Sunday, January 27, 2008

Caroline Kennedy, Barack Obama Will Never Be A President Like Your Father, Except Barack Obama is Evil

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917–November 22, 1963)

Dear Caroline Kennedy,
I have just read your white lies on "A President Like My Father" published by The New York Times on Sunday, January 27, 2008.

Senator Barack Obama

What a day to choose to tell lies to the ignorant and gullible majority of Americans and the rest of the world who do not know the history of America and the rest of the world during the tragic administration of your beloved father, the late U.S. President John F. Kennedy, whose administration ended abruptly with his assassination.

JFK with little Caroline.

Search the archives of The New York Times for the facts of history and the role your father played in the assassinations of the leaders of Iraq in 1963.

To let the whole world know the truth, I will simply copy and paste the facts for the public knowledge.

The Atrocities of JFK:

In 1963, the Kennedy administration backed a coup against the government of Iraq headed by General Abdel Karim Kassem, who five years earlier had deposed the Western-allied Iraqi monarchy. The CIA helped the new Baath Party government led by Abdul Salam Arif in ridding the country of suspected leftists and Communists. In a Baathist bloodbath, the government used lists of suspected Communists and other leftists provided by the CIA, to systematically murder untold numbers of Iraq's educated elite " killings in which Saddam Hussein himself is said to have participated. The victims included hundreds of doctors, teachers, technicians, lawyers and other professionals as well as military and political figures.[27] [28] [29] According to an op-ed in The New York Times, the U.S. sent arms to the new regime, weapons later used against the same Kurdish insurgents the U.S. supported against Kassem and then abandoned. American and UK oil and other interests, including Mobil, Bechtel and British Petroleum, were conducting business in Iraq.[27]

The Invasion of Cuba:

On February 17, 1961, U.S. President John F. Kennedy asked his advisors whether the toppling of Castro might be related to weapon shipments and if it was possible to claim the real targets were modern fighter aircraft and rockets that endangered America's security. At the time, Cuba's army possessed Soviet tanks, artillery and small arms, and its air force consisted of A-26 Invader medium bombers, Hawker Sea Furies (a fast and effective British propeller-driven fighter-bomber capable of downing a MiG-15 in combat) and T-33 jets left over from the Batista Air Force.[3]
As Kennedy's plans evolved, critical details were changed that were to hamper chances of a successful mission without overt U.S. military support. These revised details included changing the landing area for Brigade 2506 to two points in Matanzas Province, 202 km southeast of Havana on the eastern edge of the Zapata peninsula at the Bay of Pigs. The landings would take place on the Girón and Zapatos Larga beaches. This change effectively cut off contact with the rebels of the "War Against the Bandits" uprising in the Escambray Mountains. The Castro government also had been warned by senior KGB agents Osvaldo Sánchez Cabrera and "Aragon", who died violently before and after the invasion, respectively.[4]The U.S. government was aware that a high casualty rate was possible.[citation needed].

Through their secret intelligence, as well as loose talk in Miami, the Cuban security apparatus knew the invasion was coming. More than 100,000 Cubans suspected to be security threats or "politically unreliable" were rounded up and arrested throughout the island by the political police in anticipation of the invasion. The arrests were facilitated by informants and the diligent work of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs) working in conjunction with the secret police, the G-2s. Nevertheless, days before the invasion, multiple acts of sabotage were carried out, such as the bombing of the El Encanto department store in Havana, desultory explosions, and arson.

~ From the Wikipedia

Behold your JFK!

GWB is not even as bad as JFK in the notorious crimes JFK perpetrated in Cuba, Iraq and the Congo.

May God never let Barack Obama be like JFK, so that he will not end up like JFK.

I pray for Barack Obama to live long and be a blessing to his darling wife Michelle Obama, their beautiful children and families and the rest of the world.

Have a good day.


Manuel A.Tellechea said...

ust Like Her Daddy and Worse

The Princess Royal of the Kennedy clan, who has herself accomplished nothing in life except being born to wealth and privilege, has draped her father’s moth-eaten cloak on Barack Obama, who, in her father’s White House, would have been a footman or cook. Say what you will about Obama, he got there himself without the benefit of a rich daddy or corrupt political machine. He may be more unprepared to be president and more disastrous for this country than was JFK, but we hope, at least, that he will be impervious to “love notes” from middle-aged political camp followers who are still trying to be influential without ever being relevant.

Anonymous said...

The picture you show of "JFK with little Caroline" is not Caroline, it's John Jr. You must be very young to not have been able to tell the difference.