Saturday, January 26, 2008

BEING BLACK IS NOT ENOUGH:How is Barack Obama an African American?

Barack Obama at a political campaign rally.


The fundamental existence of the African American is defined by the African American experience.

You cannot be an African American without an African American experience.
Being black and with an American citizenship is not enough.

How can a biracial citizen of America who was never raised as an African American and does not have the natural African American experience suddenly be an African American?
What if Barack Obama's White mother raised him up in Indonesia and he became an Indonesian citizen before returning to the US, and later became an American citizen?

We have Nigerian Americans, South African Americans and so forth, who were born and bred in the US, but they are not African Americans.

If you were born to an African father and a White American mother, but your African father is not an American citizen, you are first and foremost an African and not an African American.

If you were born by an African American father or mother and a White American father or mother, then you can claim to be an African American.

What makes Barack Obama an African American?
His Kenyan father who was not an American and returned to Kenya after his studies or his White American mother who never raised Barack Obama as an American American?
Jesse Jackson is an African American, but Barack Obama is not an African American, but a Kenyan American. He is only what I call, a "Political African American".

If I have a child today by a white American woman, my child will be a Nigerian or a Nigerian American and NOT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN.

I do not need to write a thesis to prove this logic.

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