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First Blood to Barack Obama as European Betting Frenzy Begins

4 Jan 2008 14:20 Africa/Lagos

First Blood to Barack as European Betting Frenzy Begins

DUBLIN, January 4/PRNewswire/ --

Senator Barack Obama has blasted the ball into the back of the net with an emphatic victory in the Iowa Democratic Caucus. While Hillary Clinton remains the Bookies favourite to become next President, the gap is beginning to narrow between the two front runners. European bookmaking firm have slashed the odds on Obama to become Next President from 3/1 to 2/1 while Hillary Clinton has eased in the betting from odds-on 10/11 to odds-against 11/8.

All eyes now turn to New Hampshire next Tuesday for the first of the Primaries where Hillary Clinton remains the narrow favourite at odds of 4/5 ahead of Barack Ohama at 10/11 to top the Democratic vote. In the Republican camp Senator John McCain is the man the beat in New Hampshire and has been installed as's red hot 8/11 favourite.

Ken Robertson, Communications Manager for said "We have been astounded with the volume of traffic already through our new website If betting around the Iowa caucuses is anything to go by we predict the 2008 US Presidential Election will be the biggest non-sporting betting event of all time."


New Hampshire Democratic Primary

4/5 Hillary Clinton
10/11 Barack Obama
16/1 John Edwards
33/1 Any Other Democratic candidate

New Hampshire Republican Primary

8/11 John McCain
5/4 Mitt Romney
8/1 Any Other

Michigan Democratic Primary

1/4 Hillary Clinton
5/2 Barack Obama
12/1 John Edwards
33/1 Any other Democratic candidate

Michigan Republican Primary

6/4 John McCain
15/8 Mitt Romney
2/1 Rudy Giuliani
9/2 Mike Huckabee
50/1 Any other Republican candidate

Democratic Nominee for President 2008

4/6 Hillary Clinton
5/4 Barack Obama
14/1 John Edwards
25/1 Al Gore
100/1 Evan Bayh
100/1 Bill Richardson
100/1 Tom Daschle

Republican Nominee for President 2008

9/4 Rudolph Giuliani
5/2 John McCain
10/3 Mitt Romney
7/2 Mike Huckabee
10/1 Ron Paul
20/1 Fred Thompson
100/1 Sam Brownback

Next President?

11/8 Hillary Clinton
2/1 Barack Obama
6/1 Rudolph Giuliani
13/2 John McCain
10/1 Mitt Romney
11/1 Mike Huckabee
16/1 John Edwards
22/1 Ron Pau
331 Al Gore
40/1 Fred Thompson
125/1 Evan Bayh
125/1 Bill Richardson
125/1 Tom Daschle

Winning Party

2/5 Democrats
7/4 Republicans

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For more information; Ken Robertson, Communication Manager, Paddy Power plc, Phone : +353-1-4045-915 or +353-87-852-8718. E-mail : Paddy Power, Head of Communications, Paddy Power plc, Phone : +353-1-4049-620 or +353-87-825-0893, E-mail :

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