Saturday, July 21, 2007

Most Nigerians Are Corrupt and the EFCC is Afraid of the Sacred Cows

I am not giving the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) two thumbs up or a standing ovation for arresting corrupt ex-governors in Nigeria, because the EFCC is afraid of arresting the sacred cows and the untouchables in Nigeria.

Most Nigerians are corrupt. And they prefer to wait for their turns to loot and rob than prosecute the corrupt rulers. Most Nigerians are the beneficiaries of the corrupt rulers and their accomplices. So, they are equally guilty. And the worst criminals are the hypocrites flocking the churches on Sundays and mosques on Fridays. I just feel like taking a machine gun and going into their churches and mosques and spray them with live ammunition.

The greatest achievement of former President Olusegun Obasanjo is the break down of law and order in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, because it was Obasanjo’s ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) that created the Frankenstein on rampage in the Niger Delta.Illegal oil rogues and their accomplices in the Nigerian Navy recently clashed over oil bunkering on Bonny Island and over 20 so called militants and naval officers were killed in the battle. So, the Nigerian Navy deployed two warships to secure their business.

If the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) fails to arrest all the corrupt officials from IBB to OBJ, then Nuhu Ribadu is a coward and the police dog of OBJ and his mafia.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Breaking News: 554 New Affiliates Joined My Powerline Network Within 5 Hours

554 new affiliates joined my SFI Powerline within five hours today and more will join before you read the last word on this post.My SFI Affiliates Group is the fastet growing affiliates network in Africa.


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• SFI's parent company, Carson Services, Inc. has been in business over two decades, and is a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau serving Southern Nebraska

• Working with SFI means the peace of mind of working with a proven, debt-free company with a long, successful track record.

More Than 100 Bloggers Worldwide Collaborate on e-Book to Benefit Charity

More Than 100 Bloggers Worldwide Collaborate on e-Book to Benefit Charity

DES MOINES, Iowa, July 16 /PRNewswire/ --

In what may be a first-of-its- kind online collaboration, 103 marketing professionals have joined together to write The Age of Conversation, a book being released today. The book is available in a downloadable e-version and in hardcover and softcover. All proceeds will be donated to Variety, the international children's charity.The book has an unusual story behind it, involving online connections between people around the world who have never met each other.

Drew McLellan, who heads McLellan Marketing Group, an advertising agency here, has been writing a blog online since last September. His blog, is among the 25 most-read marketing blogs. McLellan's partner in this adventure is another marketing blogger in the top 25, Gavin Heaton, Interactive Director at marketing agency Creata, in Sidney, Australia. Heaton blogs at

In March, McLellan wrote about Wharton University's effort to create a collaborative book and Heaton suggested online that they get a few bloggers to try it."Three e-mails later, we had named the book and the charity. It just fell into place," McLellan said. "The Age of Conversation was the perfect topic. The marketing industry is abuzz about how the citizen marketers are changing the landscape. This book captures that new phenomenon."McLellan and Heaton, through their blogs, invited other marketing professionals to commit to writing essays about conversation. They set what they thought would be an impossible goal -- 100 bloggers. Within seven days they had commitments from 103."What began as a comment online has grown into a major collaborative effort by bloggers from 24 states and eight other nations," said McLellan."We've been amazed at the variety of approaches that have been taken, and with hardly any duplication or overlap," said Heaton. "This book explores the art of conversation and how it is changing the face of marketing from virtually every angle possible.

"The Age of Conversation is available in all three formats. Prices are: e-book: $9.99 ($7.99 going to charity)paperback book: $16.95 ($8.10 to charity)hardback book: $29.99 ($8.55 to charity)

Orders are being taken online at Source: McLellan Marketing Group CONTACT: David Reich of Reich Communications, +1-212 573-6000,, for McLellan Marketing GroupWeb site:

Friday, July 13, 2007

Washington Post Report on "Ransoms Fuel Surge in Nigeria Kidnapping"

The Washington Post Thursday report on "Ransoms Fuel Surge in Nigeria Kidnapping" has raised the critical questions we must ask on the escalation of kidnappings of foreign oil workers and members of their families in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The genesis of the Niger Delta crisis has been addressed in "Niger Delta Kidnappers Plc", that was published on the Nigerian Times International Forum in January, 2007 and also published on Conflict in the Niger Delta.

The notorious ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) of Nigeria and well known retired military officers, active naval officers, army officers, state governors and their accomplices are all implicated in the illegal oil bunkering and kidnappings of foreign oil workers in the Niger Delta. The former governor of Rivers State, Dr. Peter Odilli and governor of Delta State, Mr. James Ibori employed the gunmen and so called militants operating in the Niger Delta since 1999 to 2007.The two ex-governors should be arrested and tried for their crimes. And the two key witnesses of the crimes of these governors are the two leaders of the Niger Delta militants, Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta People's Volunteer Force (NDPVF) and Ateke Tom, the leader of the Niger Delta Vigilante (NDV).

The intense confrontation between the NDPVF and NDV seems to have been
brought about by Asari’s political falling out with the NDPVF’s financial
supporter Peter Odili, governor of Rivers State following the April 2003 local
and state elections. After Asari publicly criticized the election process as
fraudulent, the Odili government withdrew its financial support from the NDPVF
and began to support Tom’s NDV, effectively launching a paramilitary campaign
against the NDPVF.


The US government and European Union must address the engagement of the ruling party in Nigeria in acts of terrorism in the Gulf of Guinea. Because, the Niger Delta kidnappers are sea pirates and ruthless terrorists using illegal oil bunkering to purchase arms as the terrorists in Afghanistan use their illegal trade in opium and heroin to perpetrate acts of terrorism in the Middle East.

Nigeria: Niger Delta Kidnappers Seize Another Three-Year- Old Toddler in Nigeria

Daring unidentified gunmen kidnapped the 3-year-old son of Eze Francis Amadi, a prominent Igbo town chief in the Niger Delta on Thursday, July 12, 2007.

The kidnappers are on rampage in the Niger Delta and becoming more desperate by the day as even the innocent children of expatriates and rich oil contractors are no longer safe in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. But most people in the western world and mainstream western media don't know that the ruling political party in Nigeria is responsible for the lawlessness and terrorism in the oil rich south of the 8th largest oil producer in the world.

Read the full report.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kidnapped British-Nigerian Toddler Released!

Kidnapped British-Nigerian Toddler Released!

The BBC reports the good news of the release of the three-year-old British-Nigerian girl Margaret Hill in the Niger Delta. She has been reunited with her parents after being freed by kidnappers who had held her for four days.

Margaret Hill's parents, Mike and Oluchi Hill, said she was in good health but "covered in mosquito bites".

More details.

The parents said no ransom was paid. But the fact is no hostage is ever released gratis in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.

The Niger Delta Kidnappers Plc has many stakeholders and shareholders, including prominent chiefs, politicians and gangsters.

World Exclusive: NEWSWEEK Cover: Black & White on Barack Obama

In the July 16 Newsweek cover "Black & White" (on newsstands Monday, July 9), Senior White House Correspondent Richard Wolffe and Correspondent Daren Briscoe report on whether Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who wants to be the nation's first black president, can appeal to both black and white, while still being true to himself. Obama faces many challenges in what he calls his "improbable candidacy," but few are as complex or emotional as the politics of race.

World Exclusive: NEWSWEEK Cover: Black & White on Barack Obama

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Nigerian Super Blog

The Nigerian Super Blog is a network of Nigerian blogs with over 197 blogs so far and this number will increase as new blog feeds are added daily.

The preview version of The Nigerian Super Blog was launched on the 1st of July 2007 and the site is still very much in active development.

Check it out NOW!

Nigerian Female Bloggers Are Making Waves in the Blogosphere!

Suddenly more Nigerian babes and ladies are blogging and making the Nigerian blogosphere sizzling with hot posts. And they are attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Most of their blogs are what I call scuttlebutt blogs or daily social gist and tidbits blogs. And Bella Naija leads the pack, followed by Linda Ikeji and company. Adaure is still in a world of her own, because she is like the Oprah Winfrey of the Nigerian blogosphere in her subject matters. Queen Ebong and others are still exciting and thrilling.

The most profiled Nigerian female blogger still remains Sokari Ekine of Black Looks.. And Funmi Iyanda would be more enlightened if she spends some quality time with Sokari.

There are Nigerian female bloggers as young as 11. Two of them have left comments on Nigerian Times since 2005.

There are over 400 Nigerian bloggers and quite a small number for a nation of over 140 million people. Even South Africa and Kenya have more bloggers than Nigeria. There are over 5 million Nigerians in America, UK, and other developed countries with more advanced Internet services, but only an insignificant number of them are blogging. The professionals among them do not have websites like the American and European professionals. Even lawyers, medical doctors, and engineers are blogging in the developed countries while the Nigerian professionals are missing in action. Why? Some sources said most Nigerians in developed countries are actually illegal immigrants who prefer to avoid public exposure, lest the immigration authorities would discover them and none of them wants to be deported.

I want to see more Nigerians blogging, even if they are gossip blogs, they would be worth visiting and reading 24/7. You can monitor and evaluate Nigerian blogs on Nigerian Weblog Ring and Nigerian Blogs Aggregator.

Breaking News: 'UK toddler' Kidnapped in Nigeria

The BBC has reported the shocking news of a 'UK toddler' Kidnapped in Nigeria.The report said the three-year- old baby girl of a British expatriate worker was seized from a car on her way to school in the oil city of Port Harcourt early Thursday morning.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nigeria: President Yar'Adua Must Save Nigerian Universities From Total Collapse

Nigeria: President Yar'Adua Must Save Nigerian Universities From Total Collapse

President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and Vice President Goodluck Jonathan were university lecturers before dumping their academic gowns for Nigerian politics. And millions of their old boys expect the best things to begin to happen to Nigerian education, because of these two former academics that are now in power. That is why they are not surprised that President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua is going to end the three months old strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).The pragmatic measures of President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua ended the last nationwide workers strike and he is employing the same pragmatic approach to end the protracted ASUU strike.

President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua knows the cause of disagreement between the government and Nigerian university lecturers, because he had been through similar trials and tribulations of Nigerian academics in the past. And it would be unfortunate if he fails to end their plight.

The terrible state of Nigerian universities can be traced to the ignorance of previous leaders who misappropriated the revenue allocations meant for the sustainable development of higher institutions in Nigeria and neglected the welfare of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). Nigerian universities have been relegated to bottom of the accredited universities in the world. No Nigerian university is even rated among the best 1, 000 universities in the world. And only one Nigerian university ranked among the top 50 universities in Africa at the 44th position.Nigerian administrators neglected Nigerian universities, sent their children to the best colleges and universities in America and the UK, and then misappropriated revenues to establish private universities. But none of their private universities made the list of the best universities in the world in the latest global rankings. And the best private university, the Christian Covenant University is at the bottom of the rungs in Africa at the 98th Position..

The Nigerian Tribune reported on June 17, 2007, that many stakeholders are calling for the"De-unionization of university lecturers as a way of saving the nation’s ivory towers from incessant strike actions.” But the leadership of ASUU disagreed that strike actions have stymied the advancement of Nigerian academic institutions.“I think we should ask ourselves this pertinent question. Do we want to produce graduates for the sake of doing so or we want to produce quality graduates? In the latest ranking of world universities, no Nigerian university made the list of the first 1,000 in the world. This is because of the rot in the system. The government should address the issue and rid the system of the rot. Proscribing ASUU will not solve the problem,” said Dr. Suleiman Kano, ASUU President.
“It is very disappointing that some people are saying that university lecturers be de-unionized. We are not fighting for our comfort; we are fighting for an improved society. This is a country where the government itself says we need 47,000 university lecturers, now we have 16,000. What are we doing about getting the balance? Good students do not want to join academic staff, they prefer to work elsewhere. Many medical students do not get to see, let alone use, the equipment they will need when they start practice. What kind of graduates are we producing?” Dr. Suleiman told the Nigerian Tribune.

The ASUU strike is in the best interest of Nigerian education. President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and the ASUU President, Dr. Suleiman Kano are both well educated to address the academic crisis and save Nigerian universities from total collapse.

By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

The Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
Nigerian Times International