Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Re: The State editorial board's Democratic Presidential Primary Endorsement of Senator Barack Obama

Attention: The State Editorial Board

Re: The State editorial board's Democratic Presidential Primary Endorsement of Senator Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama

May I disagree with your endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for the South Carolina Democratic Primary, because Senator Barack Obama is not the Democrat most likely to unify America.

If you are really honest and transparent in your editorial board’s decision, you would have endorsed former Senator John Edwards, who is indeed the most likely Democrat to unite the United States of America across social and political dichotomies.

You failed to address the questionable statesmanship of Senator Barack Obama.
Barack Obama has been economical with the facts of his life, and untruthful as the following references confirm.
1. Obama and Rezko have been friends since 1990, and the Wilmette businessman has raised as much as $60,000 in campaign contributions for him.
~Sun Times

2. Shipjack wrote a comprehensive article posted on the Daily Kos on why Barack Obama lied last night in the South Carolina Democratic Presidential Debate.
“In one of his earliest votes, Obama joined a bloc of mostly conservative and moderate Senate Democrats who helped pass a G.O.P.-driven class-action “reform” bill. The bill had been long sought by a coalition of business groups and was lobbied for aggressively by financial firms, which constitute Obama”s second biggest single bloc of donors.”
~Daily Kos

The State is likely playing to the gallery of the majority of the African American Democratic voters in South Carolina.

It is a pity if African Americans do not have more than skin-deep IQ and if the majority of them would be driven by herd mentality to vote for Barack Obama, because he is black.

Hillary Clinton has been a fearless advocate of Civil Rights since when she met Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1962, to her days on the Editorial Board of the Yale Review of Law and Social Action at the Yale Law School. She was working for George McGovern presidential campaign in Texas in 1972, and was already committed to fundamental human rights and democratic leadership before she married Bill Clinton.

Former Senator John Edwards is the most honest and transparent of the three leading Democratic presidential candidates and he is more appealing to the majority of Americans, irrespective of their political parties. He would have been the frontrunner, but the mainstream news media and informal media have discriminated against him and have not given him the coverage he needs to increase his mileage and patronage. The other Democratic presidential candidates have spent huge sums of money for media publicity and image laundering, supported by their donors and sponsors who are the major Washington Lobbyists and power brokers in America.

Former Senator John Edwards

"We must recognize that we can't solve our problem now until there is a radical redistribution of economic and political power." -- Martin Luther King Jr.

Here is the full text of the letter John Edwards received from Martin Luther King, III, the eldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 20, 2008

The Honorable John R. Edwards
410 Market Street
Suite 400
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

Dear Senator Edwards:

It was good meeting with you yesterday and discussing my father's legacy. On the day when the nation will honor my father, I wanted to follow up with a personal note.

There has been, and will continue to be, a lot of back and forth in the political arena over my father's legacy. It is a commentary on the breadth and depth of his impact that so many people want to claim his legacy. I am concerned that we do not blur the lines and obscure the truth about what he stood for: speaking up for justice for those who have no voice.

I appreciate that on the major issues of health care, the environment, and the economy, you have framed the issues for what they are - a struggle for justice. And, you have almost single-handedly made poverty an issue in this election.

You know as well as anyone that the 37 million people living in poverty have no voice in our system. They don't have lobbyists in Washington and they don't get to go to lunch with members of Congress. Speaking up for them is not politically convenient. But, it is the right thing to do.

I am disturbed by how little attention the topic of economic justice has received during this campaign. I want to challenge all candidates to follow your lead, and speak up loudly and forcefully on the issue of economic justice in America.

From our conversation yesterday, I know this is personal for you. I know you know what it means to come from nothing. I know you know what it means to get the opportunities you need to build a better life. And, I know you know that injustice is alive and well in America, because millions of people will never get the same opportunities you had.

I believe that now, more than ever, we need a leader who wakes up every morning with the knowledge of that injustice in the forefront of their minds, and who knows that when we commit ourselves to a cause as a nation, we can make major strides in our own lifetimes. My father was not driven by an illusory vision of a perfect society. He was driven by the certain knowledge that when people of good faith and strong principles commit to making things better, we can change hearts, we can change minds, and we can change lives.

So, I urge you: keep going. Ignore the pundits, who think this is a horserace, not a fight for justice. My dad was a fighter. As a friend and a believer in my father's words that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, I say to you: keep going. Keep fighting. My father would be proud.


Martin L. King, III

Senator Barack Obama is already implicated in the Rezko Scandal and that would be adverse to his political prospects in the long run.
Any endorsement of Senator Barack Obama is an erroneous judgment and lacks merit.

If only John Edwards were black ...

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