pollution, but chooses not to do so in the Niger River delta. Shell Corporation knows how to share oil wealth with those who own the land from where the oil comes -- but they choose not to do so. Shell knows well that poor people are no match for lawyers, lobbyists and naked 21st century greed. A Nigerian court has recently found Shell Corporation guilty of polluting the Niger Delta and ordered Shell to pay $1.5 billion to the Ijaw people of the Niger Delta in financial compensation for losses due to the pollution and to clean up the mess which has been made of the Niger delta. Shell Corporation refuses to pay a cent. Youths of the Ijaw people have begun seizing oil wells at gunpoint and telling Shell workers to get out of the delta until Shell pays its $1.5 billion fine, the pollution stops and the mess is cleaned up. These youths are labelled by the media as terrorists and thieves. Who is the terrorist? Who is the thief?


Oil falls as commodity sell-off continues
FBI Says Jefferson Was Filmed Taking Cash

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nigerians Beware of Cellphone Guns

The Cellphone Gun is nothing new. But I decided to blog this, because I know that most Nigerians are ignorant of it and we must beware of it showing up in Nigeria. And our security agencies have been ignorant of it. They have not been looking out for cellphone guns.

The Nigerian Police should be on the look out for these Cellphone Guns!

At first sight it looks like a regular cell phone — same size, same shape, same overall appearance.But beneath the digital face lies a .22-caliber pistol, a phone gun capable of firing four rounds in quick succession with a touch of the otherwise standard keypad. The US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are aware of the device and have instructed baggage screeners to be on the lookout for suspicious mobile phones. This is especially after 9/11. European law enforcement officials — stunned by the discovery of these deadly decoys — say phone guns are changing the rules of engagement in Europe.Airport authorities across Europe are implementing systems to X-ray all cell phones

More Information and Video Demonstration

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Hysteria in Nigeria Over The Third Term and The Reign of Corruption.

ALHAJI ATIKU ABUABAKAR, the Vice President who has opposed the Third Term Bid of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Why? Because, Atiku wants to succeed Obasanjo.

Perhaps, you expect me to join in the public jubilation in Nigeria over the rejection of the Third Term by the National Assembly? And clap my hands to applaud the honourable representatives and senators in Nigeria for defending democracy?
But, I am not fooled by the ambiguous and erroneous politics in Nigeria. Because, I want the so called Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to continue with the probe of the allegations of bribery and corruption among the legislators as they were cajoled and tempted in cash and kind by the two opposing camps of the sponsors of the Third Term Constitution Amendment Bill and those against the bill.

He also said the decision by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe allegations of graft in the third term project was welcome, but added "I hope the probe is genuine and I hope we will see the result."
~Senator Uche Chukwumerije

President Olusegun Obasanjo is suffering from senile dementia as at present and I pray that God cures him of his madness. He needs to regain his sanity and his Otta Farms would be the best place for his healing in retirement.

Meanwhile, immigrants are popping champagne in America as Immigration Proposals Pass Test In Senate. And I am happy for thousands of Nigerians who have been scared of their future as illegal immigrants. They can now sigh with relief for a while.

Then, the Washington Post news report that U.S. is secretly backing Warlords in Somalia does not surprise me, because that is exactly what the US is doing in Sudan by backing the rebels and using the Western mainstream media to misinform the ignorant public that the Janjaweed militia and the Sudanese government are the real evils in Darfur. The rebels are actually the real devils perpetrating evils in Darfur.
I have been in contact with Jan Pronk, the UN Special Envoy to Sudan and I am glad to read that the U.N. Council Approves Mission to Darfur

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Future of Nigeria is Greater

The future of my beloved country Nigeria is greater than the selfish ambition of any greedy politician in uniform or civilian fatigues.
They will come and go. But Nigeria will survive.

Look at the above picture of oil pipelines passing infront of the houses of the poor villagers in the Niger Delta of Nigeria and tell me if the government and the multinational oil companies in Nigeria are not guilty of exposing the people to constant danger of pipeline explosions?

For more on the pipeline explosions with the best graphic details, join us on Nairaland

Bid to Allow Nigerian a Third Term Hits Snag
Nigeria Boosting Protection for Pipelines


Friday, May 12, 2006

On The Other Side of Yesterday

(For the suffering and dying and the bereaved all over the world.)

Nobody told me that it will not last forever
Nobody told me that it will soon be over.
Nobody told me that it is just for a while
Nobody told me that life is just a borrowed tale.
And as time goes by, life goes on.

Nobody told me that this world is only a passage
Nobody told me that we are only on a pilgrimage
Nobody told me that it is only a voyage
Nobody told me that it goes on from age to age.
And as time goes by, we all come and go.

Here today and gone tomorrow
And only the bereaved knows their sorrow.

Oh, Lord!
Give me your Word.
A messge of hope to a hopeless world.
That one fine day
All these horrors will pass away
On the other side of yesterday.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Third Term Will Set Nigeria On Fire

You can join us in the debate on the Third Term Agenda of President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria on the hottest Nigerian online forum NAIRALAND.

The burning question of Third Term in Nigeria has a final solution!