Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Give It To Hillary Clinton!

Give it To Hillary Clinnton

Today is my birthday and my birthday wish is, you should join me to support Hillary Clinton for President.

I am very glad and grateful to God for giving me the grace to be one of the HillRaisers supporting Hillary Clinton for President.

You must be faithful to what you believe in, based on justice, love, peace and unity.
For better or for worse.
If you do not give up, you will get to the top.

Hillary Clinton may not be a saint or an angel, but she is a caring and loving wife, mother and leader.

Give her the chance to do her best for America, for the common good of humanity.

I believe in accepting or rejecting people on their own terms and not judging anyone by what others related to them have done to me or others.

What matters most in true democracy is the liberty of the conscience.
Everyone must be given the chance to make a choice to vote and be voted for

May I share the following message from Hillary Clinton and I ask you to donate in support of her campaign for President.

Dear Orikinla,

I know I told you our campaign journey would be filled with high-stakes twists and turns. But I never knew it would be quite as dramatic as this. And last night we celebrated another big moment in this campaign with our resounding victory in Florida.

Now we face the biggest day of the campaign on Tuesday, with 22 races across the country. And no one can predict the outcome.

In a race this close, whatever you and I do now can make the difference. Every campaign stop, every voter we talk to, and every dollar you give can be the difference on Tuesday. Only our online supporters like you can act decisively enough to make sure the excitement and energy of this victory carries through on February 5.

Contribute now. We're just days away from the biggest day of our campaign.

At every rally, every campaign event, you can see it in people’s eyes and hear it in their voices. Millions of people in 22 states are cherishing their opportunity to be part of history -- their chance to play a compelling personal role next Tuesday in moving America out of the Bush era and into the future.

They know that everything we care about -- the values we live by, the economic prosperity our families need, the restoring of American leadership in the world, the future of our environment -- depend on electing a president who is ready to lead.

When we began this journey together, this is the moment you and I hoped for -- the chance to use every ounce of our energy, strength, and passion to convince millions of people to join us in moving America forward.

Contribute now. We only have six days to reach millions of people.

The stakes are high, and I need you to throw yourself heart and soul into this remarkable moment. That's exactly what I'm doing, criss-crossing the country, doing everything I can to carry our campaign to victory next Tuesday.

Thank you so much for sharing this incredible journey with me -- and for the spirit and passion you are bringing to our campaign. I promise that as president, I will carry your voice with me to the White House.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

P.S. Campaigns prove themselves in moments like this. Every minute counts. Please contribute now to help carry our campaign to victory.

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