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Something Exciting is Happening in Texas

Dear Orikinla,

I wish you could be out on the trail with Hillary to see the energy and enthusiasm that is there for her every day.

That enthusiasm, like your support, means so much to her in her historic run for the White House. The incredible energy every day in Texas and Ohio is something you should see for yourself.

So I wanted to show you this video of two recent rallies in south Texas, to give you an idea of the kind of excitement Hillary gets to see every day. Take a look and show your support for Hillary:

Something Exciting is Happening in Texas

I know you share that crowd's enthusiasm for Hillary! I appreciate everything you're doing to help her win, and Hillary does too.

Thank you,

Ann F. Lewis
Senior Adviser
Hillary Clinton for President

Department of the Army Official and Alabama-Based Private Contractor Sentenced in Public Corruption Case

29 Feb 2008 01:55 Africa/Lagos

Department of the Army Official and Alabama-Based Private Contractor Sentenced in Public Corruption Case

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Assistant Attorney General Alice S. Fisher of the Criminal Division announced today that a Department of the Army official and an Alabama-based contractor were sentenced to federal prison in connection with charges arising from participation in an honest services wire fraud scheme and a related obstruction of justice.

Jeffrey H. Stayton, 57, of Spotsylvania, Va., the former Chief of the Aviation Division for the U.S. Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), was sentenced by U.S. District Judge William S. Duffey of the Northern District of Georgia, sitting by designation, to serve 63 months imprisonment, three years supervised release, and a fine of $61,071.75.

William C. Childree, 69, of Enterprise, Ala., the sole owner and operator of Maverick Aviation, Inc. (Maverick), was sentenced by Judge Duffey to serve 27 months in imprisonment, three years supervised release, and a fine of $61,071.75. Both men are to report to prison on April 15, 2008.

Stayton and Childree were convicted on December 11, 2007, following a week-long jury trial in Montgomery, Al., the jury heard evidence that in or about November 2001, the government selected Maverick to procure and deliver two helicopters for use by the U.S. government. The contract was worth approximately $4.7 million. Stayton, in his capacity as an ATEC official, took actions that favored Maverick's selection as the eventual contract recipient and misled government officials about Maverick's performance under the contract. Thereafter, Childree used a portion of the contract funds to pay off the entire mortgage on his personal residence in Enterprise, Ala., and secretly wired a third party $61,071.75 from a Maverick bank account to satisfy the entire amount on a mortgage on Stayton's personal residence in Spotsylvania, Va., Stayton failed to disclose his solicitation or receipt of this payment to other ATEC or Army personnel, or in his required annual financial disclosure statements.

The jury also heard evidence that on June 29, 2005, Stayton appeared before the grand jury and falsely testified that Childree's $61,071.75 payment was a loan. In addition to the underlying honest services wire fraud charges against both defendants, the jury also convicted Stayton of a single count of obstruction of justice based on this false testimony.

The case was prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Shaun M. Palmer, Matthew L. Stennes and Eric G. Olshan of the Criminal Division's Public Integrity Section, headed by William M. Welch II, and by Mariclaire Rourke of the National Security Division's Counterespionage Section, headed by John J. Dion. The case was investigated by the Department of the Army, Criminal Investigation Command, with additional support provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington Field Office.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

CONTACT: U.S. Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs,

Web Site:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tribute: William Frank Buckley, Jr. (November 24, 1925 – February 27, 2008)

William F. Buckley, Jr.

27 Feb 2008 20:46 Africa/Lagos

Newt Gingrich Statement on the Passing of William F. Buckley, Jr.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Before there was Goldwater or Reagan, there was Bill Buckley.

From writing books, to creating, leading and sustaining National Review Magazine, to his 33-year run as the host of Firing Line on television, Bill Buckley became the indispensable intellectual advocate from whose energy, intelligence, wit, and enthusiasm the best of modern conservatism drew its inspiration and encouragement.

It was not until William F. Buckley, Jr., founded National Review Magazine in 1955 that the tide began to slowly turn for conservatives. National Review was a lonely voice of conservatism in an overwhelmingly liberal establishment. Buckley began what led to Senator Barry Goldwater and his Conscience of a Conservative that led to the seizing of power by the conservatives from the moderate establishment within the Republican Party. From that emerged Ronald Reagan. Bill stood up to defend freedom as a positive value of greater moral worth than either the state and the elite, and over time his work had a transformational impact on the quality of American politics that continues even today.

He was a wonderful friend, a great patriot, and a lively human being. Callista and I are praying for him and those who loved him. He will be missed.

Source: Gingrich Communications

CONTACT: Rick Tyler, Press Secretary & Spokesperson for Speaker Newt
Gingrich, +1-540-338-1250,

Blunt Statement on Passing of William F. Buckley, Jr.
Buckley Was the Ideal Debating Partner, Says NCPA President John Goodman

Atiku Abubakar: Africa's Fraudulent Elections: A Non-Violent Alternative

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the former Vice President of Nigeria

I am posting this press release by the former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for reference, since it was released before the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal sitting in Abuja on Tuesday, February 26, 2008, dismissed the suits of former military ruler, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and the former Vice President of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and upheld the fraudulent election of "President" Umaru Yar'Adua in the April 2007 presidential poll.

23 Feb 2008 23:00 Africa/Lagos
Atiku Abubakar: Africa's Fraudulent Elections: A Non-Violent Alternative

Africa's Fraudulent Elections: A Non-Violent Alternative

A statement by former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar

In advance of a decision by a Nigerian tribunal on February 26 on whether the 2007 election of the President was legal, former Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar delivers a statement.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

"Nigeria will soon confront one of the most difficult challenges that any emerging Democracy must face, whether the rule of law as set by the courts will prevail. The Nigerian Supreme Court will soon decide if it will nullify last year's presidential elections on fraud charges. How the government reacts could well determine the future of the country. Nigeria is a sovereign nation, but the United States must urge the current leaders to abide by the Supreme Court's ruling. If not, the unfolding tragedy in Kenya and the violence in that neighboring country could well repeat itself.

On December 27th, Kenyans went to the polls to elect a president. The election was close, pitting an incumbent President Mwai Kibaki against opposition leader, Raila Odinga. Faced with the prospect of losing, President Kibaki apparently chose to steal the election, and in doing so, he precipitated an ethnic civil war. Thus far, about 1,000 Kenyans have died, and another 300,000 have fled their homes.

The election fraud last April in Nigeria was much worse than Kenya's. Incumbent President Obasanjo manipulated every stage of the process. Although I was elected as his Vice President, by the end of his second term, he used every instrument at his command to try to soil my reputation and prevent me from running so as to leave a clear path for him to change the constitution and allow himself a third term. I opposed his effort and was joined by a courageous majority in Parliament that prevented the constitutional change. The Supreme Court also stood up to him and rejected the charges of corruption that he trumped up against me. On the eve of the election, the Supreme Court ordered the Election Commission to put my name on the ballot.

By then, it was too late for my party to organize to win the election, but Obasanjo took no chances. He instructed the Chair of the Election Commission, Maurice Iwu, a pharmacist, to concoct the election results like a drug prescription.

Virtually every international and domestic observer denounced the fraud. General Buhari and I were the two principal opposition candidates, but instead of inflaming our supporters as the Kenyan leaders did, we encouraged our people to stay calm, and we took our case to court. The courts moved swiftly to nullify state elections, and they are now considering validity of the presidential election.

It is imperative that all of us have confidence that the Court will make the right decision, and I certainly have decided to place my trust there. If the Justices declare the election valid, I will accept the result. If they annul the election, the Court and our country will become a model for all of Africa, but we will need solidarity within Nigeria and help from the world to turn the promise of such a decision into a real democracy. The problem is that if a new election is held under Iwu and the same election law, it will be fraudulent, and the people will lose their patience.

If the Appeals Court declares the Presidential election invalid, I will urge my supporters to remain calm, and I will ask the other presidential candidates to join me to invite a group of world leaders to help us fashion a new Election Commission and a new Election Law that would permit us to adhere to the Constitution and prepare for Nigeria's first genuinely free and fair election.

Kenya has disillusioned many democrats in Africa. Our hope is that Nigeria's Supreme Court will send a message to all Africans that democracy is not only possible, it is essential to peace and ethnic coexistence. Incumbents will no longer be permitted to manipulate the electoral process. Election Commissions must be genuinely autonomous, impartial, and professional.

I pledge to do all that I can to assure that democracy and rule of law return to Nigeria peacefully. We hope that the world will stand with us and give Africans a reason again for hope."

~ Atiku Abubakar was Vice President of Nigeria from 1999-2007. He was the Presidential candidate of the Action Congress in the fraudulent election of April 2007.

Note to editors: This information is distributed by Qorvis Communications LLC on behalf of Atiku Abubakar. Further information is available at the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington, DC.

Source: Atiku Abubakar

CONTACT: Matt J. Lauer, +1-703-463-1841,

Nigerian Times Commentary:

The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal may have the brains to pass judgment on the petitions against the disputed election of "President" Umaru Yar’Adua, but will not have the balls to annul the election.

The fact cannot be denied, that the April polls in 2007 were not free and fair.

If the various election petitions tribunals, because of electoral irregularities and fraud, have annulled the gubernatorial elections of seven state governors from the notorious ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the presidential election of Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua should also be annulled, because the gubernatorial and presidential elections were held on the same day and they were all rigged.

The incumbent People's Democratic Party (PDP) violated the electoral procedures and caused the premature death of over 700 people who were killed during the marred 2007 April polls in Nigeria. It would be unfair and unlawful for the election petitions tribunals to validate the fraudulent elections of all the legislators, governors and the President from the notorious PDP.

CLOSE THE GAP! Help Hillary Clinton Win!

Dear Orikinla,

This is a hard-fought campaign. You and I both know it. And now the Obama campaign has upped the stakes again.

In just 24 hours, you closed the $1.3 million advertising gap with Obama this week. In response, their campaign has bought another $1.9 million worth of airtime.

For Hillary to win on March 4, we must close this gap -- and we have to do it quickly. We cannot let this race be decided by Obama's spending advantage on the air.

Help Hillary make up the $1.9 million spending gap in 24 hours with your contribution today.

The ads we put on the air matter. The number of phone calls we make matters. The rides we give to the polls matter. And most important of all, what you do right now matters.

We have the best candidate with the best ideas -- and she's a fighter. She's knows that you are standing with her every step of the way.

So let's show the Obama campaign that they can't win this race just by throwing more money at it.

Let's match that $1.9 million ad buy of his and make sure this is a race of ideas, because that's a race that we know Hillary will win.

Contribute now to help us raise $1.9 million in 24 hours.

You've shown Hillary that you are there for her when she needs you, and it means so much to the both of us. Thank you for all you do.


Bill Clinton

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Political Ignorance of Mr. Marc Cooper on the Huffington Post

Mr. Marc Cooper,
Your article "Hillary's Ignominious Finale" is an irrational character analysis of Senator Hillary Clinton and a public exhibition of your political ignorance and intellectual naivety.

If you think the Clinton Era is over, you are ignorant of the facts.
You are ignorant of the long term goals of Senator Hillary Clinton, because the end of the current presidential campaign is not the end of her political career.

Did Senator John McCain succeed in his previous presidential campaign before 2008? But today, John McCain is the frontrunner in the race for the Republican nomination and now leads Barack Obama in the national poll for president.
How old is he?

Are you ignorant of the political history of America?

The fact is, the prevailing political realities in Americaa do not favour Senator Hillary Clinton and the latest Bloomberg/Times poll shows that the majority of American voters are not ready to elect a female president, but 80 percent of them are ready to elect an African- American president.
Senator Hillary Clinton is facing more opposition than Barack Obama, yet she is still marching forward as the standard bearer of American women in the political leadership of the United States of America.

This is Senator Hillary Clinton's first presidential bid and if she fails to make it in 2008, she can make it in 2012 or 2016. So, to conclude that her presidential ambition is over is the most ignorant statement on the political career of Senator Hillary Clinton.

Have a great day of ratiocination.

We should have an award for the Most Ignorant Blogger on the Huffington Post.

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Miss Key Health Issue in Debate

27 Feb 2008 04:24 Africa/Lagos

Democratic Candidates Miss Key Health Issue in Debate

Candidates Are Ignoring the Fight Against Cancer

CLEVELAND, Feb. 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama took the stage for a final debate before the March 4 primaries. The candidates addressed many troubling matters important to the American public but fell short on a critical health issue -- breast cancer. Breast cancer is an issue identified by 62 percent of Americans as the key health issue facing women today.


"Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama gave us a wide-ranging and informative discussion of issues important to all Americans," said Diane Balma, head of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance. "But we are disappointed that breast cancer, which takes the lives of almost 2,000 women in Ohio each year, was not even mentioned during the debate. In fact, Ohio ranks fourth in the nation for breast cancer mortality."

A recent nationwide survey commissioned by the Komen Advocacy Alliance revealed voters' attitudes about health care, breast cancer and the 2008 election. More than 90 percent of voters want the federal government to pay more attention to breast cancer research, screening and early detection and access to quality care for all. A majority of voters (62 percent) believe breast cancer is the most critical health problem facing women today. But only one in 10 voters is aware of their preferred presidential candidate's position on issues relating to breast cancer.

"Breast cancer, and cancer in general, is indicative of the barriers, gaps and disparities inherent in the U.S. health care system," added Balma. "Women without insurance, racial and ethnic minorities, and women in underserved areas are less likely to receive the care they need and are more likely to die from the disease. The candidates are missing a ripe opportunity to draw distinctions between their health care policies and inform voters on how they plan to end breast cancer and its disparities."

The Komen Advocacy Alliance has launched a special project, I Vote for the Cure(TM), to educate voters and challenge the presidential candidates to make breast cancer a national priority. I Vote for the Cure(TM) is challenging candidates to address three achievable goals that will save lives and help end breast cancer forever: increasing investment in translational research, improving access to screening, and ensuring quality treatment for all women. For more information, visit

About the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance

Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982 that promise became Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and since then the organization has been at the forefront of a global fight against breast cancer. Through the newly formed Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance, a tax-exempt, 501c4 nonpartisan organization, Komen for the Cure is taking the next logical next step in its evolution: expanding its reach in the health policies arena. With the freedom to actively lobby for life-saving breast cancer public policy change, the Komen Advocacy Alliance will directly engage policymakers and opinion leaders to advocate for increased funding for breast cancer research and greater access to screening and treatment.

AP Archive:
PRN Photo Desk,
Source: Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance

CONTACT: Julie Bernstein of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, cell,

Web site:

Surge, Hailed by Cheney Today in Texas, is Not a 'Change In Direction' But Justification of Failed Occupation Policy

27 Feb 2008 09:00 Africa/Lagos

Surge, Hailed by Cheney Today in Texas, is Not a 'Change In Direction' But Justification of Failed Occupation Policy

NEW YORK, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

As the five-year anniversary of the Iraq invasion draws near, a new PR offensive by the White House is attempting to frame the recent troop "surge" as a strategic and military turnaround. But a growing chorus of experts warn that such claims merely mask the Administration's long-standing policy to ensure a protracted American occupation of the oil-rich nation. They warn that the occupation will not result in an end to the violence that has enveloped Iraq and so far claimed nearly 4,000 American lives.

Speaking at Ft. Hood on Tuesday, Vice President Dick Cheney told Texas troops, "It was time for a new strategy, backed up by a surge of forces... and you did in fact turn things around." And at a town hall meeting in Ohio on Monday, Senator John McCain, the likely Republican presidential candidate who has said he supports a protracted American presence in Iraq, hailed the surge of troops and declared the country "generally quiet."

But experts familiar with the situation on the ground in Iraq claim that the drop in sectarian violence over the last months is unsustainable and ignores the fundamental flaws in US policy, especially the decision to occupy the country after removing Saddam Hussein from power. Increasing the number of occupying American troops is inherently incompatible with the Administration's long-stated goal of establishing a democratic, sovereign Iraq, they argue.

"Ending the occupation is a precondition for political reconciliation inside Iraq," says Jonathan Steele, a longtime foreign policy analyst and author of the just-released, "Defeat: Why America and Britain Lost Iraq." "The best chance for persuading Iraqis to look into the abyss and see they cannot afford to tear their country apart is to make them realize their country's future is in their own hands at last," he writes. "As long as foreigners take Iraq's decisions for them, there is little chance of progress."

Steele speaks from long experience, having spent most of the last five years in Iraq covering the war for the UK's Guardian and interviewing hundreds of government officials, policy makers, civilians and soldiers. Extending the US occupation of Iraq, he argues, ignores hundreds of years of Iraqi history and culture, and the deep-seated resentment in the Arab world towards western intervention and occupation, themes he explores in detail in Defeat.

"Most occupations fail. In the Middle East they fail absolutely," writes Steele, "the occupation is the elephant in the room. The US has not lost a military battle but after almost five costly years, it has failed to win, and will go on failing to win, what has become an increasingly bloody war of attrition. Sending more Americans to die in Iraq will not change that painful reality."

Source: Represent Agency

CONTACT: Ina Howard-Parker of Represent Agency, +1-347-296-8921

Note to Editors: For additional information please contact Ina Howard-Parker at 347-296-8921

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nigerian Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal Fails To Annul the Fraudulent Election of "President" Umaru Yar' Adua

Alhaji Umaru Yar' Adua

Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal in Abuja, Tuesday, dismissed the petition of former military ruler, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, because he could not prove his case against the election of "President" Umaru Yar'Adua in the April 2007 presidential poll in Nigeria. Observers expect the same tribual to pass a similar judgment on the petition of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who has already vowed to accept the ruling of the tribunal.

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

The Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal may have the brains to pass judgment on the petitions against the disputed election of "President" Umaru Yar’Adua, but will not have the balls to annul the election.

The fact cannot be denied, that the April polls in 2007 were not free and fair. Therefore, the electios should be nullified.

If the local election petitions tribunals, because of electoral irregularities and fraud, have annulled the gubernatorial elections of seven state governors from the notorious ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the presidential election of Alhaji Umaru Yar'Adua should also be annulled, because the gubernatorial and presidential elections were held on the same day and they were all rigged.

The incumbent People's Democratic Party (PDP) violated the electoral procedures and caused the premature death of over 700 people who were killed during the marred 2007 April polls in Nigeria. It would be unfair and unlawful for the election petitions tribunals to validate the fraudulent elections of all the legislators, governors and the President from the notorious PDP.

Nigerians must reject the incumbent government of this notorious political party of shameless kleptomaniacs, because the PDP is the vehicle of corruption and destruction.

My final verdict is, the PDP should be sacked from the administration of the Nigerian government by all means possible.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The World Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart"

Chinua Achebe smiling

The literary world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Chinua Achebe's "Things Fall Apart".

Many articles and features are celebrating the 50th anniversary of "Things Fall Apart"..

No other African novel has been so highly glorified as Chinua Achebe’s classic "Things Fall Apart". It is the most popular African novel in English and in over 30 translations since the publication in 1958.

The first time I read "Things Fall Apart". was in 1975 and loved it. I read the other novels Achebe wrote after "Things Fall Apart", and I regard "Arrow of God" as the best so far. But the popularity of "Things Fall Apart" has overshadowed the importance and significance of "Arrow of God". The eaglet that was learning how to fly in "Things Fall Apart", soared as an eagle in "Arrow of God" and the novel won the New Statesman-Jock Campbell Award.

Chinua Achebe is one of the patriarchs of the modern African novel in English and he is indeed a great writer, but he is yet to write his best novel even at 77 and I am still looking forward to read the magnum opus of Chinua Achebe in modern fiction.

The London Sunday Times named Chinua Achebe as one of the "1,000 Makers of the Twentieth Century" for his classic "definition of the modern African literature that was truly African and a major contribution to world literature”, and I regard him as one of the greatest African scholars of all time.

Chinua Achebe has received numerous honors from around the world, from coveted literary awards to several honorary fellowships such as the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters and more than twenty honorary doctorates from universities in England, Scotland, the United States, Canada, and Nigeria, but Chinua Achebe is yet to win the Nobel Prize for Literature and he may win it this historic year of the 50th anniversary of "Things Fall Apart".

Chinua Achebe in a recent photograph

Presently, Chinua Achebe lives with his wife in Annandale, New York, where they both teach at Bard College. They have four children.

Political Bribery Trail Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

The most popular American presidential candidates, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on political bribery.

Christine Escobar's "Obama, Clinton Fill Superdelegates' Wallets" is all the proof I need to confirm that American politicians are corrupt.
Even, the so called "Mr. Change" Senator Barack Obama, who is boasting to change the corrupt political tactics of Washington has been bribing the Super Delegates to endorse him!

The following politicians are on a long list of the Super Delegates Barack Obama bribed.
1. Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa - $16,000.
2. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa - $10,000.
Rep. Melissa Bean (IL) - $19,000

Others included, Rep. Leonard Boswell (IA), Rep. Joe Baca (CA), Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA), and Rep. Tim Mahoney (FL). Some received $18,826 and $19,000 each.

Hillary Clinton also bribed many Super Delegates.

Let me spell it out to you in CAPS.

See Political Bribery.

I read on the Politico that Senator Barack Obama even employed people and each person gets $12 per hour to get people to vote for Barack Obama. So, every voter is being lured to vote for Barack Obama.

If Obama had no millions of dollars, there would have been no "Obamania" and all the other political jazz over Barack Obama online and offline.
It is simply branding and massive promos.
He is spending more than Hillary Clinton on adverts and grassroots campaign.
The guy is the most DESPERATE of the presidential candidates.
The way he is spending millions of dollars to win at all costs is enough proof of questionable character.

If Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the best presidential candidates in America, then Americans do not know what is best for America.

Most Americans are simply dancing to the most popular tunes on their airwaves and Barack Obama is spending more millions of dollars to stay on top of the charts.

Who is fooling whom?

This is not democracy, but political hypocrisy.

"They face a collision with reality.
None of the three candidates is coming to grips with budget realities."
~ Bob Greenstein, Head of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
On Yahoo News.

Barack Obama Exposed 2

By larrysinclair0926

Mr. Obama has continued to lie about his past in regards to his use and sale of drugs and his sex with a gay male in 1999.

Views: 549,086

Barack Obama's Stole Content From Jesse Jackson's Website
By mmille732003.

I feel sad rather than offended that Barack Obama did not show up at the State of the Black Union Address. I am happy that Hillary did, votes or no votes. It shows the continuing respect that Hillary Clinton has for the African-American community. Barack Obama is so busy to meet with the people who are voting their hearts out for him. Jesse Jackson would not have behaved in such fashion. African Americans need to examine Barack closely and I fear that is one of the reasons that he is not keen to get too close to blacks because they will discover some truths and realise 'that all that glitters is not gold' where Barack is concerned.

African-Americans, and it seems like the whole of America is seeing Barack Obama as the first serious African-American candidate running for the Presidency. Everytime I hear this I cringe. It was Jesse Jackson and his winning of eleven primaries who is the first serious candidate (Shirley Chisholm who was the first African-American acknowledged that she ran only to create history and for the record). When Jesse Jackson ran in 1988 it was his second try. It was Jesse Jackson, winning eleven primaries, who forced the Democratic party to change 'the winner take all' system to the 'Proportional Representation ' that Barack Obama is running away with today. Hadnt Jesse Jackson forced the Democrats to change the system Hillary Clinton would have had the upper hand as she won the big states such as Califorinia, New York, Massachussetts etc States that are a must win to win to be President. So Barack has been heir to Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign and Jesse insisting that the Democratic Party voting system be changed. So African- American make no mistake Jesse Jackson is , was, and will always be the first serious presidential candidate in American and African-American history.

It was Jesse Jackson 'who gave life and reality to the black Presidential strategy' So you see folks Barack Obama has read the book " OUR TIME HAS COME" on Jesse Jackson's 1984 Presidential campaign and is basically pinching ideas. Barack is not original . I just cant believe what I am seeing. Check the internet folks, it is all there.

Barack shouts about CHANGE but what he does not acknowledge, to the American public and to African-Americans, is the fact that he has again pinched Jesse Jackson's ideas on CHANGE. In 1989 Jesse Jackson stated " I offer you this book as my agenda for CHANGE. I believe it is our agenda for HOPE"

Jesse further argued "Now is the time when themes, symbols, and policies to which the national electorate responds are being defined" ......There's an old axiom in politics that people alone can't CHANGE the course of history- conditions count too. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE".

Barack is shouting about Change but he has not acknowledged Jesse Jackson's ideas.

"KEEP HOPE ALIVE" was Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential caption. So basically all that Barack Obama is doing is rehashing Jesse Jackson's ideas as his own without acknowledgement. It seems that African-Americans and the American people are being taken for a ride by Obama. These are not his ideas, they are Jesse Jackson's.

Just check it for yourselves on the internet

OUR TIME HAS COME - Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign 1984
KEEP HOPE ALIVE- Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign 1988
The books can be purchased from the University of Illinois.
In the book they also discussed strategies for running for President.
African-Americans acknowledged that they would have to pay consideration when "white candidate" .."who had a strong built in relationship with the African -American and Hispanic communities" decide to run for the President. " The African-American community would have to consider white candidates who had a civil rights record or history of involvement in the African community who deserve the African community vote".

It is sad that these ideas were not put into action as it would have avoided the dilema which now faces the African-American community with the Clinton/Obama situation. It is sad that these ideas were discussed and even printed yet we have this situation where Hillary Clinton with a long history of invovlvement in the African-American community (even before she met Bill Clinton) is now sidelined for Barack Obama. If those were the ideas discussed Hillary Clinton deserves the backing as President from the Afican -American community. Right now the only reason that African-Americans seem to backing Obama is the fact that he is African-American. African Americans must never, ever allow a situation like this to happen again.
Read those articles on the internet or buy the books and you will see that Barack is not original. You will see how Barack is using Jesse Jackson's ideas as his own. TIME FOR CHANGE and KEEP HOPE ALIVE - OUR TIME HAS COME all belong to Jesse Jackson not Barack Obama.

~ From McClatchydc.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nigerian Senate President Sacked by Election Petition Tribunal

Nigerian Senate President, David Mark, has been sacked by the Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Makurdi, Benue State in Nigeria. The tribunal annulled the April 21, 2007 election of David Mark on Saturday, February 23, 2008.
More details.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was abused and misused by the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) to rig the local and national elections held in April, 2007. Many voters were disenfranchised as the PDP employed thugs to intimidate the supporters of the opposition parties and over 700 people were killed in the political clashes of the tragic April polls.

I have refused to accept the presidential election of President Umaru Yar' Adua, because it has no electoral legitimacy.

President Umaru Yar'Adua has commenced electoral reforms without any judicial inquiry into the death of those who were killed during the last elections in April 2007, and without any legal Review Commission.

The disgraced Senate President, David Mark was recently given a national honour by President Umaru Yar'Adua and also given the "Senator of the Year" award by This Day newspaper of Nigeria.

Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world where the criminals in public office and their accomplices in the private sector are celebrated and given chieftaincy titles, local and national honours.

SMU Chosen as Site of Bush Presidential Library

I received the following press release last Friday, and I have decided to post it for the benefit of those who have no knowledge of it.

22 Feb 2008 21:31 Africa/Lagos

SMU Chosen as Site of Bush Presidential Library

DALLAS, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation today announced that SMU in Dallas has been chosen as the site of the George W. Bush Presidential Center, consisting of a library, museum and institute.

(Logo: )

President Bush said in a letter to SMU President R. Gerald Turner: "I look forward to the day when both the general public and scholars come and explore the important and challenging issues our nation has faced during my presidency--from economic and homeland security to fighting terrorism and promoting freedom and democracy."

Meeting Feb. 22 in Dallas, the SMU Board of Trustees unanimously approved an agreement with the Foundation to locate the Center at SMU.

"It's a great honor for SMU to be chosen as the site of this tremendous resource for historical research, dialogue and public programs," said SMU President Turner. "At SMU, these resources will benefit from proximity to our strong academic programs, a tradition of open dialogue, experience hosting world leaders and a central location in a global American city. We thank President Bush for entrusting this important long-term resource to our community, and for the opportunity for SMU to serve the nation in this special way."

"The Foundation is excited to partner with SMU in the development of this important civic institution. We are delighted that it will be in the international city of Greater Dallas and in a city that has played such an important role in the lives of the President and First Lady," said Don Evans, Chairman of the George W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation.

The Presidential Center will be located on the east side of the main SMU campus, adjacent to North Central Expressway (U.S. Highway 75) and SMU Boulevard. This location positions the Center within the context of SMU's park-like Collegiate Georgian setting--"a major historic university campus," said Robert A.M. Stern, dean of the Yale University School of Architecture and the selected architect for the Bush Presidential Center. The exact location and dimensions will be determined based on design and landscape specifications.

The three-part Presidential Center will consist of the presidential library, containing documents and artifacts of the Bush Administration; a museum with permanent and traveling exhibits; and an independent public policy institute. Once constructed, the library and museum will be operated by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

"At SMU, the George W. Bush Presidential Center will be associated with a university that is on the rise. With this added benefit to an SMU education, we will attract additional outstanding students and faculty," said Dallas business leader Carl Sewell, chair of the SMU Board of Trustees. "Securing this library represents an important step forward in academic achievement for SMU and for our service to Dallas and the nation."

According to the agreement between SMU and the Foundation, SMU was chosen because of its "excellent academic reputation; the University's presence in Dallas; the strong support of the University's leaders, alumni and friends for the Library Center facilities being located at the University"; and SMU's willingness to lease land for the project.

"The Presidential Library Center will offer unmatched opportunities to interact with officials who have shaped public policy in this era and with scholars who will write its history," said Gary Evans, professor of electrical engineering, president of the Faculty Senate and SMU Board of Trustees member. "The Center's resources and programs will be invaluable to national and international researchers and scholars, including those at SMU."

To facilitate ongoing interaction and collaboration between the University and the Presidential Center, a governance system has been established. The Foundation will be led by a Board of Directors of three to 12 members, elected annually, including two members appointed by SMU. The Institute will be governed by a Board of Directors of from three to nine members, elected annually. If the Institute Board consists of five or fewer members, SMU will appoint one member; if more than five, SMU will have two members. SMU and the Institute also will establish an Academic Advisory Committee with representatives from the University and the Foundation to explore joint programming opportunities.

Fund-raising for the Bush Presidential Center will be conducted by the George W. Bush Foundation through its Organizing Committee and in collaboration with SMU.

"SMU is committed to being supportive of fund-raising for the Bush Library Center, and will work in concert with the Foundation during our upcoming major gifts campaign for endowments supporting students, faculty, academic programs and our unique campus experience," Turner said. "Working with the fund-raising effort of the Presidential Center will introduce us to new audiences who otherwise would not know about SMU's strengths and potential."

SMU was among eight competitors for the Bush Presidential Library project in a process unprecedented in the history of presidential libraries for its depth and inclusiveness. On December 22, 2006, the Library Site Selection Committee announced that it was focusing on SMU for final discussions as the potential site. Since that time Committee members and University representatives have met to work out project details and operating agreements.

SMU's Board of Trustees Library Committee was co-chaired by President R. Gerald Turner and Ray L. Hunt and also included Board chair Carl Sewell and trustees Jeanne L. Phillips and Michael Boone. The committee consulted regularly with the full Board of Trustees, which includes representatives from the faculty, student body, alumni board and The United Methodist Church.

Approaching 100-year milestones, SMU was founded in 1911 by what is now The United Methodist Church, and opened in 1915. SMU is nonsectarian in its teaching and committed to academic freedom.

"The United Methodist tradition in higher education values open dialogue and diverse opinions as we debate the great issues of our time within the context of our faith community," said Bishop Scott Jones, president of the College of Bishops of the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church and an SMU trustee. "The Presidential Library Center will be a unique resource for that inquiry. It will enhance SMU's strong commitment to the Wesleyan tradition of academic excellence. In addition, we are pleased to welcome President and Mrs. Bush, two members of The United Methodist Church, back to the Dallas community."

SMU is a private institution with seven degree-granting schools in the humanities and sciences; engineering; performing, visual and communication arts; business; education and human development; law; and theology. SMU enrolls nearly 11,000 students from all 50 states and nearly 90 foreign countries. Minority students make up about 21 percent of the student body.

Located five miles north of downtown Dallas, the main SMU campus consists of 76 buildings on 210 acres. A light rail station is nearby, and library construction plans include parking for at least 400 vehicles. In addition to the main campus in Dallas, the University offers programs at SMU-in-Legacy in Plano north of Dallas, and at a campus near Taos, New Mexico.

The University has a history of hosting national and world leaders for lectures and other campus events. These have included former and sitting U.S. presidents, Supreme Court justices, ambassadors and heads of state.

SMU has about 100,000 alumni worldwide, with about 40,000 located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Home to more than five million residents, the Dallas Metroplex attracts about 25 million visitors a year and an additional 3.5 million annually for conventions. The central city is enjoying a cultural renaissance with new museums and performing arts venues constructed or in progress. The Metroplex is served by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which accommodates 59 million passengers a year, and Love Field, serving six million passengers annually and located only 15 minutes from the SMU campus.

Log on to for more information. Downloadable campus images and b-roll are available on that site, as well as other resources.

For More Information:
Brad Cheves, 214-768-2667
Patti LaSalle, 214-768-7660

PRN Photo Desk,
Source: Southern Methodist University

CONTACT: Brad Cheves, +1-214-768-2667, +1-214-767-9216 (cell); or Patti
LaSalle, +1-214-768-7660, +1-214-215-5015 (cell), both of Southern Methodist

Web Site:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Celebrity Index: U.S. Consumers Find Obama More Appealing, Trustworthy Than Clinton, McCain

22 Feb 2008 21:00 Africa/Lagos

Celebrity Index: U.S. Consumers Find Obama More Appealing, Trustworthy Than Clinton, McCain

DALLAS, Feb. 22 /PRNewswire/ --

U.S. consumers rate Barack Obama as more appealing, trustworthy, and influential than other presidential candidates, including Hillary Clinton and John McCain, according to data released today by the Davie Brown Celebrity Index (DBI).

According to the DBI, an independent index typically used by brand marketers to determine a celebrity's ability to influence consumer purchase intent, Obama's scores in "appeal" are 15 points higher than those of Clinton and 12 points higher than McCain.

The Illinois Senator also scored 12 points better in the DBI's "trust" attribute than Clinton and McCain.

"In terms of appeal and trust, in the minds of U.S. consumers, comparing Obama to Clinton is like comparing Tom Hanks to Martha Stewart," said Jeff Chown, president of Davie Brown Talent, a Dallas-based agency that works with major brands to identify and sign celebrities for endorsement deals. "There's a big drop-off between how they're perceived when it comes to likeability and trustworthiness."

Of the DBI's eight key attributes, Clinton tops Obama in just one: Awareness. But just barely. According to the DBI, Clinton is known by more than 99 percent of U.S. consumers, while just less than 99 percent of consumers know Obama.

"That one's essentially a draw," said Chown.

But Obama outscores Clinton -- as well as Republican frontrunner McCain -- in the DBI's influence, endorsement, aspiration, trendsetter, and breakthrough categories.

"Barack's influence scores on the DBI are on par with celebrities such as Jay Leno, Jack Nicholson, and Vince Vaughn," said Chown. "At the same time, in terms of influence, Hillary is in the same neighborhood as Willie Nelson, Candice Bergen, and Billy Joel."

Of the more than 1600 celebrities in the DBI database, Obama currently ranks third overall. Clinton is eighth overall, while Republicans McCain and Mike Huckabee come in at 20 and 74, respectively.

Oprah Winfrey, a strong Obama supporter, currently ranks first in the DBI.

Contact: Chris Anderson
The Marketing Arm

Source: Davie Brown Talent

CONTACT: Chris Anderson, +1-214-259-3290, +1-214-450-6471,, for Davie Brown Talent

Web site:

Barack Obama Lied On the Problems of the American Rifle Platoon in Afghanistan

In the last presidential debate in Austin, Texas, Barack Obama said an American rifle platoon was supposed to have 39 soldiers. But that was an erroneous statement, because a platoon does not have to consist of 39, but can have between 30 and 50 soldiers. A lieutenant commands a platoon and not a captain as Barack Obama claimed.

Barack Obama said the rifle platoon in Afghanistan did not have enough soldiers or weapons and had to resort to using the weapons captured from the Taliban. That was also a lie, because there were no shortages of soldiers or weapons in this case.

"You know, I've heard from an Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon — supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of those soldiers had been sent to Iraq," Barack Obama said.

"And as a consequence, they didn't have enough ammunition, they didn't have enough Humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons, because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief," Obama added.

Senator Barack Obama never heard from any American Army captain in Afghanistan.
His story was from hearsay.

Sen. John Warner has challenged Barack Obama to give the details of his "fairy tale".

Friday, February 22, 2008

Letter from Obama on Marriage and Gay Rights

Senator Barack Obama

Letter from Obama on Marriage and Gay Rights

As an African-American man, a child of an interracial marriage, a committed scholar, attorney and activist who works to protect the Bill of Rights, I am sensitive to the struggle for civil rights. As a state Senator, I have taken on the issue of civil rights for the LGBT community as if they were my own struggle because I believe strongly that the infringement of rights for any one group eventually endangers the rights enjoyed under law by the entire population. Since 1996, I have been the sponsor or a chief co-sponsor of measures to expand civil liberties for the LGBT community including hate-crimes legislation, adoption rights and the extension of basic civil rights to protect LGBT persons from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, employment and credit.

Today, I am a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Unlike any of my opponents, I have a legislative track record. No one has to guess about what I will do in Washington. My record makes it very clear. I will be an unapologetic voice for civil rights in the U.S. Senate.

For the record, I opposed DOMA [the Defense of Marriage Act] in 1996. It should be repealed and I will vote for its repeal on the Senate floor. I will also oppose any proposal to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban gays and lesbians from marrying. This is an effort to demonize people for political advantage, and should be resisted ... .

When Members of Congress passed DOMA, they were not interested in strengthening family values or protecting civil liberties. They were only interested in perpetuating division and affirming a wedge issue. ...

Despite my own feelings about an abhorrent law, the realities of modern politics persist. While the repeal of DOMA is essential, the unfortunate truth is that it is unlikely with Mr. Bush in the White House and Republicans in control of both chambers of Congress.

We must be careful to keep our eyes on the prize—equal rights for every American. We must continue to fight for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. We must vigorously expand hate-crime legislation and be vigilant about how these laws are enforced. We must continue to expand adoption rights to make them consistent and seamless throughout all 50 states, and we must repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy.

I know how important the issue of equal rights is to the LGBT community. I share your sense of urgency. If I am elected U.S. Senator, you can be confident that my colleagues in the Senate and the President will know my position.

Barack Obama

Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate

First Published by Windy City Media Group

Clergy Email Implores Democratic Super Delegates to Vote on Principle

Clergy Email Implores Democratic Super Delegates to Vote on Principle
February 21, 2008

The Brody File has received an email circulating among progressive religious leaders and their congregations imploring people of faith (and delegates especially) to vote their principles in this closely contested Democratic Primary. Read part of the letter below. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph.

Dear friends,

fellow clergy and people of faith: We are people of faith from all traditions and backgrounds, all genders and races and all regions across our great nation. We are Americans who look to God and the holy texts for our moral compass in our private decisions and civic duties. We are concerned about the direction the current Presidential race is taking, and we feel we must bring attention, as clergy and faith leaders, to our concern. How will we, as Americans, come together in this moment to overcome past and current divisions and move forward as one in the best interest of our nation?

That is why we call on all Americans to bring their highest and best selves to this moment in time – to focus on content and character, depth of ideas, and a tangible vision for our future. In this, we must demand that our political leaders, participants in the political process, and the news media bring us together instead of pushing us back toward divisions that have plagued our past. We cannot afford it, and we must not accept it.

Delegates to our national conventions should be bound by principle, beliefs and a shared commitment to the common good that we are all in this together. They are charged with using their judgment individually and collectively to determine who will be our next Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

You have to wonder though if principle is being sacrificed in some instances. As we speak, some Obama supporters are putting quite a bit of pressure on Clinton supporters, especially super delegates, to switch sides. There are numerous examples of it but check out this one cited in the Minnesota Post last week regarding Super delegate Jackie Stevenson:

“Stevenson has been heavily involved in DFL politics since the early 1950s, when she licked envelopes for a young congressman, Eugene McCarthy. She was – and is – a leading feminist in the state. She is an unapologetic Clinton supporter. She is upset by some of the emails she has received from Obama supporters. ‘I get emails telling me that it's incumbent on me to switch from Hillary to Obama because of how well he did in the caucuses,'' she said. "I'm trying to calm down from those, but it really bothers me. I want to tell those people that they should contact me after John Kerry and Ted Kennedy switch from Obama to Hillary in Massachusetts.'’'On the Internet, there have also been some vile comments being thrown around too. Check out the website “Bossip” where there have been slurs against African Americans who support Hillary. The quote is below:

"Their support for Hillary has been bought and sold and they may end UP preventing Obama from getting the nomination if it goes down to the end. These plantation-minded officials don’t belong in power and when Obama gets in power, their communities will vote them out for their foolish and corrupt support for the Clinton’s."

It’s a shame that it has sunk to this level in some places. The bottom line is that the clergy leaders are right. Shouldn’t we all be voting our principles first?

Video: Obama Strategist Robert Gibbs in the Spin Room
February 22, 2008
Video: Clinton Strategist Mark Penn in the Spin Room
February 22, 2008
Hillary's Shining Moment
February 21, 1008
Celebrity Spotting on The Brody File
February 21, 2008
Video: Hillary vs Obama On the Streets of Austin, TX
February 21, 2008

The Truth About Super Delegates and the Barack Obama Spin

Dear Orikinla,

You've probably seen some of the news about the delegates it will take to win the Democratic nomination, including discussions about pledged delegates and automatic delegates, or so-called "super delegates."

There are a number of misconceptions about the role that delegates will play in this election, so we've launched a new website, the Delegate Hub, to help you cut through all the myths about the race for delegates.

The three most important things to remember are:

1) A candidate needs 2208 delegate votes to secure the nomination with Florida and Michigan included.

2) After weeks of voting, the race is a virtual tie, with Hillary and Senator Obama now separated by little over 2% of all the delegates to the Democratic Convention.

3) Both Hillary and Senator Obama will need automatic (super) delegates to win the nomination.

Senator Obama has aggressively courted automatic delegates, while his campaign has simultaneously tried to discount their role in the process.

It's important that we respect the independent judgment of automatic delegates, who have the responsibility of casting a vote for the candidate they believe is best qualified to be president. And we want to make sure that they have a chance to hear from our supporters.

Click here to send a note to local automatic delegates telling them why you support Hillary, and why you think she will be the best leader for our party and our nation.

Forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers to tell them about the Delegate Hub.

Let's get the truth out.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help Hillary win!


Terry McAuliffe

Chairman, Hillary Clinton for President

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fidel Castro: The Great Hero of African Liberation

Fidel Castro, the Lion of Cuba

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz retired as the President and Commander-in-Chief of Cuba on Monday February 18, 2008, after 49 years in power.

Fidel Castro is the most lionized foreign leader in Africa and highly esteemed as one of the heroes of the liberation struggles in South African nations.

Fidel Castro sent Cuban troops to Angola on November 4, 1975, to join the forces of the marxist MPLA-ruled government in the war against the racist South African-backed UNITA rebels. One of the survivors, Claude Grace Uushona can still remember how she survived the massacre in the refugee camp in Cassinga, in southern Angola and was rescued and brought to Cuba when she was only 16.

"It was a camp for women and children refugees located 250 km from the border with Namibia. On May 4, 1978, South African forces bombed us with military helicopters and planes," she recalled.

Cuban and Angolan troops helped the guerrilla freedom fighters of the Southwest African People's Organisation (SWAPO) in many battles against the racist South African army, like in the bloody battle of Cuito Cuanavale in southern Angola in April 1988. Cuba played a leading role in the liberation of Namibia.

There were over 300,000 Cubans in Angola between 1975 and 1989, and about 2,016 of them were killed in combat.

President Fidel Castro gave scholarships to many of the survivors of the liberation wars to study at the school on the Isla de la Juventud (the Island of Youth) in Cuba.

Apart from helping in the independence struggles of notable African nations, Cuba under Fidel Castro, contributed to the development of modern medical care in Africa.
Over 2,574 Cuban collaborators have worked in Africa, and Cuban medical assistance began when Cuba sent health brigades to Algeria in 1963.

Cuban medical professionals have reduced infant mortality from 59 to 7.8 per 1,000 live births in Ghana, from 48 to 10.6 in Eritrea, and from 131 to 35.5 in Equatorial Guinea.

African health professionals have been trained in institutes in Cuba and medical schools have been established in Gambia and Equatorial Guinea, with Cuban professors teaching in medical schools in several African countries, including Ethiopia, Uganda and South Africa.

Cuba has been providing regular aid for the control and prevention of HIV/AIDS in Africa where an estimated 29 million people are living with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

Cuba is actively supporting 51 African countries in sustainable human development programmes on health, education, agriculture, construction and urban planning and sports.

"Cuban internationalists have done so much for African independence, freedom, and justice."
~ Nelson Mandela

Therefore, Africa is grateful to Fidel Castro, the great leader of the developing world who conquered the United States of America in the Bay of Pigs Invasion and humiliated President John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy. Fidel Castro, the great Lion of Cuba, who survived 638 Assassination attempts, including the assassination plot approved by Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy. He survived them all, but the Kennedy brothers who failed in all their evil plots to assassinate Fidel Castro, were later assassinated.

"The revolution has no time for elections. There is no more democratic government in Latin America than the revolutionary government. ... If Mr. Kennedy does not like Socialism, we do not like imperialism. We do not like capitalism."
~ Fidel Castro, on May 1, 1961, after the victory of Cuba over the Americans in the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima,
Publisher/Editor, Nigerian Times International.

Inter Press Service, July 2, 2004

Uganda Signs Agreement with LRA Rebels to Deal With War Crimes
Minister of state for defense Ruth Nankabirwa says her government hopes the new agreement would lead to a positive conclusion of the peace talks

Castro's Cuba Played Critical Role in Early Post-Independence African Struggles
Cuban Troops Influenced Conflict in Southern Africa and Their Departure Helped Lead to Peace, Analyst Says

Kenya Crisis Talks Stall Over Power Sharing
talks between the government and the opposition Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) have reportedly hit a stalemate over disagreement about power sharing.
Zimbabwe Teachers Union Accuses Ruling Party Militants In Beatings
PTUZ Secretary General Raymond Majongwe and others were distributing fliers in Harare when alleged ZANU-PF supporters assaulted and force-marched them to the ZANU-PF provincial headquarters

Kenya Opposition Warns of Renewed Protests
ODM says government has one week to produce concrete results on agreement to resolve political crisis

UN Troops in Eritrea Move to Capital
Troops plan to relocate to Ethiopia; but, UN spokesman says that only six vehicles made it across border to Ethiopia last week

Chad Rebels Cautiously Await European Force Deployment
Chad rebel leader Mahamat Nouri spoke to VOA about rebel activities following their retreat from capital earlier this month

Mental Illness Widespread Problem in Somaliland
Mental health experts cite effects of war, and drug known as khat

Witnesses: Suspected Insurgents Kill Two Ethiopian Soldiers in Somalia
Insurgents have been fighting the government since Somali and Ethiopian troops drove an Islamist movement from power in Mogadishu in December 2006

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barack Obama Wins the Wisconsin Primary and Projected to Win the Hawaii Caucuses

Senator Barack Obama won the Wisconsin primary, Tuesday, to score his ninth straight victory over Hillary Clinton and consolidating his lead in delegates. Obama is already projected to win the majority of the 20 delegates at stake in the Hawaii caucuses held yesterday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Remarks by President Bush on Kosovo

19 Feb 2008 09:28 Africa/Lagos

Remarks by President Bush on Kosovo

WASHINGTON, Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

The following is a transcript of remarks by President Bush.

Kilimanjaro Hotel Kempinski
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

7:24 A.M. (L)

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Sunday, the people of Kosovo declared their independence. They have asked the United States for diplomatic recognition, and yesterday the United States formally recognized Kosovo as a sovereign and independent nation.

In its declaration of independence Kosovo committed itself to the highest standards of democracy, including freedom and tolerance and justice for citizens of all ethnic backgrounds. These are principles that honor human dignity, they are values America looks for in a friend, and soon we will establish full diplomatic relations with the new nation of Kosovo.

We will work with the leaders of Kosovo to carry out a smooth and peaceful transition to independence. America welcomes Kosovo's pledges to fully implement the plan of United Nations Special Envoy Ahtisaari, and to accept a period of international supervision. We encourage Kosovo's leaders to quickly adopt the provisions of the plan, especially those designed to safeguard the rights of Kosovo's non-Albanian communities.

The independence of Kosovo is an historic step for the Balkans region. It presents an opportunity to move beyond the conflicts of the past and toward a future of freedom and stability and peace. The United States and the European Union must seize this opportunity to offer all the nations of this region the prospect of integration into the political, economic and security structure of the Euro Atlantic community. In this way, all the people of the Balkans will be able to see the promise of a better life for themselves and for their children.

Thank you. I'll answer a couple of questions. Mark.

Q Mr. President, isn't this a poke in the eye to Vladimir Putin and the others who say you're approving of secession movements everywhere implicitly?

THE PRESIDENT: Actually, we have been working very closely with the Russians, as we have with the Europeans and other nations on the -- on Kosovo's independence, because we believe it's the right thing to do. You know, there's a disagreement, but we believe, as do many other nations, that this is -- history will prove this to be a correct move, to bring peace to the Balkans.

This strategy has been a long time coming. Yesterday, for example, we had a -- worked out with our European allies the sequencing of it, to make sure that there was a concerted and constant voice supporting this move. The United States supports this move because we believe it will bring peace. And now it's up to all of us to work together to help the Kosovars realize that peace. And it's important for us to remind Kosovo -- which I have just done - - that they must honor their commitments to support the rights of non- Albanians, non-Kosovars' rights inside the country.

Q Mr. President --
THE PRESIDENT: Excuse me. Hans.

Q Mr. President, thank you very much. When you talk about the sequencing of events, did you withhold the endorsement, the recognition, and wait until this morning for any particular reasons, or as a favor to the Russians?

THE PRESIDENT: No, Hans, as I told you, we worked with the European nations. We had -- this strategy was well planned. And the endorsement, by the way, wasn't held until this morning, it was issued last night by the State Department, as I mentioned in my remarks.

But it was a way for us to create an effect that showed that the world was -- many in the world were very supportive of the independence of Kosovo. Our position has been very clear all along. At the G8, for example, I expressed - - or in Albania, I expressed my position very clearly, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody.

What you may be interested in knowing is that we have been in close consultation with the Russians all along. This wasn't a surprise to Russia. And you know, today's announcement is simply putting an exclamation point onto a series of announcements that have been made over the last 24 hours.

Thank you all very much. See you in Rwanda.

END 7:28 A.M. (L)

Source: White House Press Office

CONTACT: White House Press Office, +1-202-456-2580

Web site:

Serbia Rejects the Independence of Kosovo

Kosovo Albanians celebrating the declaration of Independence last Sunday.

Kosovo declared its Independence from Serbia on Sunday, February 17, 2008. But Boris Tadic, the President of Serbia told Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations, that Kosovo's declaration of independence is a violation of international law and unacceptable. Vojislav Kostunica, the Prime Minister of Serbia, said, Kosovo is a “false state" and Russia is supporting Serbia.

The United States of America and most members of the European Union have already accepted the Independence of Kosovo, but not all the members of NATO have agreed to recognize Kosovo.

To avoid another civil war, the United Nations must address the disagreement between Serbia and Kosovo.

Monday, February 18, 2008

American Democrats Must Stop Fooling Themselves

Senator Hillary Clinton

From what I have been reading on the American presidential campaign so far, I am afraid to say that the traumatic political administration of President George W. Bush has done great damage to the political psyche of most Americans. The Democrats are more confused than the Republicans. In fact, President George W. Bush is having a good rapport with the Democrats in Congress and still calling the shots on the prosecution of the war in Iraq.
The Democrats in Congress are as guilty as the Republicans for the failures of the political administration of President George W. Bush.

President George W. Bush

Forget the political campaign promises of Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, because they are only bragging that they will bring the American Troops home from Iraq within a year. Only General David Petraeus, commander of US forces in Iraq, can tell how and when to withdraw American Troops from Iraq and not the smooth talking Senator Barack Obama or the tough talking Senator Hillary Clinton.

General David Howell Pertraeus

Behind the cameras, they are more interested in breaking their so-called highest glass ceiling and to make history as the first Man of color or first Woman to become the President of America than anything else.
In fact, that is why over 80% of African Americans are rushing en-masse like cattle to vote for Barack Obama and they careless about the war in Iraq.
How many African American soldiers or journalists have been killed in Iraq?
But White Americans have been killed in thousands.

Senator Barack Obama

Barack Obama's over publicized opposition to the war in Iraq is a premeditated political campaign strategy and not based on any Casus belli or rationale for the prosecution of the war on terror.

Let us stop beating about the bush like George Bush and state the facts.
Democrats must stop fooling themselves.

The sooner American Democrats stop being hypocritical and irrational, the better their chances of winning the presidential election.

Separate the wheat from the chaff before it is too late.

I have also posted this article as a commentary on the Huffington Post.

No Longer A Maverick, John McCain Continues to Pander to the Right Wing by Offering A Third Bush Term

17 Feb 2008 23:57 Africa/Lagos

No Longer A Maverick, John McCain Continues to Pander to the Right Wing by Offering A Third Bush Term

WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Today on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos, John McCain ducked questions about whether he has sacrificed his principles to pander to the right wing of his party and showed once again that in an attempt to get elected, he is offering nothing more than a third Bush term on everything from the war in Iraq to the failed economy, not the change Americans are looking for.

John McCain proved he wasn't kidding when he said he "doesn't really understand economics." Even as he acknowledged that our economy is headed towards a recession, McCain offered no answers about how to rebuild the economy, address concerns hard working Americans face or the mortgage crisis. Instead, McCain promised to make the President's tax cuts for the wealthy permanent, pledged not to raise any new taxes and said he'd pay for it all with pork barrel spending reform. McCain's approach just won't work. As the Senate Budget Office recently reported, extending the Bush tax cuts and continuing the war is a recipe for a $6 trillion dollar deficit, something McCain can't possibly pay for by reducing $35 billion in earmarks and pork spending.

McCain also ducked the fact that he was more worried about alienating the right wing of his party than supporting the economic stimulus package when he failed to show up for critical votes on the measure.

McCain also continued his pattern of marching in lockstep with President Bush on Iraq, a rallying point for the right wing of his party but not the rest of America. Five years ago this weekend, Vice President Cheney said Americans would be greeted as liberators in Iraq, a talking point McCain dutifully repeated. Now, when asked about establishing permanent bases in Iraq, McCain echoed the President's talking points by pointing out that there are other status of forces agreements that "have never been approved by Congress." From parroting the misleading case for war to President Bush's rosy rhetoric and stay the course strategy, McCain has marched in lockstep with President Bush every step of the way and now wants to keep our troops there for 100 years.

"John McCain showed today that he is about as far from a maverick as they come," said DNC Communications Director Karen Finney. "How can the American people trust John McCain when time and time again he's shown that he will compromise his principles to win the election and has no new ideas to address the challenges we face? Whether it's promoting more fiscal irresponsibility or a 100 year war in Iraq, McCain offers nothing more than a third Bush term."


McCain, like Bush, Doesn't Want to Plan for Troop Withdrawal. Fielding questions on Iraq, McCain again echoed Bush's rhetoric, saying "I am confident that I can convince the American People that the consequences of a date for withdrawal are catastrophe and Al Qaeda trumpets that they win. I believe I can convince the American people that after nearly four years of mishandling the war, that we're now doing the right thing and are succeeding. I think I can convince the American people that by continuing with this strategy, we will be able to withdraw more troops" and then proceeded to say he didn't think it was an issue whether or not Bush went to Congress on a plan to stay in Iraq long-term, saying, "We have status of force agreements with countries that have never been approved by Congress." [ABC's This Week, 2/17/08]

2001: McCain Echoed Bush Case for War. As early as 2001 McCain was helping make the case for war with Iraq alongside Don Rumsfeld, one of the key figures named in yesterday's study. During a November 2001 episode of ABC's Nightline Rumsfeld, former CIA Director James Woolsey and McCain all made the case for invading Iraq, using the same misleading rhetoric. Rumsfeld claimed there were ties "between the terrorists in the Philippines and the al-Qaeda and people in Iraq." Woolsey suggested Iraq had "been involved in terrorist acts against the United States." And John McCain, given a chance to disagree, instead echoed both men and the Bush Administration, claiming there had "been significant involvement on the part of the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein in the acts of terror that have been committed in the past." [Nightline, 11/28/01]

McCain Consistently on Bush Talking Points. In 2003, McCain echoed Bush's rosy predictions by claiming that the end was "very much in sight" in Iraq. In 2005, McCain backed Bush, arguing that another year would prove "stay the course" was working. [The Hill, 12/8/05; ABC News, Good Morning America, 4/9/03] In 2006, McCain argued that Iraq was "on the right track" even as it slipped further toward civil war. [MSNBC, Imus in the Morning, 3/1/06] As of late, McCain's campaign insists, "terrorists are on the run," even while half of Afghanistan appears to have fallen back under the control of the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden remains at large. [, press release, 12/17/07; Time, 12/8/07; Investor's Business Daily, 12/14/07]


McCain's Only Plan to Curb a Recession? Cut Pork Barrel Spending. In response to George Stephanopoulos' question about what to do about an impending recession, McCain only talked about pork barrel spending. "I think it's very important that we send a signal to the American people we're going to stop the earmark pork barrel spending ... Well, one reason is if you -- in the last two year, the president signed into law $35 billion worth of pork barrel projects. That would have been a thousand-dollar tax credit for every child in America. Wouldn't it have been better for our economy to give a thousand-dollar tax credit for every child in America as opposed to a bridge to nowhere in Alaska? And it also has a confidence impact. A confidence impact that the American people see their tax dollars being frittered away in wasteful and unnecessary spending." [ABC's This Week, 2/17/08]

McCain Skips Vote to Give Tax Rebates to Seniors and Disabled Veterans. "McCain skipped a difficult Senate vote Wednesday on whether to make 20 million seniors and 250,000 disabled veterans eligible for rebate checks as part of a proposed economic stimulus package" despite the fact that he "was actually in Washington -- his plane landed at Dulles Airport by 5 p.m., leaving plenty of time to make" the vote." [AP, 2/6/08;, 2/6/08]

Cost of "Four More Years" Placed At $6.3 TRILLION. Yesterday's CBO "January Budget and Economic Outlook" showed continued deterioration in the budget outlook with the projected 2008 deficit growing to $219 billion. But as bad as the budget situation has become under the current Republican Administration, continuation of the Republican policies by any of the Republicans on stage tonight will only make things worse. The majority staff of the Senate Budget Committee estimates that funding Republican priorities like making the Bush tax cuts permanent and funding ongoing - and perhaps permanent - operations in Iraq will add $6.3 trillion to the CBO's already dismal ten-year predictions. [ ] (Due to the length of the URL, it may be necessary to copy and paste this link into your browser).

McCain Admits He "Doesn't Really Understand Economics." At a recent meeting with the Wall Street Journal editorial board, republican presidential candidate John McCain admitted he "doesn't really understand economics" and then pointed to his adviser and former senate colleague, Phil Gramm - whom he had brought with him to the meeting - as the expert he turns to on the subject, the Huffington Post has learned. [Huffington Post, 1/21/2008]

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Remarks By President Bush and President Kikwete of Tanzania at Roundtable on Pepfar

17 Feb 2008 17:56 Africa/Lagos

Remarks By President Bush and President Kikwete of Tanzania at Roundtable on Pepfar

Amana District Hospital Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- 1:35 P.M. (L)

PRESIDENT KIKWETE: Mr. President, First Lady, my dear wife -- Mr. President, welcome again to Amana Hospital. Well, let me use this opportunity to thank you so much, again, for PEPFAR, the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.

Through PEPFAR we got these two buildings -- these two buildings, a facility we just visited, and again, this clinic. In Dar es Salaam there are three of these buildings, one in each of the districts, and then we have five smaller ones. About 40 patients have been registered. And 24 are already on ARVs, because they are (inaudible). I'm not a doctor, but they say the levels of (inaudible) count, then they reach a certain level above 300, where they say now they have got to go, to start treatment.

Well, the significance of this is the people we have around here. There is Tatu. She has her own story to tell, I'm sure. There is a couple, Steven -- where is the wife? Where is your wife? Bring your wife here. This is Janet, this is Steven. They are a couple. And when she was pregnant, she was diagnosed as being HIV-positive. So then she came under care and treatment. The baby there, he is healthy.

So we can see, these are some of the typical examples of the success of this program. Had they not -- had there not been a program to test them, well, they might not be there. So one of the advantages is that their son is healthy, they are under treatment, they are healthy, they are doing their own work, so that son is lucky. He is not orphaned thanks to the PEPFAR program.

Then we have Honorati Shirima -- yes, and ex-military, I'm told -- retired. But I'm told when he came here, he was in very bad shape. He was in bad, bad shape. He was almost dying. So he started the program of ARVs, and you can see how he looks now. He looks healthy, he looks much better than what he was.

So all that I can say, President, is words of appreciation and thanksgiving. It has done a tremendous job. You know Tatu, you know her story, she was in Congress recently. So I can tell you -- this is what I can say to welcome you, is to thank you.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir.

PRESIDENT KIKWETE: Thank you so much for the initiative. It has done so much for our people. It has given a future -- as I was saying this morning, many children now have been saved from being orphans, and the example is (inaudible). So thank you so much.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well, Mr. President, thanks for having us. I really appreciate you suggesting a stop here at the Amana Hospital District. The American people have built two of the wings of this hospital, and I wanted to come here precisely to let the American people know how important their generosity is to the -- to helping save lives.

Doc, I thank you for setting up this meeting. We're so honored to be with the doctors and the healers, as well as those who have been helped by the program. One of the main reasons that I want to make sure the American people know that this program is successful is because I want this program to continue to be funded. It's in our national interests that the American generosity continue beyond my presidency.

And so, Mr. President, one way to send a clear message to the good people of our country is that their generosity is saving lives, and we really appreciate those whose lives have been saved to come and share their stories. And Tatu, it's good to see you again. She was at the State of the Union address; she and Faith, sitting with Laura and our two daughters. And your smile is bright today as it was then. (Laughter.) So it's good to see you. And Doctor, thank you.

PRESIDENT KIKWETE: She has hope. Now she has hope for the future.

PRESIDENT BUSH: She has hope and Faith. (Laughter.)

Source: White House Press Office

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