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Happy New Year 2011

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Happy New Year 2011!

We give all the glory to God for protecting and saving our beautiful and wonderful life to see the dawn of another year and we trust HIM to continue to see us through in the coming years and decades!

We thank God 24/7!

31 Dec 2010 10:00 Africa/Lagos

The Top Baby Names of 2010 Revealed

LONDON, December 31, 2010/PRNewswire/ -- Katie and Amy have fallen out of the list of the top 20 female christian names, it emerged yesterday (30th January 2010).

The monikers of troubled stars Katie Price and Amy Winehouse have been replaced by prettier and less infamous names, Maisie and Isabella.

The highest climber in the list of the most popular girls' names in the UK today is Bella, due in no small part to the lead character in Twilight, played by actress Kristen Stewart. Lacey, as in EastEnders actress Lacey Turner, is also on the up, soaring from number 57 up to 37. Florence is also becoming increasingly popular, moving up 33 places, as is Maisy.

Olivia is still top after 3 years and Sophie is still second. Lily is now third, up from 8th place, with Emily and Ruby completing the top five.

In the boys list Jack has finally been bumped off top spot by Oliver after 16 years in first place. Jack is now second while Harry, Charlie and Alfie, all non-movers, make up the top five.

Another bad year for F1 ace Lewis Hamilton has seen the popularity of his first name drop from 13th to 19th place, whilst his singer girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger fares even worse, with the name Nicole dropping seven places down the girls list to 84th place.

Ollie emerged as the biggest climber - up 56 places to number 53 - while Zachary, perhaps inspired by High School Musical's Zac Efron or even the son of jungle queen Stacey Soloman, has also become more common.

Bobby - the name of the late Jade Goody's son - is another big climber, up 25 places to number 70. And Kai - Coleen and Wayne Rooney's son has stepped up 10 places to number 56, despite his father's indiscretions.

The list was compiled by parenting club Bounty from names given to 423,000 children born in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland during 2010.

Yesterday, Faye Mingo, spokeswoman for ( said: ''Our records show that parents are continuing to be influenced by popular culture and celebrity trends.

"The remarkable rise in popularity of names such as Ollie and Florence are most probably due to the X Factor star Olly Murs and the singer from Florence and the Machine experiencing their time in the limelight.

"However, parents are looking to a wide range of sources for influence and also seem to be rediscovering more traditional, 'old-fashioned' names like Ava and Stanley which have been more associated with grandparents in the past.

"Biblical names are also proving popular with Noah rising 20 places to 15th place and Jacob up 7, just missing the top ten."

Olivia is enjoying its third year in top spot after deposing Grace in 2008.

Jessica climbed one place to sixth, while Chloe dropped from fifth to seventh. Ava made it into the top ten for the first time while Grace slipped to ninth from sixth.

Amelia completed the top ten. Lucy was a non-mover at 13 while the next four places were all taken up by new names, including Isabella which climbed eight places to 14th.

Megan, Isla and Freya have all become more popular as has Lilly, most probably inspired by the singer Lily Allen.

On the boys list Jack finally surrendered top spot to Oliver but very little of the rest of the top ten changed. William climbed one spot to eighth as did Daniel to ninth while James slipped two to tenth.

Other names we will be hearing more regularly includes Logan, which climbed seven places to 17th and Oscar, which moved up four to 22nd.

Callum and Liam seem to have had their day - they were the biggest fallers in the top 30, seven and nine places respectively.

And new entries into the top 100 lists were Esme, Courtney, Jude, Elliot and Stanley.

Faye Mingo added: "A recent study we ran found that one in five parents regret the names they have chosen for their children, so it's more important than ever for parents to choose a name them and their child will love for the rest of their life.

"It's hard to predict what we'll see next year but it's most probable that celebrities and popular culture will again play a part - and with a royal wedding on the horizon we may well see an increase in Williams and Kates born in celebration!"

See the Top 100 boys and girls names of 2010 and check the latest regional popularity ( ratings at Bounty's baby names ( section which features a host of unique and handy functions to help parents decide on baby names. As well as being able to search names using letters of the alphabet (, number of syllables, origin, and meaning, parents can also search trend graphs which show if names are declining/growing in popularity as well as popular sibling/middle names for their chosen name, amongst a host of other useful tools.


1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Charlie
5. Alfie
6. Thomas
7. Joshua
8. William
9. Daniel
10. James
11. Jacob
12. George
13. Ethan
14. Lucas
15. Noah
16. Max
17. Logan
18. Joseph
19. Lewis
20. Dylan
21. Samuel
22. Oscar
23. Ryan
24. Archie
25. Riley
26. Jayden
27. Tyler
28. Jake
29. Callum
30. Liam
31. Alexander
32. Connor
33. Luke
34. Adam
35. Benjamin
36. Matthew
37. Leo
38. Finley
39. Jamie
40. Alex
41. Freddie
42. Mason
43. Harrison
44. Henry
45. Ben
46. Harvey
47. Nathan
48. Isaac
49. Cameron
50. Aaron
51. Theo
52. Edward
53. Ollie
54. Finlay
55. Owen
56. Kai
57. Harley
58. Aiden
59. Michael
60. Toby
61. Sam
62. Leon
63. Kyle
64. David
65. Rhys
66. Evan
67. Bailey
68. Reece
69. Zachary
70. Bobby
71. Ashton
72. Kian
73. Sebastian
74. Luca
75. Kayden
76. Louis
77. Zac
78. Taylor
79. Brandon
80. John
81. Hayden
82. Billy
83. Caleb
84. Jude
85. Blake
86. Joe
87. Louie
88. Jay
89. Christopher
90. Joel
91. Bradley
92. Ellis
93. Corey
94. Elliot
95. Zak
96. Robert
97. Stanley
98. Aidan
99. Jenson
100. Patrick


1. Olivia
2. Sophie
3. Lily
4. Emily
5. Ruby
6. Jessica
7. Chloe
8. Ava
9. Grace
10. Amelia
11. Mia
12. Evie
13. Lucy
14. Isabella
15. Maisie
16. Poppy
17. Daisy
18. Ellie
19. Ella
20. Megan
21. Isla
22. Freya
23. Charlotte
24. Lilly
25. Summer
26. Isabelle
27. Holly
28. Sophia
29. Millie
30. Erin
31. Katie
32. Amy
33. Scarlett
34. Hannah
35. Lexi
36. Imogen
37. Lacey
38. Molly
39. Eva
40. Brooke
41. Lola
42. Phoebe
43. Layla
44. Emma
45. Leah
46. Abigail
47. Sienna
48. Gracie
49. Amber
50. Jasmine
51. Alice
52. Matilda
53. Elizabeth
54. Anna
55. Madison
56. Rosie
57. Paige
58. Lauren
59. Isabel
60. Bethany
61. Caitlin
62. Georgia
63. Faith
64. Lexie
65. Florence
66. Rebecca
67. Niamh
68. Zoe
69. Maya
70. Skye
71. Maddison
72. Tilly
73. Keira
74. Scarlet
75. Tia
76. Amelie
77. Libby
78. Sofia
79. Sarah
80. Aimee
81. Isobel
82. Esme
83. Zara
84. Nicole
85. Julia
86. Martha
87. Maisy
88. Heidi
89. Abbie
90. Mya
91. Darcy
92. Rose
93. Eleanor
94. Kayla
95. Miley
96. Hollie
97. Eve
98. Bella
99. Evelyn
100. Courtney


1. Jack
2. Oliver
3. Charlie
4. Harry
5. Alfie
6. Thomas
7. Joshua
8. William
9. James
10. Daniel
11. George
12. Ethan
13. Lewis
14. Max
15. Lucas
16. Dylan
17. Archie
18. Joseph
19. Jacob
20. Samuel
21. Liam
22. Callum
23. Oscar
24. Jayden
25. Logan
26. Ryan
27. Jake
28. Tyler
29. Riley
30. Luke
31. Harvey
32. Ben
33. Adam
34. Alexander
35. Benjamin
36. Leo
37. Matthew
38. Noah
39. Connor
40. Alex
41. Jamie
42. Harrison
43. Mason
44. Cameron
45. Owen
46. Henry
47. Nathan
48. Finley
49. Aaron
50. Freddie
51. Issac
52. Sam
53. Finlay
54. Theo
55. Harley
56. Aiden
57. Toby
58. Edward
59. Rhys
60. Michael
61. Evan
62. Kyle
63. Leon
64. Reece
65. David
66. Kai
67. Ashton
68. Bailey
69. Kian
70. Louis
71. Taylor
72. Hayden
73. Brandon
74. Joe
75. Jay
76. Luca
77. Kayden
78. Ewan
79. Joel
80. Sebastian
81. Zac
82. Ellis
83. Josh
84. Aidan
85. John
86. Billy
87. Zak
88. Bradley
89. Kieran
90. Blake
91. Christopher
92. Morgan
93. Caleb
94. Louie
95. Andrew
96. Bobby
97. Gabriel
98. Robert
99. Elliot


1. Olivia
2. Ruby
3. Sophie
4. Chloe
5. Emily
6. Grace
7. Jessica
8. Lily
9. Amelia
10. Evie
11. Mia
12. Lucy
13. Ava
14. Ella
15. Charlotte
16. Amy
17. Daisy
18. Katie
19. Megan
20. Summer
21. Ellie
22. Isabella
23. Holly
24. Millie
25. Poppy
26. Freya
27. Erin
28. Isla
29. Isabelle
30. Hannah
31. Emma
32. Brooke
33. Molly
34. Phoebe
35. Eva
36. Leah
37. Lilly
38. Abigail
39. Sophia
40. Imogen
41. Maisie
42. Scarlett
43. Lexi
44. Jasmine
45. Lola
46. Layla
47. Isabel
48. Lauren
49. Amber
50. Madison
51. Matilda
52. Elizabeth
53. Bethany
54. Sienna
55. Rosie
56. Anna
57. Gracie
58. Paige
59. Alice
60. Caitlin
61. Georgia
62. Maddison
63. Rebecca
64. Lacey
65. Isobel
66. Faith
67. Libby
68. Tia
69. Keira
70. Lexie
71. Niamh
72. Skye
73. Nicole
74. Aimee
75. Sarah
76. Zoe
77. Eleanor
78. Amelie
79. Julia
80. Eve
81. Maya
82. Tilly
83. Zara
84. Martha
85. Sofia
86. Scarlet
87. Darcy
88. Abbie
89. Victoria
90. Heidi
91. Alexandra
92. Taylor
93. Miley
94. Kayla
95. Mya
96. Lydia
97. Florence
98. Evelyn
99. Rose
100. Courtney

Notes to Editors:

- The top 100 boys and girls names lists were compiled using data
collated from the registered births of Bounty Parenting Club members in

- Bounty ( is the UK's favourite parenting club,
providing information, support and products for young families
throughout the four key-life stages: pre-birth, birth, toddlers and

- With 2.5 million members and over 50,000 new members joining
every month, Bounty reaches 9 out of 10 new and expectant parents in
the UK through its Bounty bag sampling

- has 750,000 opted-in members and a further
28,000 new members joining each month
- features a host of unique and
handy new functions and tools to help you decide on baby names.
Whether your heart is set on a name and you want to find out more about
its origin or meaning, have absolutely no idea how to go about choosing
a name or simply want to find a name rated by others as 'cool' or
'exotic', is the go-to site for all your naming needs. In
just one click you can search:

- Regional mapping (search the popularity of names throughout the UK
based on where you live)

- Middle names (search for names that are most commonly used as middle
names with your chosen first name)

- Sibling names (search for common sibling names alongside your chosen
first name)

- Rate names according to how 'cool', 'great', 'traditional', 'exotic',
'unique' they are

- Find out nick-names, explore famous people names, and characters
featured in books, TV or film

- Find out who else likes the names you do and ask friends and family to
confidentially rate your favourite names

- Name trend graph showing if names are in declining/growing in

- Search using letters of the alphabet, number of syllables, origin, and

- Collate your own 'shopping basket' of preferred names

Source: Bounty UK Ltd

For further information please contact Rachel Burrows on +44-(0)1707-294000, or email

The Tears of Chairman Mao

Photo Credit: Robert L. Peters.

The Tears of Chairman Mao

What is going on in the People's Republic of China (PRC), today will make Chairman Mao turn in his grave, because the Great Wall of the Red Empire is crumbling fast as capitalism undermines communism in the laissez-faire of free market economy and made China the country with the second largest population of billionaires in the world, just behind the US.
So, how can the so called communist leaders explain that to us?

How can a socialist state with a so called communist manifesto boast of billionaires while millions of their compatriots are ravaged by poverty? Who is following whom? Is someone not robbing Zedong to pay Deng? While the rich Deng is smiling all the way to the bank, the cheated, exploited and oppressed poor Zedong is gnashing his teeth and biting his cracked lips sweating in the factory earning only $1 daily.

One of the oldest civilizations in the world that once prided herself as an invincible communist state is fast becoming the largest market of capitalism since she has left her doors wide open to capitalist nations of the West, Middle East, Africa and her Asian neighbours of Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and others flocking to buy and sell their goods in the most populous country in the world.

The communist icon Deng Xiaoping is credited for the free market economic reformation and transformation of China since he dumped the Maoism of his former comrade Mao Zedong, the legendary revolutionary Marxist popularly revered as Chairman Mao. But the so called free market economy has left the majority of the peasants in rural China behind.

See what market economy has done to China.

203 million people— live on less than $1 a day.
593 million people— live on less than $2 a day.

There is rampant child abuse as poor children often work 14 hours a day, seven days a week, and sleep by their machines in the factories.

Boys in Green Mountain City get paid about 18 cents a load for carrying 55 pound bags of coal up a mountain. Even in the cities, a school teacher with a salary of $50 a month—good by Chinese standards—might have to save for two years to be able to afford a bicycle. Married couples often live apart, sometimes in opposite corners of the country, working at different places. The only time they get to see each other is during holidays, three weeks a year.
~ Click here for more facts.

The Chinese Dream of Chairman Mao has been turned into a nightmare by those who have hijacked the loot of free market economy dining and wining like Hollywood stars as they regale themselves in their luxurious comfort zones in Beijing and Shanghai while their victims languishing in poverty in the provinces of Gansu and Guizhou are not different from the impoverished masses in Haiti and Sudan.

Many poor Chinese abhor the new millionaires who exploit tax breaks, child labor and financial privileges to get rich quick. "Red-eye disease" describes jealousy brought about being left out but seeing others get rich quick. One orange farmer in Hunan told Time, "Rich entrepreneurs spend the equivalent of my annual income in one night at a karaoke bar."

Millions of poor peasants who toil daily in rural China are grumbling in angst filled with bitterness and sadness, because they are disgusted by the affluence of the rich folks in urban China. They wished they were back in the good old days of Chairman Mao.

"They feel that though life was hard in those years, it was more or less egalitarian, and people had the right to, moreover, to stop the wrongdoing of bureaucrats. But now the gap between rich and poor is growing wider and wider. Millions of workers in state owned factories have lost their jobs or are only partially paid. Retirement pensions are constantly in arrears. The peasants have been suffering under increasing financial burdens, sometimes including extortion at the hands of local officials. Corruption and abuse of power have run wild," said dissident Liu Binyan, expressing the provocative plight of the poor masses in China and thousands of them are committing suicide.

It has been reported that around 287,000 Chinese kill themselves every year.

Is this the dream of Chairman Mao?

The capitalists controlling modern China and the hypocritical pseudo communist leaders have betrayed the people, because they have failed to “Serve the People” as commanded by Mao Zedong in the speech he delivered on September 8, 1944.

The so called economic prosperity of China is only the masquerade of hypocrisy of the rulers in the Communist Party of China (CPC)) and their beneficiaries whose palatial homes and towers of mercantilism are not different from the whited sepulchres of the Pharisees denounced by Jesus Christ.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.

~ Matthew 23:27 (King James Version)

Chairman Mao is not resting in peace, but turning in his grave and shedding tears for the millions of poor peasants in rural China who may be starving into the New Year.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

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Advantages of Nokia messaging devices over BlackBerry

Nokia E72

No additional fee for data on top of service plan; works with any service plan/data provider.

Average cost of paid app $3.47
Easy set up of work and personal email in only 3 steps
Out of the box access to consumer email accounts such as Hotmail and Gmail
Stay connected to 10 personal email accounts at once
Immediate access to most popular IM communities
(Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Gmail)
High-quality 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens and one touch auto focus
Free Ovi Maps with Walk and Drive navigation
Ultra slim line design with Stainless Steel and Brushed Aluminum
Create separate, customized home screens for work and personal life.

BlackBerry Bold 9700

Must have additional BlackBerry data plan
($4+ for RIM vs $1.85 for Nokia)
Average cost of paid app $8.26
Over 10 steps to set up email on BlackBerry
Dedicated app needed for instant messaging
3.2MP camera
No free maps and navigation
BlackBerry 8mm thicker than Nokia E72
No ability to separate/tailor home screens

Advantages of Nokia messaging devices over BlackBerry

It is important that everyone in Nokia is aware of advantages of Nokia messaging devices so that we as ambassadors of the messaging range can engage in discussions about the difference between the BlackBerry and Nokia offering. Here’s where we think we are stronger:

• While BlackBerry wants you to be a BlackBerry person with their own communications tools, Nokia lets you to be you and work the way you like by using your choice of messaging solutions - Nokia offers a wide variety of ways to communicate including email & instant messaging and to update social networks. Wide range of devices in a variety of styles. Nokia’s portfolio carries over 100 email-enabled models. The BlackBerry range of devices only includes six QWERTY devices in the UK, and one touch device. For smaller budgets BlackBerry offers nothing.

• Affordable and predictable pricing - With Nokia Messaging, all consumer email and IM is included into the operator data plan There are no hidden costs, taxes, license fees like there are for BlackBerry. Research has shown that companies can save an average of £215 per year per employee by using a Nokia Eseries handset with Mail for Exchange or IBM Lotus Notes Traveler instead of BlackBerry. (Source Nokia Internal Research).

• Easy Email and IM set-up - Nokia messaging devices have an easy 3 step email set up, directly from the home screen of the device. No downloading the application, installing it and configuring the account like on BlackBerry. With Nokia you can directly access 90% of the world’s corporate email and IM through partnerships with Microsoft Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes.

As an example, the Nokia E72 wins over the BlackBerry Bold 9700 in some important areas: It has easier email setup with more email and IM service options, it’s less expensive, has a better camera, comes with OVI Maps with free walk and drive navigation and premium travel guide content, has faster web browsing speed, features a thinner design and stainless steel build, and allows for two tailored home screens.

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Africa International Film Festival Celebrates Cinema in Port Harcourt

The first edition of the annual Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF) opened Wednesday December 1, 2010, in the oil city of Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. The film fiesta celebrates cinema as an African panorama of the global village.

Chioma Ude, Founder and Project Director of the Festival, who produced the successful 6th ION International Film Festival (IONIFF) (a touring festival originating from Hollywood) in the same city says they have a competentorganizing committee of experts, including Peace Anyiam-Osigwe the founder and CEO of the annual AMAA Awards, Caterina Bortolussi, the co-producer of ION International Film Festival, Soledad Grognett, Ilaria Chessa, June Givanni, Alessandra Speciale and Celine Loader. They are poised to make AFRIFF the numero uno of film festivals in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Click here for more details

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Pastor Adeboye Ministering at the Vanguard Newspapers In Nigeria

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye ministering at the Vanguard Media Christian Fellowship end of the year prayer and thanksgiving service on Tuesday November 30, 2010.

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye thanked God for Vanguard news media Tuesday afternoon as he prayed for hundreds of guests (including the publisher of 24/7 Nigeria) and members of staff of the Vanguard Newspapers at the end of the year thanksgiving service of the Vanguard Media Christian Fellowship in the premises of the company.

The famous minister anchored his sermon on The Storm is Over, the theme of the service, on how divine intervention helps believers to overcome the storms of life. He also told the Nigerian news media to be the vanguard of the re-branding Nigeria initiative.