Thursday, February 09, 2017

To Uphold Law Against Kidnapping: Nigerian Sen. Kashamu Petitions U.S. Supreme Court


February 8, 2017.
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Senator Buruji Kashamu Petitions the United States Supreme Court

To Uphold Law Against International Kidnappings By U.S. Agents

February 8, 2017 (Chicago, IL) -- In response to the ruling of a federal court of appeals, which made factual findings and addressed the merits of a case despite having no factual record before it, lawyers for Buruji Kashamu, a duly elected federal Senator and businessman from Nigeria, today filed a petition for a writ of certiorari to review and reverse the ruling.

Attorneys Robert Cohen and Matthew Piers filed the lawsuit federal court in Chicago seeking a court order that would end and prevent attempts by agents of the United States government to unlawfully kidnap Senator Kashamu in Nigeria and forcibly bring him to the United States to face charges that were brought against him in 1998. Since the original charges were filed, two courts in Great Britain have determined that the evidence presented by the U.S. was insufficient to warrant his extradition and that the charges were the product of a case of mistaken identity.