Monday, October 31, 2005

Scavengers of the Dead Ransack Bellview Air crash Site in Nigeria

Scavengers of the Dead Ransack Bellview Air crash Site in Nigeria

The news that looters were the first to get to the rural jungle of Lissa where the ill-fated Bellview Airlines plane had crashed did not surprise me. Because, I knew that the human scavengers would have invaded the site of the crash before the law enforcement authorities would have gotten there. That is the common practice in Nigeria whenever there is an accident. The desperate hoodlums and antisocial urchins would have rushed to rob the wounded or the dead before even alerting for help.

They rob helpless victims wounded or dead in emergencies and even mutilate the bodies of the dead if nobody stops them. The human body parts are sold to cultists and ritualists who use them for their fetish voodoo or mumbo-jumbo juju.

These heartless devils would have robbed the victims of their personal effects before the law enforcement agencies got to the site of the air crash on that fateful day.

Who do we blame?
The inefficiency of the Nigerian government that has failed to provide the necessary administrative infrastructure and logistics for the establishment of an efficient Police Force that will be able to guarantee the security of everybody in every community in Nigeria.

Because, many of the Nigerian police officers either by commission or omission connive and conspire with these notorious criminals to commit all these atrocities in Nigeria.

You see a corrupt traffic warden at the bus stop colluding with the touts to extort illegal levies from public transporters and later they share the collections with the police and traffic wardens and this goes on as if it is a normal practice. I mean I am no longer confused. In fact, I am now amused by the whole corrupt methods of their illegitimate procedures of making ends meet.

As The Punch newspaper reported that the looters believed that those who could afford to travel by air must be rich enough to carry extra cash on them and they were not wrong. Because, reliable sources confirmed that the looters found dollars and pounds among the human remains and fuselage in the wreckage. They also stole the expensive wristwatches, jewels and other valuable personal accessories.
"Some people even stripped some of the body parts. That was callous," the newspaper quoted Ogun State police chief Tunji Alapinni as saying

Well the scapegoat of humanity, poverty is always the culprit. The extreme poverty plaguing majority of Nigerians as usual was quoted by Reuters:
The majority of Nigeria's 140 million people live in extreme poverty and a lack of job prospects and resources has fostered a high crime rate. Armed robbery, racketeering and money-making scams are common.

The Guardian newspapers of Nigeria have published the best reports on the Bellview Airlines plane crash. They published some critical reports yesterday. And I hope the government will read the reports and follow the cues in the investigations to find out the real cause of the air disaster. Bellview Airlines should be prosecuted for the violations of air safety regulations.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

On Western Super Stars Helping the Poor in Africa


Do stars really aid the cause?
You bought the wristband, went to the concert, joined the march and rejoiced when a deal was struck to save Africa. But don't be fooled - nothing has changed
By Stuart Hodkinson reports
Published: 26 October 2005

I read the report just published on THE INDEPENDENT On Line Edition of 29 October 2005 10:42. And it is the subject of discussion on Black Looks. I have already posted my rejoinder and here is the full text of it.

Most NGOs are always in dire need of funds for their various humanitarian engagements. And all these efforts are commendable. And they need the endorsements of rich celebrities and most of the rich celebrities are not in Africa. They are in America and Europe. Sir Bob Geldof can donate $1 million with or without Band Aid. Bono can do the same.Recently Jon Bon Jovi donated $1 million to Oprah Winfrey's charity fund without any charity concert. But most of the so called African celebrities either don't have such financial wealth or they don't even have the hearts to give to Aid Agencies.

They have not even done anything for the less privileged in the ghettos where they came from. In Nigeria, when I was with the Unicef, we mobilized our own local stars (names witheld)and we hosted them at the Lagos Sheraton and they ate and drank. But, they hardly donated any money from their pockets. They just wanted to be recognised and to be posing and posturing about.


Must we always wait for Sir Bob Geldof, Bono, Angelina Jolie and other Western super stars before we realize that we should help ouselves in Africa? And when they don't include us in their Band Aid 1985 or Live Aid 2005,we pine and wine of discrimination or being left out?
Who is fooling whom?

Look at our rich stars like KSA and others who have made so much money from public patronage. What have they given back to their fans in return? KSA lived for decades in Bariga, a ghetto in Lagos, and he never even donated any funds to sink an ordinary borehole.


Charity begins at home.

Let us sacrifice to help and save those who are suffering and dying in Africa instead of waiting for Western Aid Agencies to come and spoonfeed us in Africa.

Personally, I have spent thousands of Naira to promote an active reading culture among children in Nigeria and the fellow artistes I invited to join me, collected their artistes' fees, without any compassion. One of them even dealt me some blows and snarled, "Na Charity we go chop!" And they just went about their selfish pursuits.

We have Shade Adu, Seal, Keziah Jones and other celebrated international super stars with Nigerian origins, but none of them has ever thought of doing what Sir Bob Geldof, Bono,Angelina Jolie and other American and European super stars are doing for the benefit of Africa.

Infact, I think most of our so called African super stars are intellectual morons and retarded. Clueless.

My conclusion is, we don't have to wait for any wake-up call by Sir.Bob Geldof or Bono before we know that we need to rally for the support of those who can help us in Africa. All our so called millionaires and billionaires in Africa can sponsor African artistes to organize Charity concerts to raise more funds and raise public awareness on being our brothers keepers. Africans have more than enough resources to help fellow Africans without Western Aid in cash or kind.

Sir Bob Geldof, Bono and other Western super stars mean well. But, these Western political power brokers and capitalist multinationals hijack their philanthropic initiatives in the guise of sponsorships and use them for their public relations, image laundering and social marketing of their numerous products and services in Africa their dumping ground for expired or second hand goods and the largest market for their mass produced consumer products.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Olamide Adeyooye: Dental records confirm body is ISU student

Last week I reported the news of Olamide Elizabeth Adeyooye the missing Nigerian student in America who was also a popular blogger on My Space. And we all prayed that she would be found alive and well. But, unfortunately the latest news on her case is negative. Olamide was found dead in Mississippi. And her body was even burnt. Here is the full report below.
Olamide Adeyooye: Dental records confirm body is ISU student
October 26th, 2005 @ 4:41 PM by News Director
Dental records confirm the body found in Mississippi is that of Olamide Adeyooye. She had been missing since Oct. 13th. The location of her car is unknown. It is also not known at this time who murdered her. Rt.55 in Mississippi goes through Normal, Ill. as well.

Associated Press
NORMAL, Ill. - A body found in a burned-out chicken house in Mississippi is that of missing Illinois State University senior Olamide Adeyooye, who was last seen two weeks ago at a video store, authorities said Wednesday.
Dental records were used to identify the 21-year-old's badly burned body. Authorities did not release a cause of death.

"As far as the cause of death, we believe she was already deceased when the body was dropped off in Newton County (Mississippi)," Newton County Sheriff Jackie Knight said. "We have investigators from Illinois here with us but we believe the actual death took place in Illinois."

Knight said he was not aware of any signs of sexual abuse.
Normal Police Lt. Mark Kotte said authorities were still investigating how Adeyooye, who was last seen Oct. 13 in the central Illinois city where she went to school, ended up in Mississippi. Her car, a green 1996 Toyota Corolla, still was missing Wednesday.

"Bloomington-Normal is a very safe community and this is an incident that is extremely rare," Kotte said. "It is not an incident of somebody going around preying on college students."
Kotte said some people questioned by investigators will be questioned again, although police said none are suspects.
"We still have a list of persons of interest and that hasn't really changed. We still have quite a few people that we need to talk to, and also people now that we will be re-interviewing," Kotte said.

Adeyooye's father, Adiodun Adeyooye, said he wants to see justice.
"I believe Olamide's spirit will find the culprit. Whoever might have killed her, Olamide's spirit will find him out in Jesus' name," he said.

A native of Nigeria who moved to suburban Chicago when she was 8, Adeyooye was last seen at a video store near her off-campus apartment in Normal.
Her body was found Friday in central Mississippi by the owner of the chicken house who was cleaning up after a blaze there four days earlier.

Illinois investigators suspected the body could be that of Adeyooye because physical descriptions matched and the fire occurred just four days after she disappeared. They also said the burned building is about 60 miles from Interstate 55, which also passes through Normal.

Adeyooye was reported missing when she didn't show up for classes and her weekend job as a waitress. Police launched a criminal investigation into her disappearance last week after evidence and interviews led them to suspect foul play.
Adeyooye, who studied laboratory sciences and biology at ISU, was due to graduate from the 20,000-student college in December and planned to return to Chicago to complete her clinical training at a hospital. She grew up in the Chicago suburb of Berkeley.

"As we mourn her passing and try to make sense of what is sometimes unexplainable, I ask everyone in the university community to keep Olamide's family and friends in their thoughts and prayers," ISU president Al Bowman said. "This terrible tragedy will bring with it many emotions: grief, anger, perhaps a sense of helplessness."
Nearly 40 investigators, including the FBI and Illinois State Police, assisted in the search for her. Her family and friends also searched, posting fliers and sending out messages through Web sites and blogs.

After learning of her death, friend Rick Pateraoa, 23, of Schaumburg, said: "You always hear about stuff like that on the news but it never hits close to home. ... It always happens to great people."

Associated Press Writer Holbrook Mohr in Jackson, Miss., contributed to this report.

This bad news has only worsened the sadness in my heart and soul over the tragedies going on in Nigeria right now. We have been mourning the tragic deaths of the beloved wife of our President, Mrs. Stella Obasanjo who died after surgery in Spain and the 117 people who were killed in the catastrophic Bellview Airlines air disaster last Saturday.

I never thought Olamide would be found dead.

What is America turning into?
An unsafe place for harmless young ladies. Since the beginning of this year, I have read of over four similar cases.

May the soul of our sister Olamide Elizabeth Adeyooye Rest In Peace.

Yet, I wish she could still be found alive and well.

Oh, God! Help us at such a time like this period of our trials for Nigerians at home and abroad.


The Guardian Newspapers of Nigeria quoted the words of a very reliable Nigerian personality, the Chief Executive Officer of the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA),Mrs.Peace Anyam-Fiberisma when she said that Captain Imasuen Lambert was suspended some time ago for refusing to fly a faulty Bellview aircraft.She added,"He was recently suspended for two weeks for failing to fly an alleged faulty Bellview aircraft." (THE GUARDIAN,Tuesday October 25, 2005,Page13.)So, this reliable source has it that Captain Imasuen Lambert of the ill-fated Nigerian Bellview Airlines Plane of flight 210 that crashed was actually suspended two weeks ago for refusing to fly a faulty Bellview Airlines aircraft. Because, he always insisted on high standards of air safety. So, if he was suspended just two weeks ago for refusing to fly a faulty aircraft, then what made him to fly the Bellview plane that crashed. Again, if Bellview Airlines has been flying faulty aircrafts, why has the company passed through the screening of the Aviation authorities?

Bellview Airlines has already resumed flight to Abuja without the approval of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nigeria. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)and the US should investigate these allegations. That Bellview Airlines has never recorded any accident for the past ten years is not enough excuse for the civil aviation authorities of Nigeria to overlook these allegations.

Please, investigate these reports.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

After the Weeping and Wailing Over the Bellview Plane Crash


The coverage of the catastrophic Bellview Plane Crash has been too poor in Nigerian newspapers on line. The African Independent Televison (AIT)website does not know what a TV news website should be doing at such a time as this tragic period in Nigeria. The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) website which is like a poor copy of the AIT website is pathetic. Yahoo, BBC and one Japanese website have better coverage of the air disaster. Yahoo News has the best coverage so far with over 50 photographs on the plane crash. Of course Associated Press and Reuters provided most of the news feeds for the Yahoo news. And they are available on line. But, you cannot find the facts on all the Nigerian media on line. This is an international disgrace for the Nigerian media that should be the flagship of the media in Africa as the largest media in Africa. Imagine the NTA that is always boasting that it is the largest TV Network in Africa cannot boast of any modern website for on line news? This only shows the lack of competence and the apparent administrative mismanagement at the NTA.

Now the tragedy has made the President to wake up to the stark reality of the short-sightedness of his government in the management of Aviation. Because, the local airlines are managed like the backward public transport services in Nigeria. The lack of air safety in Nigeria is now making headlines all over the world as the bad news of the Bellview plane crash is circulating.


Now, the government is talking of air safety and that is not news to me.
Because, this is not the first catastrophic air disaster we have experienced in Nigeria. Then, after the tears and shaking of heads, we are back to business as usual again. And our airports will still be looking like crowdy and rowdy public motor parks. And the required modern air safety equipment would be missing or outdated.

Nigeria will not improve, except we remove all the square pegs in the round holes of the government and also prosecute all the cases of the corrupt practices in both the public and private sectors of our economy. The problem of Nigeria is still the abuse and misuse of the public sector by the private sector. How? The oligarchs form the ruling class that exploits the public sector and perpetuates the corruption and misadministration of public office in Nigeria. The more damages they cause, the more bogus contracts they conceive or forge to repair the damages to continue to enrich themselves. So, the vicious circle continues in the stagnation of corruption in Nigeria.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Legacy of Rosa Parks: Mother of the Civil Rights Movement


Rosa Parks Dies at 92.
The celebrated heroine of the American Civil Rights Movement who inspired Martin Luther King Jr., died Monday evening at her home in Detroit.

Rosa Parks was the fearless African-American Amazon who defied the Jim Crow Laws of the American south when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white racist and preferred to be arrested. The arrest of Rosa Parks triggered a 381-day boycott of the bus system organized by a then little-known Baptist minister, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., who later earned the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.


She was born Rosa Louise McCauley on Feb. 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Ala. Family illness interrupted her high school education, but after she married Raymond Parks in 1932, he encouraged her and she earned a diploma in 1934. He also inspired her to become involved in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP.)

Rosa Parks was the heroine of not only her own people, the African- Americans, but also the heroine of the Black Race and the heroine of all oppressed women everywhere. Rosa Parks is also the heroine of all the oppressed masses who have been relegated to the backgrounds of second class or third class citizens irrespective of your colour or creed. Because, it is not only in racial discrimination that we feel deprived and disenfranchised, but in all forms of discriminations whether of racial or social and religious or political dimensions.

A Montgomery (Ala.) Sheriff's Department booking photo of Rosa Parks taken Feb 22, 1956, is shown Friday, July 23, 2004, in Montgomery, Ala. Parks, whose refusal to give up her bus seat to a white man sparked the modern civil rights movement, died Monday Oct. 24, 2005. She was 92. (AP Photo/Montgomery County (Ala.) Sheriff's office)

Rosa Parks refused to surrender her birthright to a usurper and supplanter who wanted to deny her right to her rightful place in the society. She has taught us that we should never give away what is our fundamental human right no matter the threat of the wicked enemies of human progress. For whosoever threatens to deprive you of your fundamental human right is not only your enemy, but also the enemy of humankind.

As we remember the bus ride that Rosa Parks had and changed the course of the history of the black race in America and also changed the history of America and restored the lost dignity, integrity and nobility of her people who have been stripped of the honour of humanity by their slave drivers and task masters who pretended to know God, but were only wolves in sheep clothing for they were not true Christians, we should not be afraid of the challenges we are still facing today in America and other places where racial acrimony and social disharmony threaten the security and unity of humanity.

All the white lies of America that their founding fathers were Christians have been proved to be false by the bitter truth in the irrefutable facts of history. That the so-called founding fathers of America were hypocrites and racists who only paid lip service and eye service to God. And today posterity cannot be deceived by such hypocrisy and double standards of the American society that wants to claim to be a Christian country? America is not a Christian nation. America is a secular country. And the so-called founding fathers of America were not true Christians. They were only free thinkers and mere church-goers.

Let us remember the revolutionary words of Rosa Parks on the bus on that fateful day of December 1st, 1955 when that White racist demanded her seat and Rosa Parks refused fearlessly.
"Are you going to stand up?" the bus driver asked.
"No," Parks answered.
"Well, by God, I'm going to have you arrested," the driver said.
"You may do that," Parks responded.

Mrs. Parks was 42 when she committed an act of defiance in 1955 that was to change the course of American history and earn her the title "mother of the civil rights movement."
At that time, Jim Crow laws in place since the post-Civil War Reconstruction required separation of the races in buses, restaurants and public accommodations throughout the South, while legally sanctioned racial discrimination kept blacks out of many jobs and neighborhoods in the North.
The Montgomery, Ala., seamstress, an active member of the local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, was riding on a city bus Dec. 1, 1955, when a white man demanded her seat. Mrs. Parks refused, despite rules requiring blacks to yield their seats to whites. Two black Montgomery women had been arrested earlier that year on the same charge, but Mrs. Parks was jailed. She also was fined $14.

Rosa Parks paid the price of the sacrifice for the emancipation of all the oppressed people everywhere, not only in America, but all over the world. And as we continue with our lives, let us not forget the legacy of Rosa Parks as she said:
"I am leaving this legacy to all of you ... to bring peace, justice, equality, love and a fulfillment of what our lives should be. Without vision, the people will perish, and without courage and inspiration, dreams will die — the dream of freedom and peace."

Sunday, October 23, 2005


The shocking tragic news of the sudden death of Mrs. Stella Obasanjo the official First Lady of the President of Nigeria hit me like a tornado as I returned from Church this aftertoon. I was totally ignorant of the breaking news until I called my cousin The popular Nigerian actor Emeka Enyiocha who broke the terrible news of the double tragedy of Nigeria. First, Stella Obasanjo was dead and next a Bellview plane crashed after taking off from Lagos enroute Abuja and all the 117 people on board died!My younger sister and I were speechless.

I just confirmed that President Olusegun Obasanjo even visited the site of the plane crash near Lagos.
President Olusegun Obasanjo grieving for his wife, Stella, who died early Sunday in Spain was personally overseeing search and rescue operations and asked "all Nigerians to pray for all those aboard the plane and their families," his office said in a statement.

This man is brave. Once a brave soldier always a brave soldier.

Nigeria mourns.

Nigeria's first lady dies at 59


Associated Press

ABUJA, Nigeria - Stella Obasanjo, the wife of Nigeria's president, died Sunday in Spain. She was 59.

Her death came the same day a passenger jet carrying 117 people crashed shortly after takeoff from Lagos, Nigeria's largest city, with officials saying dozens on board survived.

Stella Obasanjo, described as President Olusegun Obasanjo's "beloved wife," died after undergoing surgery, according to a brief statement signed by presidential spokeswoman Remi Oyo. No further details were given.

The Spanish Foreign Ministry said Obasanjo's wife died Sunday morning at a hospital in the southern Spanish resort city of Marbella, where she had been on a private visit.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Your Excellency, President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria.

Chief. Olusegun Okikiola Matthew Obasanjo
The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria.

Your Excellency,

“Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.”
Thomas Jefferson
"The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale."
Thomas Jefferson
"Only the best is good enough for us."
Bishop Ajayi Crowther.
I am the Publisher of the NIGERIAN TIMES web site and weblogs for the promotion of public enlightenment on the current affairs in Nigeria in relation to the rest of the world and reporting the current affairs from the rest of the world in relation to Nigeria.

I believe that enlightenment is the vital instrument for human development for the advancement of human civilization. And lack of enough enlightenment has caused collateral damages in the world. To prevent further Man's inhumanity to Man, we have to employ and deploy all the instruments of enlightenment in the media to save humanity from self-destruction.

I will always say the truth even if the truth convicts me.

I believe you are not ignorant of the Internet. Remember the PROJECT HOPE you launched on line during your first term in office.But, you may not know about the Nigerian Times. Because, of the ignorance of your appointed officers whose responsibility is to inform you of the developments in the media such as the importance,relevance and significance of On Line News Media of which the emergence of weblogs cannot be ignored. I hereby advise you to take note of these developments and factor them into your national development programmes for the benefit of Nigeria. News Bloggers should be participating in your regular meetings with media practitioners. Because, we have very important roles to play in the promotion of the international image of Nigeria in the world through our global network in the blogosphere.

I have only three points to make known to you in the following order.

1.The recent news of the so called debt relief granted Nigeria by the Paris Club needs to be debated in the National Assembly and members of the public should be active participants in the debate to address the grey areas of this dubious debt relief riddled with White Lies. Because, I am not convinced that it is actually a debt relief.

2.I am tired of hearing and reading the news of villagers in the Niger Delta harassing and embarrassing officials of the multinational oil and gas companies to extort financial settlement from them all the time. Because, that will not solve the wide spread damages done to our environment and these collateral damages have been causing the deprivations we suffer daily in our communities where the majority of us are paupers harrowing in the misery of our penury.

I am from the Niger Delta of Nigeria and I am very much involved in the agitations of my suffering people who have been wallowing in polluted waters and choking from polluted air. Our waters are polluted daily by oil spills and the emissions from gas flares have polluted the atmosphere of our environment. The Niger Delta is an environmental disaster in dire need of remediation. The Niger Delta is a time bomb and only God knows when it will explode. And Nigeria and the multinational oil companies are sitting on the keg of gunpowder and when the violence shall erupt, I would be blameless. Only God can contain the anger of my people. No week passes that they will not demand more compensation from either Shell or ChevronTexaco, because, they are the biggest oil companies operating in Nigeria.

The solution to all these violent agitations is simple. The corrupt government should stop misappropriating the billions of dollars that the multinational oil and gas companies have been paying the Nigerian government for the benefit of the host communities in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. The 13% (thirteen percent) derivation given to us is not enough and we refuse to continue to accept it. Even, the 25% we demanded at the last National Political Reforms Conference is not good enough. We demand at least 50% or let us have the natural control of the economic management of our resources and pay taxes to the Federal Government of Nigeria as it is done in America. The US Government does not control the revenue from the oil in Texas. Texas only pays taxes for the oil resources. Therefore, we hereby demand the total resource control of all our oil and gas resources in the true equity of true Federalism, as it is the practice in the United States of America. The Federal Government of Nigeria should hands off our oil and gas resources. This is the only solution. Otherwise, we will continue to demand for our legitimate rights to possess our possessions.

I am tired of the perpetual deprivations of my people in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. And I want the government of Nigeria to meet with our community leaders to address the issues at stake in the best interest of all the bona fide stakeholders in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. And the Federal Government of Nigeria should stop using our resources to fund the Islamic states of Northern Nigeria. If these Islamic states can have the rights to impose Islamic orders in a secular sovereignty in violation of the Federal Constitution of Nigeria, then we of the Southern States can have the rights to control our natural resources. Let the Northern States control and manage their resources. Let every state in Nigeria control and manage their resources in true democracy and governance of a true Federal Republic of Nigeria. Then, the people of the Niger Delta of Nigeria will stop the further embarrassment and harassment of all the multinational oil and gas companies operating in our communities. No amount of tokens in cash or kind will be enough compensation for the collateral damages done to our ecosystem and welfare in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

But, where there is no justice, there will be no peace.

3.I believe in one united Nigeria. And Nigerian Times will cooperate and support all the stakeholders to put heads together and join hands together to live and work together in Love, peace and unity for the nation building of a New Nigeria in the leadership of Africa among the comity of nations in the world.

To listen and to learn and make amends is the only true education.

God bless you.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yours faithfully,
Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima.
"Orikinla Osinachi"

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Unresolved Political Crisis In Nigeria and other Matters

"International development agency ActionAid welcomed the Paris Club move for "a country which has been crippled by the burden of external debt."

That quotation from the is the WHITE LIE OF THE YEAR.
Nigeria was not crippled by any external debt. But by corruption and tyranny.

I am neither dazed nor fazed by this so called debt relief as I have already stated on the Nigerian Times even yesterday.

The Paris Club can fool the President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, but they cannot fool me.

There are more critical issues bothering Nigeria than the Paris Club, London Club and Baba Iyabo and the 40 Thieves.

Let us go back to a letter I sent to some months ago on the catatstrophic political crisis in Anambra State over the illegal governor Dr. Chris Ngige and the criminal Chris Uba. Two criminals who should be arrested and prosecuted. But, they are still going about with business as usual. And we say we have a democratic government in Nigeria? Where there is no Rule of Law?
There cannot be democracy without the Rule of Law. Any dummy knows that.

Please, read the letter below to enable you understand where I am coming from, otherwise you will not know where I am going to.

In response to your call for any lead on news worthy of investigation, I hereby inform you of the on-going Electoral Fraud in Nigeria in which the President, chief Olusegun Obasanjo has been indicted. But he has refused to abide by the court ruling that voided the Presidential election in two states of the Federation, Ogun State and Anambra State.

The rigging of the Elections in Anambra State has caused destruction of lives and properties in political violence since 2003 to date. And the violence is threatening the national unity of the Federal republic of Nigeria.

For the details of the electoral fraud, see the full-page analysis by DR. CHUKWUEMEKA EZEIFE published in the THIS DAY newspaper of Wednesday January 26, 2005.

I am afraid that you may not investigate this scandalous news of electoral fraud in Africa’s most populous nation and a leading member of the OPEC.

The genesis of the crisis of genocide, poverty and AIDS plaguing Africa is the corruption of the political leaders aided by the European Union, World Bank, IMF, Paris Club and the other Western financial organizations that have exploited the fraudulent practices of corrupt African leaders to keep African countries in perpetual debt and made them to continue to wallow in the murky waters of underdevelopment.

The corruption of African governments has been having adverse effects on the social welfare and economic security of developed countries. Because, corruption has worsened the underdevelopment in Africa, thereby causing political instability and social insecurity that made millions of Africans to flee to Europe and America and other advanced countries in Asia. They have flouted immigrations and engaged in criminal activities plaguing Europe, America and Asia. While the corruption has also affected Europe and America since the civil wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote de Voire, The Sudan, Congo and the Rwanda Holocaust cost Europe and America so much in Foreign Aid and threatened Western economies.



Thursday, October 20, 2005


I have already addressed the case of the "RIP-OFF OF THE MILLENIUM" on the fraudulent debt relief given to Nigeria by the imperialistic Paris Club. Here is the reminder for those who did not read it when it was published last July and I have also provided a link to a very comprehensive documemt on the same case that anyone who is serious about finding out the truth should read. The full text of the article written by Simon Kolawole is in the archives.Then you can read the news report from Reuters below.

I have to post this very important and significant article by Simon Kolawole published on the back page of the THIS DAY newspaper of Nigeria on July 11, 2005.
It faulted the much publicized debt relief given to Nigeria by the Paris Club after so much pleading by the President of Nigeria at the last G-8 Summit in Gleneagles, Scotland.

It is very important for the international community to be well informed on how the World Bank, the Paris Club and the London Club have been cheating and exploiting several third world countries through loans and debt servicing. It is important for you to read this article and comment on the issues at stake as raised by Mr. Simon Kolawole.

Nigeria's Paris Club Debt Problem
During the past twenty years, Nigeria has met ... discount; and to its non- Paris Club bilateral creditors in return for varying degrees of debt relief. ... - 64k - 2005-08-14 - Cached

[PDF] Policy Brief #144
Since its creation, the Paris Club has condi- tioned its debt relief on a formal
economic program that meets IMF standards. Nigeria could not meet this ... - 2005-09-06 - Text Version
[ More results from ]

Resolving Nigeria's Paris Club Debt Problem: A Case of Non ...
for Nigeria are harder to assess because debt relief buys nothing ... do not depend onwhether Nigeria has zero, $3 billion, or $31 billion of Paris Club debt. ... - 64k - 2005-08-01 - Cached

[PDF] Resolving Nigeria’s Paris Club Debt Problem: A Case of Non ...
... Nigeria met this requirement for the Paris Club debt relief operations it concludedin 1986, 1989, and 1991. But there was a problem in 1992. ... - 2005-08-18 -
Text Version [ More results from ]

The Paris Club Owes Nigeria A Fair Deal
Why did Nigeria's Paris Club debt balloon by $23 billion over the past 20 years
when debt owed to other creditors fell by more than half? ... - 64k - 2005-06-27 - Cached

Paris Club clinches debt deal with Nigeria
Thu Oct 20, 2005 12:40 PM GMT

By Swaha Pattanaik

PARIS (Reuters) - The Paris Club of sovereign creditors on Thursday signed a comprehensive debt relief deal with Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation.

The accord, which came less than four months after the Club reached a deal in principle, allows Nigeria to write off an estimated $18 billion, or roughly 60 percent, of the debt it owed the rich creditor nations.

"The representatives of the Paris Club creditor countries welcomed the ambitious economic programme implemented by the Nigerian authorities since 2003 and their desire to secure an exit treatment from the Club," the Paris Club said.

"This exceptional treatment of Nigeria's debt offers a fair, sustainable, and definitive solution to Nigeria and Paris Club creditors.

"With the large debt relief included in this agreement, Paris Club creditors extend their strong support to Nigeria's economic development policy and its fight against poverty," it added.

The Club said debt reduction would be under Naples terms, which are applied to the poorest countries' debts and are equivalent to a 67 percent discount on the face value of debt.

The deal was also linked to the implementation of a new International Monetary Fund policy instrument.

The official Paris Club statement confirmed what a source close to the Club had told Reuters earlier on Thursday.


The debt deal for Nigeria, which is the world's eighth-biggest oil exporter but has among the lowest income per capita in the world, will be implemented in two phases.

In the first phase, Nigeria will pay arrears due on all categories of debts while Paris Club creditors will grant a 33 percent cancellation of eligible debts, the Club said.

The second phase will follow an International Monetary Fund review of a new policy tool which is designed to give the global lender's stamp of approval to poor countries without requiring them to borrow from the Fund.

The IMF had paved the way for the Paris Club accord after it endorsed Nigeria's economic management on Monday with this tool, the Policy Support Instrument (PSI), and its first review of this instrument is planned in March 2006.

Markets, donors and creditors -- including the Paris Club group -- look to the IMF to signal whether a country is following sound economic policies and deserves their support.

"In the second phase, after the approval of the first review of the PSI by the Executive Board of the IMF, planned for March 2006, the Nigerian government will pay amounts due under post-cut off date debt," the Club said.

"The Paris Club creditors will grant a further tranche of cancellation of 34 percent on eligible debts, and Nigeria will buy back the remaining eligible debts," it added.

Nigeria was passed over for debt relief in the 1980s and 1990s as it did not have an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and was ruled by military dictators until 1999.

But President Olusegun Obasanjo, elected in 1999, has introduced a home-grown reform agenda with IMF monitoring and made debt relief his top priority in relations with the West, arguing money for debt repayments would be better spent on education, health and infrastructure.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Overthrow Kibaki: A Letter From Kenya

I have always loved Kenya since the golden era of the national hero of the Independence of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta (1889-1978)and I still love Kenya.
But, since President Mwai Kibaki came to power, I have been receiving letters of protest from notable Kenyan political and human rights activists. And I have not published any of the letters until now that I decided to publish this one distributed by Mapambano

They are asking for the removal of their President Mwai Kibaki. And they must have included me on their mailing list, because they believe I am also a revolutionary activist who will support their democratic agenda. Since, I am well known on as a champion of the Orange Revolution. But, I will not endorse any violent revolution in Kenya.

Dear, friend!

"Since the President has lost the support of Kenyans he had when he took overpower, the decisive question is whether the masses can be mobilized to rebelagainst his regime regardless of the outcome of the referendum."

When we proposed last week that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) shouldprepare the masses psychologically for Kibaki's exit from power, it was not because of any personal hatred of the President. The truth is that the electionof Mwai Kibaki as President of Kenya was an accident because Kenyans wanted to remove former dictator Daniel Arap Moi from power regardless of who took over from Moi. The view was that there could be no progress in the democratic struggle with Moi at the helm because of harsh conditions the former President had imposed on Kenyans.Current events in Kenya clearly indicate that Kibaki has served his purpose and his continued stay in power is now more of a political liability because he is driving the Nation backwards. Our perspective that Kibaki should be overthrownthrough democratic means available is based on the premise that he will lose tothe Orange movement on November 21st and if he doesn't quit after this defeat,there will be a serious political crisis in Kenya that could plunge the nationinto total chaos.The Narc government is split and in the event of an Orange victory, the regime will not function, political tensions will rise while Kibaki and his hench men will simply be struggling to hang on to power against a rising mass movement against the government. While we welcome the call by members of the Orange Movement for a snap general election regardless of the outcome of the referendum, we wish to strengthen the case for Kibaki's quick exit because Kenya needs a new leadership after the Narc disaster. We wish to outline some of Kibaki's major mistakes which dictates that he should go.

1. CONSTITUTION: After failing to deliver a Constitution 100 days after comingto power, Kibaki hijacked a "people's driven Constitution" drafted at Bomas which he proceeded to mutilate through his lackeys in Parliament. Kenyans arenow being asked to vote for a Constitution that will extend dictatorship and authoritarianism in the country indefinitely. This is unacceptable after Kenyans witnessed the making of a dictator during Moi's 24 years in power.

2. MEMORANDUM: Kibaki's official nickname since his days as Moi's Vice Presidentis "General Kiguoya" which means "General coward". The President's conmanship and open deception saw him dump the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreed upon by his political allies before elections, a move responsible for thecurrent split in the Narc government. The MoU fiasco is evidence that Kenya hasa President who cannot be trusted.

3. TRIBALISM: Although Kenyans thought that they had elected a new President,the person who seized power was a "photocopy of Moi". Just like his former boss,Kibaki has filled the government with members of his Kikuyu ethnic group, a movethat, in essence, promotes a vice hated the most by millions of Kenyans -tribalism. With Kibaki in power, the fight against tribalism has been ditched until he departs. Kibaki is a tribalist and advising him to stop tribalism is like advising a vampire to stop sucking blood. It will never happen!

4. CORRUPTION: Institutionalized corruption was one major reason why Moi lostpower. After seizing the State machine, cases of corruption scandals in the media have been chocking Kenyans like fish bones stuck in the esophagus. Thelatest is a case of corrupt Generals sending Army helicopters to South Africafor repairs. An old merchant ship was recently purchased and converted into anaval ship in another corrupt deal that exploded in the media. After spending billions of Tax payer's money on the Goldenberg commission, Kibaki has failed tobring to book thieves in the Goldenberg scandal while during his leadership,Kenyans witnessed the explosion of the Anglo leasing scandal that forcefullybrought the issue of rot and corruption in Kibaki's government to the national arena. The President has refused to prosecute a single thief who has stolenfrom the tax payer. Even his former anti-corruption boss, John Githongo, quit because he was convinced that Kibaki had lost the will to fight corruption. Anestimated Ksh 40 billion has been stolen by Kibaki's friends since the septuagenarianassumed office. Why should Kibaki continue to remain in power?

5. WRONG PRIORITIES: While over 2 million Kenyans are facing starvation, Kibakiis planning to build for himself a palace worth Ksh 100 million at Tax payer'sexpense. The issue is so real that it was brought before Parliament. Kibaki's speeches that he is fighting for the interest of Kenyans is therefore sheer propaganda. A leader who plans to build a palace worth millions of money whenhis people are starving has lost the moral authority to rule. Kibaki must go!

6. ARREST OF JOURNALISTS: After Narc came to power, the illegal arrest ofjournalists and attempts to muzzle the media were considered bygones of the Moiera. During the Kibaki Presidency, Kenyans have witnessed with "shock and awe"the return of intimidation, harassment and arrest of journalists doing their job in Kenya. With Kibaki as President, there is no reason to indicate that the situation will change in the future. This is why Kibaki has become a spent force who should be disposed of. A golden opportunity to do this by way of referendum has presented itself and Kenyans must not let this chance slip away. Let thereferendum be a vote of no confidence in the government and subsequently a reason for snap elections so that Kibaki can go.

7. BRIBING VOTERS: A part from direct rigging of elections, former President Moiused to buy and destroy votes especially in opposition strongholds as a way ofwinning elections. Kibaki is bribing voters with land while Councilors are beingenticed with "pay hikes" to vote "Yes" in the coming referendum. The Provincial administration has been rounded up and ordered to campaign for the "Yes" side.State funds are being used in the referendum to support the "Yes" campaigns because Kiraitu Murungi has said that the "Yes" campaign is a "government project". Are there any other reasons why Kibaki should not be relieved of his duties?

8. 500,000 JOBS: There is nothing as disappointing as promising poor unemployed youth jobs which cannot be delivered. This is exactly what Kibaki did during the campaigns. 11 million unemployed Kenyans were promised 500,000 jobs per year and they believed and voted for Kibaki. Three years down the line, not a single job has been created because the government is unable to invest in construction and industry, the surest way of creating jobs. Promises of better housing for the poor in slum areas have all evaporated. Instead, Kibaki has supported a salaryincrement of MPs to more that Ksh 500,000 while the President has himself cut apay package of Ksh 2 million with a monthly "entertainment allowance" of Ksh200,000. Didn't some English men say "enough is enough"?

9. LANDLESSNESS: Land is a sensitive issue in Kenya because millions of Kenyans remain landless more than 4 decades after the Mau Mau freedom fighters took uparms to fight for land. Instead of addressing the issue of landlessness, Kibaki is using the issue of land to blackmail a section of Kenyans in the Rift Valley into voting "Yes" at the referendum. What could be more dirty? This is afterthese Kenyans were violently evicted from their land by the government which also destroyed millions worth of property. Kibaki needs to go so that pending issues like the land question can be addressed by a new leadership committed to resettling the landless in Kenya.

10. RULING BY THE MAFIA: There is nothing worse than a whole government beingleft on the hands of a small Mafia cartel that operates outside the law. The core of Kibaki's Mafia troupe is composed of Mirugi Kariuki, Chris Murungaru,Kiraitu Murungi, David Mwiraria, John Michuki, Njenga Karume among others. These Kikuyu chauvinists have and continue to behave as though they own Kenya. Ourview is that to end the rule by the Mafia, Kibaki must give room!

11. COMMISSIONS AND TASK FORCES: There is a tactic Moi used to employ to buytime whenever his government was in crisis. It was called "ruling by Commissionsand Task forces". Kibaki set up the Goldenberg commission but then what happened? Leading Commissioners were corrupted, Kibaki failed to act and now nothing tangible has come out of the Commission despite having spent billions oftax payer's money on it. The Ndungu Land Report has been ditched by Kibaki, because too many thieves in the government have been implicated in land scandals including Kibaki himself. The Ouko Commission Report has not been released because of political reasons. Instead, its Chairman Mr. Gor Sungu has been takento court for trying to get Dr. Ouko's killers to answer charges. We could go on and on. There is no end to reasons why Kibaki should continue residing in State House!

12. TEACHERS CHEATED: There are workers in Kenya living on what is called"starvation wages". This lot includes teachers who were cheated by Kibaki thattheir pay hikes awarded by Moi in 1998 would be paid after Narc came to power.Teachers voted for Narc "in toto". To date, this promise has not been honoured,exposing Kibaki as a deceiver of workers who cannot be relied upon. Any promise Kibaki now makes to Kenyans is dismissed as propaganda. How can he continue to remain President when his only listeners are his cronies and fellow ethnic cahauvists?

13. KIBAKI'S TERM: When he took power, Kibaki promised to step down once his 5year term of office is over. Still on the point of dishonesty, Kibaki hasdeclared that he will stand for President in 2007, shocking many Kenyans whothought that Kibaki was just a "transition President". If there is no pressure now for Kibaki to go, we might soon read about Kibaki wanting to become "President for Life". Honestly speaking, can Kenyans take this kind of hogwashany longer?

14. ATTACKS ON WORKERS: Kenyans witnessed with amazement when Kibaki sent riotpolice to brutalize workers who had simply gone on strike to demand for "livingwages". This is what Moi used to do to contain industrial actions. As if that was not enough, Civil servants who decided to go on strike to press for better working conditions and higher wages were sacked by the government. Within a very short period of time, strike actions have been banned and workers intimidated.Kenya, under Kibaki, is one of the most anti-worker government in Africa today.Kibaki should go to pave the way for workers to organize and play a role in the running of the government. This should be the next item on the agenda in a post Kibaki regime.

15. POLITICAL ASSASSINATION: Professor Odhiambo Mbai, who was chairing the"Devolution of power Committee" during the Conference at Bomas to draft the Constitution Kibaki has mutilated, was assassinated in cold blood. According to video evidence by suspects, members of the ruling class and other Kibaki allies were named as having been behind the assassination. Instead of moving to unearth the truth as to who was responsible, Kibaki arrested the journalist who uncovered the evidence, charged him in court before releasing him due to external pressure. The issue is that political assassinations are back in Kenya under our own Kibaki. What does this say about his future as President?

16. SHOOT TO KILL ORDERS: The order to police "to shoot suspected criminals onsight" was a past time of former President Moi. John Michuki, Kibaki's Minister for Internal security, has ordered police to give suspected criminals the same treatment of death. As a consequence, hundreds of Kenyans have been summarily executed by police in the streets. The rise in crime is not due to any "natural urge" of Kenyans to commit crime but due to lack of alternative ways of making a living because the government is bankrupted and cannot create jobs. As police conduct executions in the streets, a former Commissioner of Prisons disclosed that 20 percent of Kenyans languishing in prisons are innocent. Both the police and the army have been unable to intervene after Kenyan ships are hijacked by war lords in stateless Somalia yet the President has been quick to set his security forces to execute Kenyans in the streets for suspected crimes. Kenya needs a new and fresh leadership that can provide lasting security to citizens and steer clear from public executions conducted by State police.

17. ONE PARTY STATE: In 1982, Kibaki engineered the conversion of Kenya into aone party dictatorship on the eve of the formation of the Kenya Socialist Alliance. After coming to power on a Narc ticket, Kibaki began proposing that Narc's affiliate parties should dissolve, a proposal that was strongly opposed by Kenyans who saw it as an attempt to erect a new monolithic government in Kenya. The point is that Kibaki has been there for too long and he takes several things for granted. What the President should do is to go into retirement for when will he enjoy his retirement benefits if he is approaching 80 and still wants to cling on to power?18. PURCHASE OF JUSTICE: Under Kibaki's government, the grand son of Lord Delemare, a former colonial master, murdered a Kenyan national in cold blood.There was hope when the murderer was arrested and brought to court but that is where the hope ended. The Attorney General ordered that the murderer be released because there was insufficient evidence to try him. This was despite eye witness account of what happened. The issue here is that justice in Kibaki's Kenya isbeing dispensed selectively. The rich are able to buy justice while the poor are incarcerated. Are there any further reasons why Kibaki should not go?

19. KENYA IS SOLD: For a "developing country" like Kenya, the government needsto have a firm grip on the country's economy. Instead of increasing governmentcontrol of major economic activities in Kenya, Kibaki is either allowing multinational companies to take control of the commanding heights of the economy or selling State enterprises to these multinationals under the privatization program. We have a tea industry worth 43.5 billion and out of this, 78 percentis on the hands of foreign companies. The tourism industry is worth Ksh 42billion and 71 percent is on the hands of foreign companies. We have 43 banks inKenya and more than 38 are foreign owned. The Stock Exchange is populated with foreign companies. In simpler terms, the country has been sold to foreigninterests and Kibaki is doing nothing about this. High prices of consumer commodities precipitated by spiraling inflation has made life impossible for millions of workers, peasants and the unemployed who can hardly put a square meal on the table.It is official that 56 percent of Kenyans are living below the poverty level.With Kibaki as President, Kenyans can only expect further empty promises and further exploitation of workers as poverty increases and the rich continue toget richer.

20. KIBAKI TOO OLD: Kibaki is a pre-independence politician who has been therefor too long. In the process, he has come to assume that Kenya is a large andpersonal business empire. We refer to 15 years of misrule of first President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta when Kibaki was in government before Kenyans went through another 24 years of Moi's dictatorship with Kibaki in government for 10 years asMoi's Vice President.. Even if he was a brilliant and astute politician, it is time for him to call it a day. Kibaki's advanced age and ill health could be a contributing factor to the current crisis in Kenya.

CONCLUSION:We believe that the overthrow of President Kibaki could be done in a peaceful and democratic manner. Since the President has lost the support of Kenyans he had when he took over power, the decisive question is whether the masses can be mobilized to rebel against his regime regardless of the outcome of the referendum. A sure way to get Kibaki out will be to convince a vast section of workers to down their tools while at the same time mobilizing these workers and and the 11 million strong unemployed youth into the streets with demands for better wages, better working conditions, jobs for the youth, land to thelandless and calls for Kibaki to quit. The Orange team is well crafted to fillthe power vacuum and to further open the democratic space for revolutionary politics needed to end Neo-colonialism and imperialist domination in our country.There is no number of police or army that will be able to beat a determined people. Moi failed during the struggle for political pluralism. Governments have been toppled by organized masses the world over.

President Kiabki is now a hindrance to Kenya's democratic struggle and as the defeat of his government in the November referendum appears imminent, this defeat will only advance thestruggle in Kenya if it is carried to its logical conclusion of Kibaki'soverthrow from power. From the point of view of KESDEMO, this is the best wayforward.

Martin Ngatia
Interim Chairperson
Okoth Osewe
Interim secretary
Kenya Scandinavia Democratic Movement (KESDMO)

DISTRIBUTED BY:Mapambano Kenya:
October 12th 200520

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Probe and Prosecute All Nigerian Office Holders from 1979 to Date.

Nuhu Ribadu, the head of EFCC.
Nuhu Ribadu, the head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC)of Nigeria has warned that the EFCC will not retreat in the current pursuit of corrupt state governors in Nigeria. Because, most of them have been looting the national treasury with impunity under the cover of immunity. Because, they are immune from prosecution while in office, he told the BBC.

The President of Nigeria.Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

If the EFCC needs the cooperation and support of the Nigerian Times in the war against corruption in high places, I am ready to assist the commission locally and internationally in the thorough investigation of the suspicious activities of these Nigerian public officers and their foreign collaborators.

But, before I can do that, the Federal Government of Nigeria should remove immunity clause from the Nigerian Constitution, so that we can prosecute all the public officers, including the President of Nigeria. And anyone found guilty should be dismissed or impeached immediately for corrupt practices. And we should probe all Nigerian public officers from 1979 to date. Because, the godfathers of corruption in Nigeria are still at work in Nigeria and they are planning to return to the state house in 2007. We all know them. Because, they are not invisible. The sacred cows of Nigerian politics are still grazing on the pastures of Nigeria from Lagos to Abuja.

Monday, October 17, 2005

El Dorado: Illegal African Immigrants On A Wild Goose Chase In Spain

El Dorado: Illegal African Immigrants On A Wild Goose Chase In Spain

The news of illegal African immigrants deported from Spain is no longer alarming.
Because, it has become a common case circulating the Western media everyday. The news reporters should even be tired of reporting it.
An AP report perfectly captioned the photograph above: “CHASING A MIRAGE?: Two illegal African immigrants, who have walked 550 km from the Algerian border in southern Morocco through the desert, sleeping in the open and being fed by shepherds, take rest on the road to Oujda, Morocco, on Friday.”

I watched a CNN documentary on the harrowing nightmares of these desperados wandering in the scorching desert in their do or die journey from Morocco to Spain. And the desert is now the graveyard of hundreds of the unfortunate ones who collapsed and died from exhaustion, dehydration, sunstroke and starvation.

But, what are they fleeing from?
From the poverty in Africa?
For the greener pastures of Spain?
The Eldora do of the wayfaring African wanderers in search of the Golden Fleece in the Western World. Because, their dreams have become elusive and their hopes have been shattered in heart-breaking disappointments and failures at home. So, they seek for the beacon of hope in developed countries in Europe and America and other continents where they hope to have better opportunities to succeed in this turbulent world. Who is to blame for their perpetual woes? Of course, we don’t need to look far to see the culprits and suspects who are guilty of the agonies of these deprived and dispossessed Africans who have lost hope in their respective governments in Africa. Corrupt governments that have failed to serve the common interest of their people. Corrupt and tyrannical African politicians and top military officers who have looted the national treasuries of their countries and squandered their ill-gotten wealth in the same Western world where they have forced these their fellow Africans to flee to. How many Nigerian public officers have been arrested in London for money laundering?

The infamous criminals have been making headlines in the Western media. And the others have refused to repent. In fact, they are laughing at their partners in crime who were caught for failing to outsmart the foreign law enforcement agencies. And as long as these corrupt and wicked African rulers continue to control the reins of power in African countries, more and more poor masses of African ghettos and villages will continue to flee Africa to escape to America and Europe and other prosperous countries at all cost and against all the odds militating against their survival and success.

Once upon a time, millions of Africans were kidnapped by violence and transported across the desert to Saudi Arabia and across the seas to America and Europe and they left in tears and pains during the holocaust of the slave trade. But, today millions of Africans are begging and wishing to be smuggled to America, Europe and other prosperous countries no matter the dangers they will face in such suicidal migrations in tribulations.

But, were they hopeless, homeless, helpless and powerless in Africa?
No. Because, there are what Graham Greene called, “Ways of Escape” if they really wanted to face the challenges of the struggle for survival and success in Africa as I have been doing all these years without giving up. Because, I believe there is hope and we can make it well in Africa if we join our hands and put our heads together to live and work together in justice, love, peace and unity to serve our motherland Africa in our respective occupations and professions, irrespective of our similar or peculiar handicaps or limitations and regardless of class, creed or colour. All we need is the common sense to seek out the good ones out of the bad ones, the best out of the worst and the humility to serve one another. Because, what I have discovered among the majority of the failures and disappointments in Africa is the lack of humility to serve one another. Our egos and self-esteem in our wise conceit and deceit with greediness and wickedness have led the majority of humanity astray and left the world is disarray and chaos for all of us have fallen away in our vain pursuits in the rat race to El Dorado.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Microsoft, Nigeria and the Spanish Prisoner

Is this the Spanish Prisoner?

The scandalous reputation of the notorious Nigerian Internet Scammers is no longer news. Because, every John Doe and Jane Doe on line knows about the e-mail scams of these 419 Internet Scammers. And I have reported on them several times on the Nigerian Times. The latest news is on how Microsoft and Nigerian authorities have agreed to cooperate to eradicate the Internet Scam originating from Nigeria. Now you are wondering who is the Spanish Prisoner? Well, to find out, follow my lead

Friday, October 14, 2005

Daniel Kaufmann:Nigeria Is Winning The War On Corruption

I am becoming convinced that President Olusegun Obasanjo is serious about the war on corruption and he is even ready to surrender himself for prosecution if found wanting as he said corruption has no immunity in Nigeria. And I love that.

As much as I have been very vocal in crying out against his questionable acts, I am also very vocal in approving the laudable acts of His Excellency President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria. The only credible legacy he can leave in Nigeria would not be his so called Presidential Library Project or his private university, but the solid foundation for the nation building of a New Nigeria where corruption would no longer be the toga of Nigeria.

The good news from News 24 is a good topic for your comments.

Nigeria winning corruption war
14/10/2005 09:38 - (SA)
Abuja - Nigeria's government under President Olusegun Obasanjo is making progress in fighting corruption, a senior World Bank official said on Thursday.

Daniel Kaufmann, head of global programmes at the World Bank Institute (WBI), made his remarks after a meeting with members of Obasanjo's economic team.

"Nigeria is changing for the better. In fact, if the current momentum is maintained and deepened, the progress made in the fight against corruption could become irreversible," Kaufmann said.

Obasanjo's specially appointed economic team has the responsibility to fashion the country's economic reform programme, which also includes chasing and repatriating Nigerian wealth stolen by past leaders and stashed in foreign banks.

'Historical turning point'

He cited improved accountability, integrity in the handling of public finances, reduction in the extent of bribery in some areas like taxation and public procurement, as some merits of Nigeria's economic reforms.

"This year and 2006 may prove to be historical turning point in Nigeria's anti-corruption efforts if resolute reforms in key areas are fully implemented," Kaufmann said.

His presentation relied on worldwide governance indicators issued periodically by the World Bank. Kaufmann heads the governance and anti-corruption desk at the WBI in Washington.

However, he said, Nigeria's private sector ethics were not improving.

"The notion that corruption is an exclusively public sector affair is a myth because it takes two to tango," he observed.

Kaufmann criticised foreign firms operating in Nigeria, saying they too were not free from unethical practices. - Sapa-dpa

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Intelligence of the Al Qaida And How To Win The War On Terror

The recent report on the letter that Ayman Zawahri the second in command to Osama bin Laden wrote to his own top deputy in Iraq Abu Musab Al- Zarqawi with the following quote:
"Things may develop faster than we imagine.The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam — and how they ran and left their agents — is noteworthy. ... We must be ready starting now."
makes an interesting study of the intelligentsia of the Al Qaida as a very well organised ideological Islamic power with well articulated goals and objectives. The letter shows the high level of the military intelligence of Al Qaida.

I have already elaborated earlier in some notable American political forums that you cannot defeat the enemy if you do not understand the psyche. The first assignment in warfare is "Know your enemy first before you confront the enemy." Because, to ignore the intelligence of your enemy is to ignore your own intelligence.. And the ignorance of your own intelligence is the ignorance of the essence of your existence.
The ignorance of the intelligence of the Al Qaida caused the catastrophe of the 9/11 and all the other terrorist suicide attacks master-minded by the Al Qaida. The details of my articles on the blunders of the American Intelligence are all published in my premier political blog Nigerian Times on and I also provided enough evidence from historical documents to support my analysis of the genesis of the crisis in the Middle East. Because, the religious and political contentions and agitations in the Middle East are responsible for the rise of the Al Qaida and all the Islamic fundamental uprisings in Afghanistan and Iraq as confirmed by the following quote from the letter:
"As for the battles that are going on in the far-flung regions of the Islamic world, such as Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Bosnia, they are just the groundwork and the vanguard for the major battles which have begun in the heart of the Islamic world. We ask God that He send down his victory upon us that he promised to his faithful worshipers."

"It is strange that the Arab nationalists also have, despite their avoidance of Islamic practice, come to comprehend the great importance of this province. It is like a bird whose wings are Egypt and Syria, and whose heart is Palestine. They have come to comprehend the goal of planting Israel in this region, and they are not misled in this, rather they have admitted their ignorance of the religious nature of this conflict."

"What I mean is that God has blessed you and your brothers while many of the Muslim
mujahedeen have longed for that blessing, and that is Jihad in the heart of the Islamic world. He has, in addition to that, granted you superiority over the idolatrous infidels, traitorous apostates, and those turncoat deviants."

"This is what God Almighty has distinguished you and your brothers with over the
mujahedeen before you who fought in the heart of the Islamic world, and in Egypt and
Syria to be precise, but this splendor and superiority against the enemies of Islam was not ordained for them."

In conclusion. I believe that America has learnt from the mistakes of the past and should be able to deal with the self-destructive ideology of the Al Qaida accordingly. Because, the Al Qaida has perfected their military strategy based on their religious ideology. And to deal with the Al Qaida, you must first and foremost deal with the essence of it's intelligence. Because, the intelligence is the heart and soul of it's existence.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Pentagon Releases Ayman Zawahiri's Secret Letter

"Things may develop faster than we imagine," Ayman al-Zawahri wrote in a letter to his top deputy in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. "The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam — and how they ran and left their agents — is noteworthy. ... We must be ready starting now."

In the name of God, praise be to God, and praise and blessings be upon the Messenger of God, his family, his Companions, and all those who follow him.

The gracious brother/Abu Musab, God protect him and watch over him, may His religion, and His Book and the Sunna of His Prophet @ aid him, I ask the Almighty that he bless him, us, and all Muslims, with His divine aid, His clear victory, and His release from suffering be close at hand. Likewise, I ask the Almighty to gather us as He sees fit from the glory of this world and the prize of the hereafter.

1-Dear brother, God Almighty knows how much I miss meeting with you, how much I long to join you in your historic battle against the greatest of criminals and apostates in the heart of the Islamic world, the field where epic and major battles in the history of Islam were fought. I think that if I could find a way to you, I would not delay a day, God willing.

2-My dear brother, we are following your news, despite the difficulty and hardship. We received your last published message sent to Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin, God save him. Likewise, I made sure in my last speech-that Aljazeera broadcast Saturday, 11 Jumadi I, 1426h, 18 June 2005-to mention you, send you greetings, and show support and thanks for the heroic acts you are performing in defense of Islam and the Muslims, but I do not know what Aljazeera broadcast. Did this part appear or not? I will try to attach the full speech with this message, conditions permitting.

Likewise, I showed my support for your noble initiative to join with your brothers,
during a prior speech I sent to the brothers a number of months ago, but the brothers' circumstances prevented its publication.

3-I want to reassure you about our situation. The summer started hot with operations escalating in Afghanistan. The enemy struck a blow against us with the arrest of Abu al-Faraj, may God break his bonds. However, no Arab brother was arrested because of him. The brothers tried-and were successful to a great degree-to contain the fall of Abu al-Faraj as much as they could.

However, the real danger comes from the agent Pakistani army that is carrying out
operations in the tribal areas looking for mujahedeen.

4-I want to keep corresponding with you about the details of what is going on in dear Iraq, especially since we do not know the full truth as you know it. Therefore, I want you to explain to me your situation in a little detail, especially in regards to the
political angle. I want you to express to me what is on your mind in regards to what is on my mind in the way of questions and inquiries.

A-I want to be the first to congratulate you for what God has blessed you with in terms of fighting battle in the heart of the Islamic world, which was formerly the field for major battles in Islam's history, and what is now the place for the greatest battle of Islam in this era, and what will happen, according to what appeared in the Hadiths of the Messenger of God @ about the epic battles between Islam and atheism. It has always been my belief that the victory of Islam will never take place until a Muslim state is established in the manner of the Prophet in the heart of the Islamic world, specifically in the Levant, Egypt, and the neighboring states of the Peninsula and Iraq; however, the center would be in the Levant and Egypt. This is my opinion, which I do not preach as infallibile, but I have reviewed historical events and the behavior of the enemies of Islam themselves, and they did not establish Israel in this triangle surrounded by Egypt and Syria and overlooking the Hijaz except for their own interests.

As for the battles that are going on in the far-flung regions of the Islamic world, such as Chechnya, Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Bosnia, they are just the groundwork and the vanguard for the major battles which have begun in the heart of the Islamic world. We ask God that He send down his victory upon us that he promised to his faithful worshipers.

It is strange that the Arab nationalists also have, despite their avoidance of Islamic practice, come to comprehend the great importance of this province. It is like a bird whose wings are Egypt and Syria, and whose heart is Palestine. They have come to comprehend the goal of planting Israel in this region, and they are not misled in this, rather they have admitted their ignorance of the religious nature of this conflict.

What I mean is that God has blessed you and your brothers while many of the Muslim
mujahedeen have longed for that blessing, and that is Jihad in the heart of the Islamic world. He has, in addition to that, granted you superiority over the idolatrous infidels, traitorous apostates, and those turncoat deviants.

This is what God Almighty has distinguished you and your brothers with over the
mujahedeen before you who fought in the heart of the Islamic world, and in Egypt and
Syria to be precise, but this splendor and superiority against the enemies of Islam was not ordained for them.

God also blessed you not only with the splendor of the spearhead of Jihad, but with the splendor as well of the doctrines of monotheism, the rejection of polytheism, and avoidance of the tenets of the secularists and detractors and inferiors, the call to the pure way of the Prophet, and the sublime goal that the Prophet @ left to his companions {. This is a blessing on top of blessing on top of blessing which obliges you and your noble brothers to be constantly thankful and full of praise. The Almighty said: (If ye are grateful, He is pleased with you) and the Almighty says: (If ye are grateful, I will add more unto you.)

B-Because of this, we are extremely concerned, as are the mujahedeen and all sincere
Muslims, about your Jihad and your heroic acts until you reach its intended goal.
You know well that purity of faith and the correct way of living are not connected
necessarily to success in the field unless you take into consideration the reasons and practices which events are guided by. For the grandson of the Prophet Imam al Hussein Bin Ali }, the Leader of the Faithful Abdallah Bin al-Zubair }, Abdul Rahman Bin al-Ashath ~, and other great people, did not achieve their sought-after goal.

C-If our intended goal in this age is the establishment of a caliphate in the manner of the Prophet and if we expect to establish its state predominantly-according to how it appears to us-in the heart of the Islamic world, then your efforts and sacrifices-God permitting-are a large step directly towards that goal.

So we must think for a long time about our next steps and how we want to attain it, and it is my humble opinion that the Jihad in Iraq requires several incremental goals:

The first stage: Expel the Americans from Iraq.

The second stage: Establish an Islamic authority or amirate, then develop it and support it until it achieves the level of a caliphate- over as much territory as you can to spread its power in Iraq, i.e., in Sunni areas, is in order to fill the void stemming from the departure of the Americans, immediately upon their exit and before un-Islamic forces attempt to fill this void, whether those whom the Americans will leave behind them, or those among the un-Islamic forces who will try to jump at taking power.

There is no doubt that this amirate will enter into a fierce struggle with the foreign infidel forces, and those supporting them among the local forces, to put it in a state of constant preoccupation with defending itself, to make it impossible for it to establish a stable state which could proclaim a caliphate, and to keep the Jihadist groups in a constant state of war, until these forces find a chance to annihilate them.

The third stage: Extend the jihad wave to the secular countries neighboring Iraq.

The fourth stage: It may coincide with what came before: the clash with Israel, because Israel was established only to challenge any new Islamic entity.

My raising this idea-I don't claim that it's infallible-is only to stress something
extremely important. And it is that the mujahedeen must not have their mission end with the expulsion of the Americans from Iraq, and then lay down their weapons, and silence the fighting zeal. We will return to having the secularists and traitors holding sway over us. Instead, their ongoing mission is to establish an Islamic state, and defend it, and for every generation to hand over the banner to the one after it until the Hour of Resurrection.

If the matter is thus, we must contemplate our affairs carefully, so that we are not
robbed of the spoils, and our brothers did not die, so that others can reap the fruits of their labor.

D-If we look at the two short-term goals, which are removing the Americans and
establishing an Islamic amirate in Iraq, or a caliphate if possible, then, we will see that the strongest weapon which the mujahedeen enjoy - after the help and granting of success by God - is popular support from the Muslim masses in Iraq, and the surrounding Muslim countries.

So, we must maintain this support as best we can, and we should strive to increase it, on the condition that striving for that support does not lead to any concession in the laws of the Sharia.

And it's very important that you allow me to elaborate a little here on this issue of popular support. Let's say:

(1) If we are in agreement that the victory of Islam and the establishment of a
caliphate in the manner of the Prophet will not be achieved except through jihad
against the apostate rulers and their removal, then this goal will not be accomplished by the mujahed movement while it is cut off from public support, even if the Jihadist movement pursues the method of sudden overthrow. This is because such an overthrow would not take place without some minimum of popular support and some condition of public discontent which offers the mujahed movement what it needs in terms of capabilities in the quickest fashion. Additionally, if the Jihadist movement were obliged to pursue other methods, such as a popular war of jihad or a popular intifadah, then popular support would be a decisive factor between victory and defeat.

(2) In the absence of this popular support, the Islamic mujahed movement would be
crushed in the shadows, far from the masses who are distracted or fearful, and the
struggle between the Jihadist elite and the arrogant authorities would be confined to prison dungeons far from the public and the light of day. This is precisely what the secular, apostate forces that are controlling our countries are striving for. These forces don't desire to wipe out the mujahed Islamic movement, rather they are
stealthily striving to separate it from the misguided or frightened Muslim masses.
Therefore, our planning must strive to involve the Muslim masses in the battle, and to bring the mujahed movement to the masses and not conduct the struggle far from them.

(3) The Muslim masses-for many reasons, and this is not the place to discuss it-do not rally except against an outside occupying enemy, especially if the enemy is firstly Jewish, and secondly American.

This, in my limited opinion, is the reason for the popular support that the mujahedeen enjoy in Iraq, by the grace of God.

As for the sectarian and chauvinistic factor, it is secondary in importance to outside aggression, and is much weaker than it. In my opinion-which is limited and which is what I see far from the scene-the awakening of the Sunni people in Iraq against the Shia would not have had such strength and toughness were it not for the treason of the Shia and their collusion with the Americans, and their agreement with them to permit the Americans to occupy Iraq in exchange for the Shia assuming power.

(4) Therefore, the mujahed movement must avoid any action that the masses do not
understand or approve, if there is no contravention of Sharia in such avoidance, and as long as there are other options to resort to, meaning we must not throw the masses-scant in knowledge-into the sea before we teach them to swim, relying for guidance in that on the saying of the Prophet @ to Umar bin al-Khattab<: lest the people should say that Muhammad used to kill his Companions.

Among the practical applications of this viewpoint in your blessed arena:

(A) The matter of preparing for the aftermath of the exit of the Americans: The
Americans will exit soon, God willing, and the establishment of a governing authority-as soon as the country is freed from the Americans-does not depend on force alone. Indeed, it's imperative that, in addition to force, there be an appeasement of Muslims and a sharing with them in governance and in the Shura council and in promulgating what is allowed and what is not allowed. In my view-which I continue to reiterate is limited and has a distant perspective upon the events-this must be achieved through the people of the Shura and who possess authority to determine issues and make them binding, and who are endowed with the qualifications for working in Sharia law. They would be elected by the people of the country to represent them and overlook the work of the authorities in accordance with the rules of the glorious Sharia.

And it doesn't appear that the Mujahedeen, much less the al-Qaida in the Land of Two
Rivers, will lay claim to governance without the Iraqi people. Not to mention that that would be in contravention of the Shura methodology. That is not practical in my opinion.

You might ask an important question: What drives me to broach these matters while we are in the din of war and the challenges of killing and combat?

My answer is, firstly: Things may develop faster than we imagine. The aftermath of the collapse of American power in Vietnam-and how they ran and left their agents-is
noteworthy. Because of that, we must be ready starting now, before events overtake us, and before we are surprised by the conspiracies of the Americans and the United Nations and their plans to fill the void behind them. We must take the initiative and impose a fait accompli upon our enemies, instead of the enemy imposing one on us, wherein our lot would be to merely resist their schemes.

Second: This is the most vital part. This authority, or the Sharia amirate that is
necessary, requires fieldwork starting now, alongside the combat and war. It would be a political endeavor in which the mujahedeen would be a nucleus around which would gather the tribes and their elders, and the people in positions, and scientists, and merchants, and people of opinion, and all the distinguished ones who were not sullied by appeasing the occupation and those who defended Islam.

We don't want to repeat the mistake of the Taliban, who restricted participation in
governance to the students and the people of Qandahar alone. They did not have any
representation for the Afghan people in their ruling regime, so the result was that the Afghan people disengaged themselves from them. Even devout ones took the stance of the spectator and, when the invasion came, the amirate collapsed in days, because the people were either passive or hostile. Even the students themselves had a stronger affiliation to their tribes and their villages than their affiliation to the Islamic amirate or the Taliban movement or the responsible party in charge of each one of them in his place. Each of them retreated to his village and his tribe, where his affiliation was stronger!!

The comparison between the fall of Kabul and the resistance of Fallujah, Ramadi,
and Al Qaim and their fearless sisters shows a clear distinction, by God's grace and His kindness. It is the matter towards which we must strive, that we must support and strengthen.

Therefore, I stress again to you and to all your brothers the need to direct the
political action equally with the military action, by the alliance, cooperation and
gathering of all leaders of opinion and influence in the Iraqi arena. I can't define for you a specific means of action. You are more knowledgeable about the field conditions. But you and your brothers must strive to have around you circles of support, assistance, and cooperation, and through them, to advance until you become a consensus, entity, organization, or association that represents all the honorable people and the loyal folks in Iraq. I repeat the warning against separating from the masses, whatever the danger.

(2) Striving for the unity of the mujahedeen: This is something I entrust to you. It is between you and God. If the mujahedeen are scattered, this leads to the scattering of the people around them. I don't have detailed information about the situation of the mujahedeen, so I ask that you help us with some beneficial details in this, and the extent of the different mujahedeen movements' readiness to join the course of unity.

(3) Striving for the ulema: From the standpoint of not highlighting the doctrinal
differences which the masses do not understand, such as this one is Matridi or this one is Ashari or this one is Salafi, and from the standpoint of doing justice to the people, for there may be in the world a heresy or an inadequacy in a side which may have something to give to jihad, fighting, and sacrifice for God. We have seen magnificent examples in the Afghan jihad, and the prince of believers, Mullah Muhammad Omar - may God protect him - himself is of Hanafi adherence, Matridi doctrine, but he stood in the history of Islam with a stance rarely taken. You are the richer if you know the stances of the authentic ulema on rulers in times of jihad and the defense of the Muslim holy sites. And more than that, their stances on doing justice to the people and not denying their merit.

The ulema among the general public are, as well, the symbol of Islam and its emblem.
Their disparagement may lead to the general public deeming religion and its adherents as being unimportant. This is a greater injury than the benefit of criticizing a theologian on a heresy or an issue.

Of course, these words of mine have nothing to do with the hypocritical traitors who are in allegiance with the crusaders, but I wish to stress the warning against diminishing the ulema before the general public.

Also, the active mujahedeen ulema - even if there may be some heresy or fault in them that is not blasphemous - we must find a means to include them and to benefit from their energy. You know well -what I am mentioning to you- that many of the most learned ulema of Islam such as Izz Bin Abdul Salam, al-Nawawi, and Ibn Hajar - may God have mercy on them - were Ashari. And many of the most eminent jihadists, whom the Umma resolved unanimously to praise such as Nur al-Din Bin Zanki and Salahal-Din al-Ayyubi - were Ashari. The mujahedeen sultans who came after them - who didn't reach their level - whom the ulema and the historians lauded such as Sayf al-Din Qatz, Rukn al-Din Baybars, al-Nasir Muhammad Bin-Qallawun, and Muhammad al-Fatih, were Ashari or Matridi. They fell into errors, sins, and heresies. And the stances of Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiya regarding al-Nasir Muhammad Bin Qallawun and his extolling of him and his inciting him to jihad - despite the prosecutions and prison which befell the sheikh in his time - are well known.

If you take into account the fact that most of the Umma's ulema are Ashari or Matridi, and if you take into consideration as well the fact that the issue of correcting the mistakes of ideology is an issue that will require generations of the call to Islam and modifying the educational curricula, and that the mujahedeen are not able to undertake this burden, rather they are in need of those who will help them with the difficulties and problems they face; if you take all this into consideration, and add to it the fact that all Muslims are speaking of jihad, whether they are Salafi or non-Salafi, then you would understand that it is a duty of the mujahed movement to include the energies of the Umma and in its wisdom and prudence to fill the role of leader, trailblazer, and exploiter of all the capabilities of the Umma for the sake of achieving our aims: a caliphate along the lines of the Prophet's, with God's permission.

I do not know the details of the situation where you are, but I do not want us to repeat the mistake of Jamil al-Rahman~, who was killed and whose organization was shattered, because he neglected the realities on the ground.

(4) The position on the Shia:

This subject is complicated and detailed. I have brought it up here so as not to
address the general public on something they do not know. But please permit me to
present it logically:

(A) I repeat that I see the picture from afar, and I repeat that you see what we do not see. No doubt you have the right to defend yourself, the mujahedeen, and Muslims in general and in particular against any aggression or threat of aggression.

(B) I assert here that any rational person understands with ease that the Shia
cooperated with the Americans in the invasion of Afghanistan, Rafsanjani himself
confessed to it, and they cooperated with them in the overthrow of Saddam and the
occupation of Iraq in exchange for the Shia's assumption of power and their turning a blind eye to the American military presence in Iraq. This is clear to everybody who has two eyes.

(C) People of discernment and knowledge among Muslims know the extentof danger to Islam of the Twelve'er school of Shiism. It is a religious school based on excess and falsehood whose function is to accuse the companions of Muhammad { of heresy in a campaign against Islam, in order to free the way for a group of those who call for a dialogue in the name of the hidden mahdi who is in control of existence and infallible in what he does. Their prior history in cooperating with the enemies of Islam is consistent with their current reality of connivance with the Crusaders.

(D) The collision between any state based on the model of prophecy with the Shia is a matter that will happen sooner or later. This is the judgment of history, and these are the fruits to be expected from the rejectionist Shia sect and their opinion of the Sunnis.

These are clear, well-known matters to anyone with a knowledge of history, the
ideologies, and the politics of states.

(E) We must repeat what we mentioned previously, that the majority of Muslims don't
comprehend this and possibly could not even imagine it. For that reason, many of your Muslim admirers amongst the common folk are wondering about your attacks on the Shia. The sharpness of this questioning increases when the attacks are on one of their mosques, and it increases more when the attacks are on the mausoleum of Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib, may God honor him. My opinion is that this matter won't be acceptable to the Muslim populace however much you have tried to explain it, and aversion to this will continue.

Indeed, questions will circulate among mujahedeen circles and their opinion makers about the correctness of this conflict with the Shia at this time. Is it something that is unavoidable? Or, is it something can be put off until the force of the mujahed movement in Iraq gets stronger? And if some of the operations were necessary for self-defense, were all of the operations necessary? Or, were there some operations that weren't called for? And is the opening of another front now in addition to the front against the Americans and the government a wise decision? Or, does this conflict with the Shia lift the burden from the Americans by diverting the mujahedeen to the Shia, while the Americans continue to control matters from afar? And if the attacks on Shia leaders were necessary to put a stop to their plans, then why were there attacks on ordinary Shia?

Won't this lead to reinforcing false ideas in their minds, even as it is incumbent on us to preach the call of Islam to them and explain and communicate to guide them to the truth? And can the mujahedeen kill all of the Shia in Iraq? Has any Islamic state in history ever tried that? And why kill ordinary Shia considering that they are forgiven because of their ignorance? And what loss will befall us if we did not attack the Shia?

And do the brothers forget that we have more than one hundred prisoners - many of whom are from the leadership who are wanted in their countries - in the custody of the Iranians? And even if we attack the Shia out of necessity, then why do you announce this matter and make it public, which compels the Iranians to take counter measures? And do the brothers forget that both we and the Iranians need to refrain from harming each other at this time in which the Americans are targeting us?

All of these questions and others are circulating among your brothers, and they are
monitoring the picture from afar, as I told you. One who monitors from afar lacks many of the important details that affect decision-making in the field.

However, monitoring from afar has the advantage of providing the total picture and
observing the general line without getting submerged in the details, which might draw attention away from the direction of the target. As the English proverb says, the person who is standing among the leaves of the tree might not see the tree.

One of the most important factors of success is that you don't let your eyes lose sight of the target, and that it should stand before you always. Otherwise you deviate from the general line through a policy of reaction. And this is a lifetime's experience, and I will not conceal from you the fact that we suffered a lot through following this policy of reaction, then we suffered a lot another time because we tried to return to the original line.

One of the most important things facing the leadership is the enthusiasm of the
supporters, and especially of the energetic young men who are burning to make the
religion victorious. This enthusiasm must flow wisely, and al-Mutanabbi says:

Courage in a man does suffice but not like the courage of one who is wise.

And he also says:

Judiciousness precedes the courage of the courageous which is second
And when the two blend in one free soul it reaches everywhere in the heavens.

In summation, with regard to the talk about the issue of the Shia, I would like to
repeat that I see that matter from afar without being aware of all the details, I would like my words to be deserving of your attention and consideration, and God is the guarantor of success for every good thing.

(5) Scenes of slaughter:

Among the things which the feelings of the Muslim populace who love and support you will never find palatable - also- are the scenes of slaughtering the hostages. You shouldn't be deceived by the praise of some of the zealous young men and their description of you as the shaykh of the slaughterers, etc. They do not express the general view of the admirer and the supporter of the resistance in Iraq, and of you in particular by the favor and blessing of God.

And your response, while true, might be: Why shouldn't we sow terror in the hearts of the Crusaders and their helpers? And isn't the destruction of the villages and the cities on the heads of their inhabitants more cruel than slaughtering? And aren't the cluster bombs and the seven ton bombs and the depleted uranium bombs crueler than slaughtering? And isn't killing by torture crueler than slaughtering? And isn't violating the honor of men and women more painful and more destructive than slaughtering?

All of these questions and more might be asked, and you are justified. However this does not change the reality at all, which is that the general opinion of our supporter does not comprehend that, and that this general opinion falls under a campaign by the malicious, perfidious, and fallacious campaign by the deceptive and fabricated media. And we would spare the people from the effect of questions about the usefulness of our actions in the hearts and minds of the general opinion that is essentially sympathetic to us.

And I say to you with sure feeling and I say: That the author of these lines has tasted the bitterness of American brutality, and that my favorite wife's chest was crushed by a concrete ceiling and she went on calling for aid to lift the stone block off her chest until she breathed her last, may God have mercy on her and accept her among the martyrs. As for my young daughter, she was afflicted by a cerebral hemorrhage, and she continued for a whole day suffering in pain until she expired. And to this day I do not know the location of the graves of my wife, my son, my daughter, and the rest of the three other families who were martyred in the incident and who were pulverized by the concrete ceiling, may God have mercy on them and the Muslim martyrs. Were they brought out of the rubble, or are they still buried beneath it to this day?

However, despite all of this, I say to you: that we are in a battle, and that more than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media. And that we are in a media battle in a race for the hearts and minds of our Umma. And that however far our capabilities reach, they will never be equal to one thousandth of the capabilities of the kingdom of Satan that is waging war on us. And we can kill the captives by bullet. That would achieve that which is sought after without exposing ourselves to the questions and answering to doubts. We don't need this.

E-I would like you to explain for us another issue related to Iraq, and I think without a doubt that you are the most knowledgeable about it. Can the assumption of leadership for the mujahedeen or a group of the mujahedeen by non-Iraqis stir up sensitivity for some people? And if there is sensitivity, what is its effect? And how can it be
eliminated while preserving the commitment of the jihadist work and without exposing it to any shocks? Please inform us in detail regarding this matter.

F-Likewise I would like you to inform us about the Iraqi situation in general and the situation of the mujahedeen in particular in detail without exposing the security of the mujahedeen and the Muslims to danger. At the least, we should know as much as the enemy knows. And allow us to burden you with this trouble, for we are most eager to learn your news.

G-I have a definite desire to travel to you but I do not know whether that is possible from the standpoint of traveling and getting settled, so please let me know. And God is the guarantor of every good thing.

5-Please take every caution in the meetings, especially when someone claims to carry an important letter or contributions. It was in this way that they arrested Khalid Sheikh.

Likewise, please, if you want to meet one of your assistants, I hope that you don't meet him in a public place or in a place that is not known to you. I hope that you would meet him in a secure place, not the place of your residence. Because Abu al-Faraj - may God set him free and release him from his torment - was lured by one of his brothers, who had been taken into custody, to meet him at a public location where a trap had been set.

6-The brothers informed me that you suggested to them sending some assistance. Our
situation since Abu al-Faraj is good by the grace of God, but many of the lines have
been cut off. Because of this, we need a payment while new lines are being opened. So, if you're capable of sending a payment of approximately one hundred thousand, we'll be very grateful to you.

7-The subject of the Algerian brothers at our end, there are fears from the previous
experiences, so if you're able to get in touch with them and notify us of the details from them, we would be very grateful to you.

8-As for news on the poor servant,

A-During an earlier period I published some publications:

(1) Allegiance and exemption - A Faith transmitted, a lost reality.
(2) Strengthening the Banner of Islam - an article emphasizing the authority's
commitment to monotheism.

(3) Wind of Paradise - an article about: Most Honorable Sacrifices of the Believers'
Campaigns of Death and Martyrdom.

I endeavored in this article to include what was written on the subject as much as I
could. I also strived to verify every word in it, and it's an issue that took me almost a year or more.

(4) The Bitter Harvest - The Muslim Brotherhood in 60 Years - Second Edition 1426h -

In this edition, I wanted to delete all the extreme phrases for which there's no proof, and I referred to the book a number of times, then I wrote a new preface. In it I pointed out a dangerous trend of the Brotherhood, especially in the circumstances of the New Crusader War which was launched on the Islamic Umma. In my opinion, this edition is better than the first with respect to the calmness of the presentation instead of being emotional. The Brotherhood's danger is demonstrated by the weakening of the Islamic Resistance to the campaign of the Crusaders and their supporters. God is the only one who is perfect.

(5) I have also had fifteen audio statements published and six others that were not
published for one reason or another. We ask God for acceptance and devotion.
I will enclose for you the written statements and what I can of the audio and video
statements with this message, God willing. If you find they are good, you can publish them. We seek God's assistance.

(6) I don't know if you all have contact with Abu Rasmi? Even if it is via the
Internet, because I gave him a copy of my book (A Knight under the banner of the
Prophet@) so he could attempt to publish it, and I lost the original. Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper published it truncated and jumbled. I think that the American intelligence services provided the aforementioned newspaper with it from my computer which they acquired, because the publication of the book coincided with a publication of messages from my computer in the same newspaper. So if you can contact him and get the original of the book, if that is possible for you all, then you can publish it on your blessed website and then send a copy to us, if that is possible.

B-As for my personal condition, I am in good health, blessings and wellness thanks to God and His grace. I am only lacking your pious prayers, in which I beg you not to forget me. God Almighty has blessed me with a daughter whom I have named (Nawwar), and Nawwar means: the timid female gazelle and the woman who is free from suspicion, and technically: it is the name of my maternal aunt who was a second mother to me and who stood with me during all the difficult and harsh times. I ask God to reward her for me with the best reward, and have mercy on her, our mothers and the Muslims.

9-My greetings to all the loved ones and please give me news of Karem and the rest of the folks I know, and especially:

By God, if by chance you're going to Fallujah, send greetings to Abu Musab al Zarqawi.

In closing, I ask God entrust you all with His guardianship, providence and protection, and bless you all in your families, possessions and offspring and protect them from all evil and that He delight you all with them in this world and the next world, and that He bestow upon us and you all the victory that he promised his servants the Believers, and that He strengthen for us our religion which He has sanctioned for us, and that He make us safe after our fear.Peace, God's blessings and mercy to you.

Your loving brother,

Abu Muhammad.
Saturday, 02 Jumada al-Thani, 1426 - 09 July, 2005.

The content of this letter was already cited in many of my posts in several forums. Because, after many years of my friendship with Muslims, I have been well informed to tell anyone the depth of the Islamic religion. And the War on Terror is their holy war to all Muslims in the world. The fact that George W.Bush is the most hated personality in the Islamic world is enough proof of the psyche of the majority of the Muslims in the world. And most Americans calling for the impeachment of President George W.Bush are very ignorant of this fact. The fact that the Muslims know that George W.Bush knows what he is doing and is dealing with the problem accordingly.

The very day the US Troops will withdraw from Iraq, Sheik Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi will go on rampage in Iraq to topple the democratic interim government. But, I want the US Troops to leave Iraq and let the people to rule themselves. For better for worse. You can force the horse to the stream, but you cannot force it to drink from it.