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Nigerian Times International hereby declares Dr. Dora Nkem Akunyili as THE NIGERIAN TIMES PERSON OF THE YEAR 2005.

She's been credited with saving millions of lives and with moving mountains with sheer dedication to duty.She is the most beloved and most popular public official in Nigeria today.

WHO IS SHE? Teflon Lady @ NAFDAC:
Dr (Mrs.) Dora Nkem Akunyili (OFR) is the Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Since taking over this important health sector, she has fought persistently with unsurpassed dedication to sanitize the pushing of fake medications and unclean food items. Nigerians were being poisoned by these fake foods and drugs and someone needed to do something seriously about it.

Enter Doctor Dora, as she is now fondly called by her numerous fans and supporters. Through her office as Director-General, she gave teeth to an otherwise moribund institution. She showed with her dedication to duty and commitment to our collective wellbeing that government institutions can and do work. The performance of such public officers as Dr. Akunyili has given teeth to the call for the appointment of women to at least 30 percent of public offices, as stipulated in the Beijing Declaration.

Dr. (Mrs.) Dora Akunyili (nee Edemobi) was destined for greatness. As a young girl, her father detected her academic prowess and sent her to the village to live with her maternal uncle, who was a teacher. After her primary education, she was set to make the normal move to high school at Federal Government Girls Secondary, Gboko, now in Benue State. But the country degenerated into a 30-month war. She therefore attended Queen of the Rosary College (QRC), Nsukka. A studious student, she graduated with flying colors, posting the best-ever result at the school. She sat for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination and gained admission into the prestigious premier University of Nigerian, Nsukka (UNN).

She told Thisday recently: "I was so studious that it took a lot out of my social life. Even in university, I worked very hard but was distracted by marriage though it was a welcome one because I got married after my third year and have nothing to regret.”

On her choice of pharmacy as a course and career, she said: "When we were to take JAMB, I never thought of pharmacy but wanted a professional course where I could do a lot of chemistry and mathematics. They were my best subjects and I felt giving them up was like giving up my soul. :::: I did not know that God was actually propelling me to what he really wants me to be and coincidentally, it is actually what I want to do."

With her husband, who is a medical doctor, in full support, she specialized in pharmacology at UNN before proceeding to the University of London for a postdoctoral program in phytochemistry.

Dr. Dora Akunyili approaches her job with missionary zeal. Even when many special interests are out to torpedo her work, she remains focused and determined to rid the Nigerian market of fake drugs and contaminated water formally sold as “pure water,” control the willy-nilly distribution and administration of drugs. On a personal note, she believes a relation of hers was a victim of the bad eggs in our society. She therefore remains unwavering in restoring the faith of Nigerians in the medications they take and in the packaged water they drink.

Dr. Akunyili is undoubtedly the "Teflon Lady" among all public servants. She educates and enforces, moving mountains with negotiations and impartial enforcement of policies. For example, she is negotiating with luxury-bus operators to deny mobile medicine vendors access to their buses, where the selling of expired and fake drugs are the norm. She is so determined in her mission that only supernatural forces would derail her from the path of purifying the supply of drugs and food to the unsuspecting public. She said so in an interview without mincing words:

"My coming here and not doing the work is greater than any sin in the ten commandments. I just leave it to God and put in the effort that is humanly possible. I refuse to be intimidated. My life is in the hand of God. They forget that so many people have died because of fake drugs, even my own sister. If she had had the right insulin, she wouldn't have died."

"The forces of darkness have risen up against us to distract us, to intimidate us, and to return us to the status quo ante, but I have made up my mind not to fail God, who has elevated me to this position. He is my sustenance and my defender. It does not matter what they do, they must fail. When they gather against me, because it is not of God, they shall fail for my sake. I am on the side of righteousness. God is with me I have no reason to be afraid."

Among her numerous awards are:
Merit Award winner, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Enugu branch;

Member, New York Academy of Sciences ( 1997);

Pharmacological Society of Canada's Award for the 12th International Congress of Pharmacology, Montreal, Canada (1994);

Family Health International, USA Congress Award for the 10th International Conference on AIDS Yokohama, Japan (1994);

Pfizer Travel Fellowship for the 54th International Pharmaceutical Federation Conference, Portugal (1994),

Commonwealth Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award;

Vice Chancellor's Postgraduate and Research Leadership Prize;

Kingsway Prize for the best pharmacy student (first year professional);

Federal Government of Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship;

Eastern Nigerian Government Post Primary Scholarship

One of the six Nigerian lady pharmacists honored at The Hague by the International Pharmaceutical Federation in 1998;
Officer of the Federal Republic (OFR)


Dr. (Mrs.) Dora Nkem Akunyili is an Internationally renowned Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Erudite Scholar, Seasoned Administrator, and a visionary leader. She was a Senior Lecturer and Consultant Pharmacologist in the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria Nsukka (U.N.N.), Enugu Campus, before she became head of NAFDAC.

Dr. Akunyili started her working career as a Hospital Pharmacist from 1978-1981, in the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (U.N.T.H) Enugu, after which she ventured into academics as a Graduate Assistant (Research Fellow) in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, U.N.N. from 1982-1986. In the University system, she made a steady progress from Lecturer I in 1986 until she was made Senior Lecturer in 1990. She transferred to College of Medicine, U.N.N. in 1992, where she was made a Consultant Pharmacologist in 1996, a position she held until 12th April 2001. Due to her love for Teaching and nurturing young ones, she was also a part time lecturer of the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists Lagos, Nigeria from 1992-1995.

Dr. Mrs. Dora Akunyili had a four year stint as Zonal Secretary of Petroleum Special Trust Fund (P.T.F.), coordinating all projects in the five South Eastern States of Nigeria.

She also served as a Supervisor for Agriculture and Member of the Caretaker Committee for her Local Government, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State from 1994 to 1996. From 1992 to 1994, Dr. Akunyili served as a member of State’s Hospitals Management Board and State Advisory Council for Women Commission both in Anambra State of Nigeria.

As a Scientist and a Scholar, she has presented 19 papers in various Nigerian and International Scientific Conferences. She is a published author having authored a book and 18 Journal Articles. She has supervised PhD and Masters candidates in Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and U.N.N. respectively both in Nigeria. On top of her present job as the Director General of NAFDAC, Dr. Akunyili supervises six Postgraduate students in the College of Medicine U.N.N. She has also been Chief Examiner in Pharmacology for 3rd M.B.B.S College of Medicine, Abia State University Uturu, Nigeria.


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I Am Nigerian and Proud!

I am Nigerian and Proud!

I will not trade my nationality with even an American or any other alien!

I have been flying the Nigerian flag on the Internet since January and in the blogosphere since June and the flag is still flying higher and higher like the Eagle in flying colours.

Nigerian Times is the only Nigerian site that flies our national flag boldly and proudly in the virtual world. Because, Nigerian Times is the flagship of Nigerian Citizen Journalism in the Blogosphere.

I give God all the glory for taking Nigerian Times to another level of blogging with the most comprehensive coverage of news from Nigeria and the rest of the world with special thanks to AllAfrica.Com, New York Times, Washington Post, CNET and all my link-partners worldwide. You have made Nigerian Times the Press Centre of the blogosphere. Nothing is missing on the side bar of Nigerian Times.
Current Affairs, News, Politics, Arts, Sciences, Health and Wellness,etc. Just check out the links.

Nigerian Times will be publishing a book of critical political commentary on Nigeria, America, UK, Ukraine and other serious issues I have addressed here and also published on other sites. So, watch out for the book that will be released next year 2006.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

God bless.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Armed gunmen attacked Shell's flow stations across the Opobo Channel, 50 km southwest of the southern Nigerian oil city of Port Harcourt and they also attacked the Nigeria LNG on Bonny Island last Tuesday morning.

The gunmen would have blown the main Nigeria LNG Jetty if not for the swift reaction of the mobile police stationed at the jetty.

Shell said the explosion may have been caused by a dynamite attack carried out by unidentified persons. Witnesses said that armed youths arrived in the place in four motorized boats and chased away the residents before blowing up the pipeline with dynamite, the official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported.

The insecurity in the Niger Delta is due to the incompetence of the leadership of the Nigerian government.

The breaking news from AFX News Limited says Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria as pipeline fire continues
12.22.2005, 04:57 AM

I have already oveflogged the problems of corruption and misadministration plaguing Nigeria and without repentance, the people will continue to perish in their ignorance, arrogance and foolishness.

When the Bellview plane crashed, I warned the governemnt and the government ignored my warning until the last air disaster when the ill-fated Sosoliso plane crashed at the Port Harcourt International Airport where there was no ordinary water supply to put out the fire of the burning aircraft. And over 50 innocent children were among the 110 people who died in the air disaster.

What Jesus Christ said about disasters:
(Luke 13) Repent or Perish!
"...Unless you repent you will all likewise perish." (Luke 13:3)

Many times in conversation with people the topic of someone's sudden death arises. Often people will say: "His/Her time was 'up.'" In Luke 13, it says that some tragic events happened. Pilate had killed some people from the region of Galilee and had mixed their blood had been mixed with the sacrifices. (Perhaps Pilate had killed some people as they came to make sacrifices as part of their worship). Also, there was some type of tragedy involving a tower in the city of Siloam that fell one day, killing 18 people. Jesus asked if the people thought that those who had died were worse sinners than anyone else because their lives had ended tragically. Then He answered His own question: "No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish." (verse 5b)

Sometimes people die because of their own poor choices or through someone else's choice or by accident. Don't make the mistake of thinking that when something tragic causes death that those people are being singled out for punishment. Jesus did not say that was correct. All of us die one day. But, He said, that unless we repent, we shall also perish.

Repent or Perish!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Your Excellency, You Are A Liar

PDP Has Transformed Nigeria, Says Obasanjo
PDP Has Deformed Nigeria, Replies Orikinla.

Please, this is not fiction. This is my rejoinder to an address delivered by President Olusegun Obasanjo at the last National Convention of the PDP in Abuja. Please, read it now or copy and save it to read it later. And don’t rush to make any trivial comment if you have not read it. This is a very important political dialogue of utmost importance, relevance and significance to the state of current affairs in Nigeria. God bless you as you read it.

PRESIDENT OLUSEGUN OBASANJO OF NIGERIA: Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I could go on reeling out the achievements of the PDP government till tomorrow. There is no aspect of the economy that we have not impacted positively. There is no Nigerian that we have not touched through proactive and positive initiatives. There is no community that has been left out. Even our detractors have become humbled and silenced by our single-minded commitment to make Nigeria a better place and by our specific achievements on several fronts. We shall not waver from our desire to make life better for all Nigerians. This is our promise, our commitment and our goal.

ORIKINLA OF NIGERIA: You can go telling more and more lies about the fictitious achievements of your notorious and monstrous PDP of Nigeria till Kingdom Come. As I can see that you are an incorrigible liar. How could you lie that there is no aspect of the economy that you have not impacted positively when your aviation ministry has killed over 200 innocent passengers in three air disasters within only 50 days?! When your Police Force has murdered so many innocent Nigerians and your draconian armed forces have also murdered hundreds of armless and powerless people in the Niger Delta and other regions of Nigeria in extra-judicial killings that Amnesty International has found your government guilty of wanton violations of the fundamental human rights of Nigerians? What proactive and positive initiatives are you talking about? Or your negative actions and backward government policies! Why are you such a wicked liar? Do you know the grave consequences of your inhuman policies? The more people you have rendered homeless and impoverished and left in penury and misery? Do you know that there are more poverty stricken Nigerians since you came to power than even in the bad days of the tyrannical military juntas of IBB and Abacha? Yes, those days were really bad. But your evil ruling party the PDP has made things worse.

Who ever wrote this fake speech of white and black lies must be an incarnate of the Father of Lies himself, the devil. Because, even the innocent blood of the over 50 pupils of the Loyola Jesuit College who were killed in the catastrophic Sosoliso plane crash will testify against you that your government has failed woefully and the best advice I can give you is that you should repent and go on air to apologize to Nigerians with regrets for your glaring failures in democracy and governance and do your best to make amends before the wrath of the Almighty God descends on you and the corrupt bureaucrats and kleptocrats of your evil and wicked ruling party PDP.

OBJ:I feel very delighted to welcome you all, great men and women of our great Party: the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Since its formation, we have seen our party become stronger, bolder, larger, and steadily institutionalized.

ORI: Yes, institutionalized tyranny and kleptocracy.

OBJ: When we say that we are the largest political party in Africa, it is not a joke. It is the truth and we must be proud of that fact.

ORI: Yes, and also the largest kleptocracy in Africa.

OBJ: In addition, we have succeeded in learning from our experiences, strengthened our institutions and structures, built discipline, and mapped out an agenda for progress, prosperity and development.
Let me use this opportunity to thank the founding fathers of our great party for their vision, patriotism and sense of nation. I commend them for giving to Africa such a strong and focused political party that is setting the pace on many fronts as we collectively march towards democratic consolidation.

ORI: You have succeeded in learning nothing from the mistakes of the past, you have destroyed the institutions and structures of democracy and governance in Nigeria. And you have betrayed your so-called “founding fathers” that you have abused and misused their trust. And you have given Africa nothing but monstrosity and notoriety in party politics and setting the pace in corruption, rigging of elections, political thuggery and assassinations and kleptocratic consolidation.

OBJ: Let me very briefly give you a report of our stewardship in Government. You are all very familiar with what we met in 1999: a totally dislocated, fragmented, decaying, badly governed, highly demoralized, and corruption-stricken nation and people. Not only was civil society suffocated, but political spaces were closed, and there was not much economy to speak about. The vast majority of Nigerians relied on dubious and extra-legal coping methods of survival to the detriment of the soul of the nation.

ORI: You have no other report than your bad stewardship since 1999 to date. You have worsened the dislocation, fragmentation, decadence, badly governed, highly demoralized and corrupt-stricken (you have turned it into corrupt-ridden) nation and disillusioned people. You have done even worse in suffocating civil society, you have violated the human rights of thousands of people your storm troopers murdered in the Niger Delta in Odi, Odioma and other parts of Nigeria. Murdered innocent and armless protesters during several Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) strikes in Lagos, Benin, Abuja and other places. Bola Ige was murdered in your regime and about 1,000 lives have been lost in extra-judicial killings since you came to power in 1999. Chima Ubani and others died on the terrible roads you have failed to repair. And you have worsened the state of the economy as many of your cronies and proxies have been looting the treasury since 1999 to date. And the vast majority of Nigerians have been rendered homeless as your draconian regime dispossessed them of their accommodations from Lagos to Abuja and you have robbed Peter to pay Paul. You have made more Nigerians poorer than ever before.

OBJ: Our first term in office required courage, boldness, and alternative thinking. In spite of the numerous distractions, largely the products of demilitarization and readjustment to democratic values and practices, we succeeded in laying the foundation for peace, stability, security, growth, development and democracy.
Great members of the PDP: our party never claimed that reform would be easy. We never said we were going to bring about change through magic. But we did claim, and we still stand by that claim that it would no longer be ââ?Å?business as usual.ââ?? Today, the entire country, Africa and the world know that it is no longer business as usual in Nigeria.
I want to thank you all, including other patriotic Nigerians for their support, suggestions, contributions, sacrifices, and commitment to progress and prosperity for all. We must continue to work harder till we get to what I call the cruising level of growth and development.

Since our second term in office, we have transformed Nigeria. Let me repeat that statement: the PDP has transformed Nigeria. This is certainly not the Nigeria of yesterday and we are beginning to reap the rewards of our sacrifices and commitment to a better Nigeria. In agriculture, we have achieved unprecedented growth rates. We are even exporting cassava to China, and that is a first in our history. We are, today, the number one cassava producer in the world. Technology to enhance output of cassava and cassava products has been developed locally and is being accessed by farmers.

Our economy is turning around with inflation gradually coming down, employment expanding, productivity growing, and poverty declining. The manufacturing sector is experiencing a boom and investors are coming into Nigeria in an unprecedented rate. In oil and gas, especially gas, we have made unprecedented breakthroughs.

In telecommunications we are among the top three fastest growing markets in the world and within Nigeria there is a telecommunications revolution going on. The area of ICT development has not been left out and we are working on outsourcing and software development. In the area of infrastructure, we are working to fix failed roads, construct new ones and work with the private sector. We have a great plan to rehabilitate, reconstruct and expand our railway system. Our effort at building a strong economic foundation is also evidenced in our support for a strong public-private partnership and our support for Transcorp Nigeria to undertake large investments within and beyond the shores of Nigeria.

In the area of power, we are far ahead of where we were in 1999 and we have initiated plans that will no doubt culminate in steady and unbroken supply of power to all Nigerians. In the area of water, we have invested more in irrigation, dams, boreholes, and water systems than at anytime in the history of Nigeria and our farmers and rural dwellers are happier for this. We have managed the economy very well to build up robust foreign reserve, tame inflation and interest rate and stabilize the rate of exchange. Against all odds, we secured debt relief for Nigeria.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I could go on reeling out the achievements of the PDP government till tomorrow. There is no aspect of the economy that we have not impacted positively. There is no Nigerian that we have not touched through proactive and positive initiatives. There is no community that has been left out. Even our detractors have become humbled and silenced by our single-minded commitment to make Nigeria a better place and by our specific achievements on several fronts. We shall not waver from our desire to make life better for all Nigerians. This is our promise, our commitment and our goal.

When we came into office in 1999, the challenge was how to hold Nigeria together. Dozens of iconoclastic, extra-legal, and violent organizations dotted the political landscape. At that time the Nigerian State was unsteady, uncertain, weak and badly delegitimated. Today, the PDP has united Nigeria.

We have replaced fear with hope. We have replaced uncertainty with confidence; and replaced despondency with dedication and purpose. We have created new paths and opportunities for dialogue, tolerance, negotiation, and peaceful engagement. We have rekindled faith in Nigeria, our communities and families. We have engendered a new morality and spirituality anchored on a new faith in the New Nigeria that we are all striving to build and we have shown that any day, anytime and anywhere, peace and understanding are preferable to violence and discord. Let me thank all of you, great members of the PDP, and indeed all Nigerians for their respective roles in this process.

The PDP government realized that economic reforms without political reforms cannot be sustained. We in the Party recognize that democracy admits of opposition and pressure groups.

They cannot hide under the guise of being a pressure groups or opposition to engage in political rascality, lies, indiscipline, disloyalty, destabilization and destruction. If we are to move forward as a people and as a nation, we must emphasize discipline, patriotism, unity, nationalism, loyalty, peace, security, stability, love, and integrity as part of our core values. This is why we complemented the economic reforms with political reforms in order to lay the required holistic foundations for growth, development and democracy.

Speaking on discipline and loyalty, the PDP decided to begin reform with itself. We realized that every human organization requires periodic review, self-assessment, and redesign of policies and priorities. This, we have successfully carried out and I thank the National Working Committee of the Party, the NEC, the Board of Trustees and all members of the party for recognizing the essence of reform and embracing the innovations with enthusiasm. Of course, the reform of the party is only the precursor of the much-needed political reform and sanitization in the country. It is important that we clean up our politics in order to consolidate our democracy and reap the full rewards of democratic politics. You will all agree with me that only a political party that is dynamic, democratic and disciplined can be relied upon by all Nigerians to achieve results, change the image of Nigeria and inspire the generality of the people to greater heights. It is only such a party that can embrace all interest groups under a huge reliable umbrella. It is only such a party that can ensure party discipline and loyalty while identifying persons of positive track record for political office. We in the PDP have already embraced this perspective and we must not get distracted from our commitment to party and country.
Let me make a few comments on a couple of national issues that show the resolve of our party and government for discipline, integrity, and sensitivity.

Our fight against corruption in all its manifestations remains unrelenting. Let me state categorically that no one or group can distract, discourage or divert us from our war on corruption. We have no reasons to take too seriously the pseudo-complaints of those selfish few who do not wish Nigeria well and whose track record are so cloudy and shady. It is amazing that such persons are now the ones pontificating about corruption. Let us remain focused on the war against corruption because the benefits will be good for the entire nation.
In this regard, I want to commend the members of the Bayelsa State House of Assembly, who have lived up to their constitutional responsibilities, the dignity of their office and the sacredness of their duties. I am very proud of them and the PDP as a party is proud of them.

I want to commend the elders and the youth of Bayelsa State who acknowledged the impeached governor as their son but at the same time condemned the shame and disgrace he had brought on all Bayelsians by his gross misconduct. It is my sincere hope that other States that have fallen into or may fall into the same situation will take a wise cue from Bayelsa. I want to also thank the leadership and rank and file of the PDP that stood firm to support the government to take all necessary action to show that we are a party of honour and decency, good governance, integrity, constitutionality, discipline and law and order.

Finally on Bayelsa, I thank the Nigerian media for their courage and steadfastness in upholding the honour and dignity of Nigeria and the obligation and responsibility of the media to stand for what is noble, dignifying, patriotic, just, and soothing to the psyche and soul of a people and country.

By the action of all these people, professions and institutions, again, Nigeria has regained her place of honour which would have appeared tarnished by the action of the former Governor of Bayelsa State. As a member of INTERPOL and in reaction or in answer to the mutual assistance agreement between Nigeria and Britain, Nigeria will take the appropriate action as required by the British authorities on this matter.

As a party, going back to 1998/99 we addressed the principle of power shift and rotation. It was discussed extensively, debated rigorously, and agreed to even without it being included in the party constitution or the nationââ?â?¢s constitution. That spirit of discussion and dialogue which stood us in good stead then must not now be appropriated, manipulated, compromised, contaminated or corrupted by any individual or group no matter how highly placed. As a party, we must resist efforts by some individuals or groups to use their pedestrian understanding of power shift and power rotation to hold the country to ransom. In any case, in engaging in any political discourse or positioning, we must not use it as a cover to distort, mangle, deny, rewrite or redirect history in very dangerous directions.

As a party, we will not substitute violence, threats, intimidation, arrogance and lack of consultation for dialogue, debate, accommodation, negotiation, inclusion, tolerance, and peace.

I believe that credentials which were found to be good enough and acceptable for holding Nigeria together when the preoccupation of most Nigerians was how to prevent the country from disintegrating, should not now be subject to question when together, people have worked to stabilize, regenerate, and reposition the country for unity, peace, security, stability and democracy. Let us remember that the fabric of our unity and integration is still comparatively fragile.

I have read with some understanding the document issued by the South-South Assembly. What I will say to PDP members of that Assembly is that while nobody will turn deaf ears to their well-made case and well-marshaled points, they should allow the spirit of dialogue, debate, tolerance, negotiation, and give-and-take to prevail.

When the time comes, they should accord me, as the Leader of the Party, the opportunity to interpret our policy and principles of power shift to suit the occasion which will definitely consider the seeming agitation from the North of the country.

The new PDP has a big and large enough umbrella to accommodate all Nigerians that are willing and ready to be members of our reformed, democratic, disciplined and people-oriented party. Let us join hands, eschew bitterness and opportunism, avoid treachery and disloyalty, imbibe democratic values and stand for fairness, truth, equity and justice.

From complaints in the field, we do know that the recent registration exercise has not covered all those who wish to belong to our great party.

I saw this myself in my own Ward. Therefore, immediately after this Convention, the Chairman of the PDP and the National Working Committee have a plan for massive campaign and massive registration of members. It is in this way that we can continue to justify our claim to being the largest political party in Africa.
Let me also use this forum to suggest that just as we have a Discipline Committee in the PDP, we should also have a Reconciliation Committee to mediate and sooth nerves when and where necessary.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that the PDP and the Government that emanated from it will not be diverted from the path of rectitude and the path of making Nigeria great no matter what the cost may be to us as leaders of the party and government.

Long live the PDP
Long Live Nigeria
May God continue to bless us all.

ORI: Your Excellency, I beg your pardon. If there is anything I hate most, it is telling lies. And I wonder if you have a problem with telling the truth and damning the devil. What demilitarization are you talking about? And you sent your storm troopers to demolish harmless and armless civilian communities in the Niger Delta and houses were burnt. Including churches, and you claim to be a Christian or an Owu High Priest? Did you get the consent of the National Assembly before sending soldiers to violate the fundamental human rights of the villages of Odi and Odioma and other areas in the Niger Delta? Did you prosecute the soldiers for killing an innocent old woman and her grandchild? And you are here lying to the whole world that you have succeeded in laying the foundation for peace? Where? In the riots perpetrated by your Frankenstein Chris Uba in Anambra State in Nigeria where properties worth billions of Naira and innocent lives were destroyed in the mayhem caused by your notorious and monstrous ruling party, the PDP. Is that your own definition of peace, stability, development and democracy? I am wondering whether I am not being too harsh in my criticism, because I am not considering the fact that your limited education is responsible for your misconceptions and misinterpretations of peace, stability, security, growth, development and democracy. Who wrote that speech for you? I hope it is not my Albino uncle in charge of your Radio Nigeria? The lies in your speech are preposterous and ridiculous.Look at the state of Nigeria since you came to power in 1999. Can you count the number of ethnic riots, civil unrest and carnage in Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, Kwara, Anambra, Rivers, Bayelsa and other parts of Nigeria? The countless lives lost in the bloody chaos. The several cases of extra-judicial killings all over Nigeria are already noted by Amnesty. And you are here talking of peace, stability and security? Where? In your dreams or are you blindfolded that you cannot see the dreadful realities of the state of affairs since the PDP came to power.

The campus cults have maimed and killed scores of students in our polytechnics and universities. And you are here telling lies to deny the facts of history. And today the entire country, Africa and the rest of the world know that it is not only business as usual in Nigeria, it is even worse than ever before. Look at the tragedies of the air disasters in Nigeria since you came to power and look at the state of our roads and airports. Nowhere is safe. People are scared of traveling on the bad accident-prone roads and people are in fear and trembling to travel by air in Nigeria. There was no ordinary water supply to put out the fire of the burning Sosoliso aircraft as it crashed at the Port Harcourt airport and you call that an international airport. And you have even wasted millions of our dollars to go on your globetrotting tours of the world and lying to us that you were going to attract foreign investors? Foreigners who are scared of landing on the bad runways of our airports where planes run into herds of cattle and run into potholes? And you are lying here that it is no longer business as usual when parents of the unfortunate 52 pupils of the Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja are still in shock over the sudden death of their sons and daughters who perished in the Sosoliso plane crash in Port Harcourt? Do you know how many people the corruption and misadministration of your government have turned to widows, widowers, orphans and physically disabled? And you are here talking nonsense? Where is your conscience? Don’t you know that telling terrible lies is evil and only an incarnate of the devil without conscience would tell the kind of wicked lies you are telling us in Nigeria. May God have mercy on you.

You say the PDP has transformed Nigeria? Or the PDP has deformed Nigeria and shortchanged Nigerians by turning Nigeria into a notorious and monstrous Kleptocracy of oligarchs controlled by your fellow retired generals and colonels who looted our national treasury and used the stolen funds to set up 419 banks for money launderers, illegal oil smugglers, black market currency traffickers and other crooks and rogues in your government and your cronies and proxies you gave licenses for oil blocks, GSM Telecommunications, importation of cement, sugar and other commodities, export of cassava, cocoa, and other products. And we are being ripped off everyday by day from Lagos to Abuja. The PDP is a political party of crooks, rogues and stewards of corruption in power.

You have witch hunted your political rivals and opponents and used the machinery of your statecraft to manipulate the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to embarrass, harass and lampoon two state governors who have fallen out favour with you. But, the other looters are still hobnobbing with you in your Otta farms, Lagos, Abuja and Minna. Have you arrested the evil genius your godfather? And the other criminals with their dirty fingers in all the pies in your Presidency. I have the short list and long list of the suspects you are scared of arresting and the EFCC has not had the balls to interrogate them. You want to use the case of the disgraced former governor of Bayelsa State for your image laundering. But, what of the other PDP governors and Chris Uba who should have been arrested and prosecuted for his rampant criminal activities?

Inflation is worse than ever, more Nigerians are unemployed and you lie that poverty is declining? When the statistics show that the level of poverty in Nigeria since you came to power to date is worse than when even Gen. Sanni Abacha was in power and the value of our currency has depreciated.

Your party the PDP is the worst ruling political party in the history of Nigeria. A party of bitterness, opportunism, treachery, disloyalty, betrayals, witchcraft, misappropriation, misadministration, lawlessness and other evils. You have not transformed Nigeria, you have deformed Nigeria and if not for the divine intervention of God you would have ruined Nigeria.

Even Dr. Festus Iyayi has categorically said that you have worsened the state of affairs in Nigeria. You can read more on his own views below.

Things are much worse today than ever –IyayiMeeting and interviewing Dr. Festus Iyayi, former president of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and lecturer in the Department of Business Administration, University of Benin, is really a delight. Several years after he and his compatriots with other Nigerian pro-democracy activists waged the war against the military in Nigeria and saw to the enthronement of a quasi or pseudo-democracy in 1999, Iyayi has not gotten tired of lamenting for his father land, a country ruined by unpatriotic and inept leadership at all levels. In this interview with CHUKS EHIRIM, the activist intellectual says President Olusegun Obasanjo has worsened Nigeria’s problems in the last six years because he serves foreign interests. He spoke on other national issues, including the Third Term agenda, the emergence of the new political movement (MDD), and the trouble in the country’s educational system and more. Excerpts:Festus Iyayi Speaks

This is Orikinla Osinachi’s rejoinder to an address delivered by President Olusegun Obasanjo at the National Convention of the PDP in Abuja.

Friday, December 16, 2005


India has dumped a billion dollar oil field deal with Nigeria into the Indian Ocean!When I was already jubilating for the success of this venture. But, the latest news report says that the Indian government is suspicious of the deal involving the
South Atlantic owned by Theophilus Danjuma, who was previously Nigeria's defense minister and a former army chief.

There was another financial deal involving the This Day newspaper of Nigeria in South Africa, but when the foreign investors discovered that the former head of state of Nigeria, Ibrahim Badamasi Babaginda was actually the godfather of the Nigerian company, they withdrew from the venture.Because of the risks involved.

Most of the retired Nigerian military leaders and their civilian partners in crime have looted the national treasury and invested the stolen funds in local and foreign ventures in oil and gas, banking, media, import and export and other capitalist ventures which they have been using to procure more lucrative contracts for White Elephant projects in Nigeria to continue to siphon more billions of Naira from our treasury.

The Nigerian oligarchy controls the ruling parties in Nigeria, the instruments of the bureaucracy of their kleptocracy.

India Blocks ONGC's $2 Billion Nigeria Investment (Update3)
Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- India's government blocked plans by state-owned Oil & Natural Gas Corp. to invest $2 billion in a Nigerian oil field, forcing the company to seek energy assets elsewhere to feed demand in Asia's fourth-largest economy.

Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, speaking to reporters in New Delhi today, didn't say why the government rejected the plan. Oil & Natural Gas wanted to buy a stake in the Akpo deepwater oil project from South Atlantic Petroleum Ltd., two people involved in the transaction said on Nov. 30. China's state-owned Cnooc Ltd. also submitted a bid, they said.

India lags China in acquiring oil and gas assets as the world's two fastest-growing major economies seek the energy supplies to support future expansion. Oil & Natural Gas lost out to Chinese companies that agreed to pay $5.6 billion for assets in Kazakhstan and Ecuador, in part because of price.

It makes sense for India's government ``not to approve an investment after foreseeing the risks involved,'' said K.K. Mital, who manages 2 billion rupees ($44 million) of stocks at Escorts Asset Management in New Delhi. ``The government would like to ensure the safety of its investments.''

South Atlantic is owned by Theophilus Danjuma, who was previously Nigeria's defense minister and a former army chief.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Nollywood as the story of Nigeria


Nollywood as the story of Nigeria
By Dianam Dakolo

That we all should accept and dignify our community of actors and actresses as well as their theatrical output as of equivalent status to America’s motion-picture industry, the hybrid construct ‘Nollywood’ was dreamt up and incorporated into our entertainment lexicon. We should believe without proof of artistic standards and accomplishment that our own entertainers of the movie genre adequately replicate attributes for which America’s Hollywood is distinguished. Unparalleled virtuosity in matters of art, grandeur, stateliness, glitz and fame! Our actors and actresses want us to believe that they have them all. They want us and the rest of the world that are privileged enough to find and enjoy Nigerian movies to accord them adoration, respect and devotion, the type that catapulted Arnold Schwarzenegger to the office of Governor in America’s economic powerhouse and most vibrant State, California. Ingenuity in Nollywood centres around short cuts, how to attain specific goals - status, fame, wealth, etc – with minimum self-exertion. You see it at work in the appropriation of the social identity of a class in another country. All that the ‘great’ minds in the movie industry here had to do was replace the initial letter of the identity tag ‘Hollywood’ with ‘N’, the initial letter of ‘Nigeria’, and then give themselves a name and what they consider an indigenous identity. It is analogous to the process that produced what we today refer to as The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999. Deep thinking, reflection, planning, hard work and perseverance – the pillars of originality - are out of it all. Like the pretenders called politicians who beguile themselves and the citizenry about the content of constitutional democracy (what has been copied from the United States), Nollywood’s movers and shakers are content to fuse together rudiments of film, giving special prominence to scenic resplendence, mannerisms and thought patterns, and costumes as typical of the American variant(s), just to make viewers believe that the product is of foreign provenance.


Nollyhood is the story of Nigeria, the story of a people obsessed with labels and short cuts and little else. You will find a Constitution, one modeled after that of the world’s leading democracy, which sets out the key institutions of government, their responsibilities and powers, as well as means of succession. But, to the minders of the State, it is enough that it proclaims Nigeria to the outside world as a modern State founded on democratic principles. The Constitution, in real terms, is of little relevance in the day-to-day management of national affairs. Political parties emerge, not from shared beliefs and ideologies regarding how best to maximize national resources and mobilize the populace for participation in the process of governance, but from convergence of interests bordering largely on pecuniary projections. Accession to power, as envisioned and practicalised by the military in 1999 and in 2003 by Obasanjo, had to be by selection under the agency of the so-called Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and not popular elections as stipulated by the Constitution. Electioneering campaigns and public debates were not necessary as the manipulators of INEC only had to submit lists for endorsement as winners for various offices.


No inclination whatsoever to give meaning to those labels that affirm our collective attachment to certain value systems and principles of governance! In imitation of leaders of the world’s true democracies, Olusegun Obasanjo, head of the Abuja Ajunta, would prepare a budget every year and submit same to the National Assembly, supposed representatives of the people, for scrutiny and approval. From the era of former Senate President Evan Enwerem through those of Anyim Pius Anyim and Adolphus Wabara to Ken Nnamani, alias ‘No banana peels’, Obasanjo has had his wish lists rubber stamped and the allocations diverted to projects that only a truly corrective regime in the future can unravel. No queries to date, that the man has never implemented any capital budget by as much as 30 per cent and that Nigerians have been massively shortchanged. Senate President Nnamani, who is content to ride in N44 million limousines at a time the minimum wage in the country is N5,000 and social infrastructure has virtually collapsed, and his Ghana-must-go-compliant colleagues have bothered very little about their oversight responsibilities. Last week, the misery of the masses exploded in the mouth of a fellow while Obasanjo was reading his ‘budget’ speech: “Stop wasting our time. Talk about other things….” Someone shouted on the floor of the House.


Nigeria is Nollywood and Nollywood is Nigeria! It is the story of a people who dream dreams shaped by material reality elsewhere - in fancied societies. They identify and lift (for adoption) features of better organized and sophisticated societies, but stop short of the effort to make those things real in their own societies. Institutions of State and facilities are all around you but they are no more than lifeless imitations of functional bodies and monuments that exist elsewhere. You have a Police Force, as every modern society does, for protection of life and property, but here, they are as dangerous as the most dreadful armed robbers and ritualists you can encounter in the back streets and in evil forests. There are academic institutions and hospitals, but hardly equipment and motivated staff. You have airports but the runways are either cratered or are for herds of cattle to wander along. Last Saturday, in Port Harcourt, a plane overshot the runway of the International Airport and burst into flames. The airport had no electricity at the time the plane had to land, and no one in the Control Tower could warn the pilot that weather conditions were inclement. And the fire fighters had no water. Because, Nigerians fooled themselves to label and use such a place as an airport, one hundred and nine souls perished. As if to mock bereaved families, the man who has fraudulently diverted allocations for maintenance and equipment at the airports wrote in a condolence register that the disaster is the will of God!

Nollywood and Nigeria must get to appreciate that it is a measure of self-abasement to copy and copy models originated by others for no better reason than to present a façade of modernity, sophistication or well-being. To what good is it that Nigeria has a Constitution patterned after that of almighty America, yet it is nowhere better than the Central African Republic of late Emperor Bedel Bokassa. Labels lifted from other lands and misapplied here have only made our country the laughingstock of civilized mankind. Nollywood has done same to our country, portraying us all people lacking in creative ability. Couldn’t our artists have invented a name, possibly from our indigenous languages, and nurtured the industry to a respectable state that could make that name resonate anywhere around the world? Let those in the movie industry learn that life is about identifying and adding value to creative processes. That’s the surest part to stardom and fortune.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


"PDP Has Transformed Nigeria," Says Obasanjo

"PDP Has Deformed Nigeria," Replies Orikinla

OBJ:I feel very delighted to welcome you all, great men and women of our great Party: the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Since its formation, we have seen our party become stronger, bolder, larger, and steadily institutionalized.

ORI: Yes, institutionalized tyranny and kleptocracy.

OBJ: When we say that we are the largest political party in Africa, it is not a joke. It is the truth and we must be proud of that fact.

ORI: Yes, and also the largest kleptocracy in Africa.

OBJ:In addition, we have succeeded in learning from our experiences, strengthened our institutions and structures, built discipline, and mapped out an agenda for progress, prosperity and development.

Let me use this opportunity to thank the founding fathers of our great party for their vision, patriotism and sense of nation. I commend them for giving to Africa such a strong and focused political party that is setting the pace on many fronts as we collectively march towards democratic consolidation.

ORI: You have succeeded in learning nothing from the mistakes of the past, you have destroyed the institutions and structures of democracy and governance in Nigeria. And you have betrayed your so called “founding fathers” that you have abused and misused their trust. And you have given Africa nothing but monstrosity and notoriety in dirty and filthy party politics and setting the pace in corruption, rigging of elections, political thuggery and assassinations and kleptocratic consolidation.

OBJ:Let me very briefly give you a report of our stewardship in Government. You are all very familiar with what we met in 1999: a totally dislocated, fragmented, decaying, badly governed, highly demoralised, and corruption-stricken nation and people. Not only was civil society suffocated, but political spaces were closed, and there was not much economy to speak about. The vast majority of Nigerians relied on dubious and extra-legal coping methods of survival to the detriment of the soul of the nation.

ORI: You have no other report than your bad stewardship since 1999 to date. You have worsened the dislocation, fragmentation, decadence, badly governed, highly demoralized and corrupt-stricken (you have turned it into corrupt-ridden) nation and disillusioned people. You have done even worse in suffocating civil society, you have violated the human rights of thousands of people your storm troopers murdered in the Niger Delta, in Odi, Odioma and other parts of Nigeria. Murdered innocent and armless protesters during several Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) strikes in Lagos, Benin, Abuja and other places. Bola Ige was murdered in your regime and about 1,000 lives have been lost in extra-judicial killings since you came to power in 1999. Chima Ubani and others died on the terrible roads you have failed to repair. And you have worsened the state of the economy as many of your cronies and proxies have been looting the treasury since 1999 to date. And the vast majority of Nigerians have been rendered homeless as your draconian regime dispossessed them of their accommodations from Lagos to Abuja and you have robbed Peter to pay Paul. You have made more Nigerians poorer than ever before.


Tuesday, December 13, 2005


An American and a French working for aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres were among the dead in the air disaster of last Saturday in Nigeria.PRESIDENT OLUSEGUN OBASANJO

"Unless we do something and do it fast, people will lose confidence in the industry,"
President Olusegun Obasanjo as he visited the crash site yesterday.

Mr. President, people have already lost confidence in the Nigerian aviation industry and they have also lost confidence in your incompetent government. And you were boasting that your draconian kleptocratic ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has transformed Nigeria? When the truth is that your ruling party is the worst political party in the history of Nigeria and your government is the worst government in the history of Nigeria. If you doubt me, ask the people on streets of Nigeria. Even the insane hate your government and even morons know that your government is corrupt and only witch-hunting your rivals

The BBC reported that President Obasanjo has fired two top officials. But, that was a misleading report and in fact a lie. Because, President Olusegun Obasanjo did not fire the officials. He only suspended them. I mean to fire and to suspend are two different things.

A statement issued by the president's office said the permanent secretary in the aviation ministry, Tommy Oyelade, and another senior official had been sent on indefinite leave.

December 2005:Sosoliso Airlines plane crashes in Port Harcourt, with more than 100 deaths
October 2005: Bellview Airlines plane crashes near the village of Lissa, Ogun state, killing 117 people
May 2002: Plane operated by EAS Airlines crashes in Kano, killing 148 people - half of them on the ground
November 1996: 142 people die when Boeing 727 owned by Nigeria's ADC airline plunges into lagoon 85km (55 miles) from Lagos
September 1992: 158 people are killed when military transport plane goes down near Lagos

The guilty airlines with faulty aircrafts should be banned and not allowed to be flying their containers of death mistaken for planes. Bellview, Sosoliso and the other fake local airlines should be banned.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


50 students of the famous Loyola Jesuit College were killed in the latest air disaster in Nigeria last Saturday.They were on the ill-fated Sosoliso Airlines DC-9 Flight 1145 from Abuja that crashed in Port Harcourt at exactly 2.08 p.m., yesterday, killing 103 passengers (including the crew)on the spot and four others have also died in the hospital where the wounded survivors were rushed to.The 50 students of Loyola Jesuit College, Karu,Abuja were returning home for the Christmas holidays.

Chippla Vandu was the first Nigerian to blog the breaking news yesterday before I posted the bad news of the second catastrophic air disaster in Nigeria this year within 50 days. The bereaved families of the 117 people who lost their lives in the Bellview plane crash on October 22 are still mourning when the horrible news of the latest air crash was reported on the CNN and other foreign news agencies before the Nigerian news media could report it.

It is horrifying and terrifying to bear the nightmares of these calamities and only the bereaved families would be able to tell others the trauma of the great loss of their beloved ones. And only God who knows the depth of their awesome loss can comfort them.

I have warned of the grave consequences of the incompetence and inefficiency of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) under the office of the Aviation minister, Prof. Babalola Borishade.

The ill-fated Sosoliso Airlines(Flight 1145)DC-9-32 aircraft with registration number 5N-BFD was manufactured in 1973. So it is a 32-year-old "tokunbo" aircraft.

I am not going to say more than what I have already posted onChippla's Weblog. I will only quote the similar views of a competent professional in the aviation sector, Capt. Tito Omaghomi, former Chairman of Nigerian Aviation Safety Initiative (NASI),who flew for the presidential fleet and liquidated Nigeria Airways for 35 years.

The Vanguard reported that Captain Tito Omaghomi:
re-echoed his recent comments in a Vanguard interview, saying planes would continue to drop off the sky as long as the rot in the aviation industry remained uncleared.

“Well, go back to my interview; I told you more will be happening. The rot in the system is manifesting now.I told you it will happen, this is only the beginning. May the souls of the dead rest in perfect peace.Amen!”, he said.

When on December 2, an experienced pilot,Captain Tito Omaghomi described the sector as being in disarray, many so-called stakeholders dismissed his observations, describing him as doomsday prophet.But it took only a couple of days after, for the plane crash at Port Harcourt.Omaghomi, while speaking with Vanguard editors, reviewed the aviation sector and warned that unless a radical overhaul was carried out, the airspace, would continue to witness disasters.

He said that the sector constituted a threat to lives of travellers and a dent on the image of Nigeria, because the sector has suffered the infiltration of non-professionals.A situation where unqualified people occupy sensitive positions and operate the sector, based on party patronage, standards are therefore thrown to the winds.Omaghomi raised fresh alarm that due to poverty afflicting most pilots “they now fly aircraft even though they are not sure of its airworthiness”.

He added that the frightening aspect of your flight was that most pilots do not go for regular training and checks.The reason being that “training practice is no more”. On inspection of airplane, he said, “we have a very sad thing happening in respect of airplane inspection. Based or what he described as dangerous airspace, he said,“when I go to the airport these days to board a flight I take my time to find out who the pilot is. If I am not sure of the competence of the pilot, I take my bag and go back to my house”. That is a message for the authorities. But can the present operators of the sector turn the situation around make the airspace safe and restore public confidence?

Nigerian airports are like cartoons when an Air France passenger jet crashed into a herd of cows on the runway at Port Harcourt International Airport. And some cows were recently shot dead on the runway of another Nigerian airport. There are so many potholes on the runways of most of the airports in Nigeria.

My final verdict is that the incompetent Aviation minister, Prof. Babalola Borishade SHOULD BE SACKED immediately.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Another Nigerian Plane Crashes

Nigerian Plane Crashes in Port Harcourt
By Nico Colombant
10 December 2005

Colombant report - Download 196k
Listen to Colombant report

Nigerian reports say a domestic airliner has crashed while landing in the southern oil rich city of Port Harcourt, killing most on board.

The passenger jet operated by Sosoliso airlines was trying to land in Port Harcourt on a flight from the capital Abuja Saturday when it apparently burst into flames.

Friday, December 09, 2005


I said the bloody battle royale of the Presidential Election of 2007 in Nigeria has already begun. And this has been confirmed by latest press conference of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)to react to the critical situation in the leadership of the ruling party as two new opposition groups have been formed by its erstwhile leaders, the Movement for Defence of Democracy (MDD) and the Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD). So,in panic, the PDP sent out a defensive statement in Abuja signed by its National Secretary, Chief Ojo Mad-uekwe.I watched the press conference on the Africa Independent Television(AIT)the CNN of Nigeria.

Chief Ojo Mad-uekwe was doing his best as teleguided by the powers behind the Presidency to attack the credibility of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and was calling him and his supporters names. And I enjoyed the whole political drama.

The former leaders of the PDP have let the cat out of the bag that they actually rigged the previous elections in order to defeat the other political parties. And the shocking revelations are damaging the credibility of the PDP.

How I wish that the masses of Nigeria who have been used as the cannon fodder of the political warfare in Nigeria will not be ignorant of the stark reality of these revelations as the ruthless, selfish and wicked ruling political class has been exposed for the whole world to see that they are fraudulent and malevolent evil doers who should be arrested and put on public trial for their crimes against the Nigerian electorate.

These shameless Nigerian politicians are not democrats, but unrepentant kleptocrats.

This is the debacle of the tabernacle of the Nigerian ruling class.

Thursday, December 08, 2005



The two days sit at home protest called by Movement for the Actualization of sovereign state of Biafra(MASSOB) to protest the continued detention of its leader, chief Ralph Uwazuruike, by the Federal Government was religiously observed here in Enyimba city Aba, Abia State and its environs.

As early as 5am on my way from night duty at Osisioma junction, members of the organization who have been well mobilized started setting up road blocks with born fires of used tyres and early risers were running helter-skelter.

About an hour later I noticed a detachment of policemen (police in black and mobile police) removing the materials used as road blocks and bonfires and also confronted the MASSOB members who were later on dispersed with tear gas canisters.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is The Al Qaida More Intelligent Than The CIA?


Why has America failed to capture Osama bin Laden or Ayman al-Zawahri?
Why couldn't the CIA stop the 9/11?
Is the Al Qaida more intelligent than the CIA?


Is Osama bin Laden more intelligent than George Walker Bush?
Because, the leadership of Al Qaida under Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahri seems to be more efficient than the leadership of the CIA under George W.Bush and Dick Cheney.


Ayman Al-Zawahri is reputed as the master planner of the Al Qaida. He is a qualified eye-surgeon from a wealthy Egyptian family. So, he is well educated. And his intellect has been very useful to the intelligentsia of the Al Qaida in the military strategies and logistics of their terrorist attacks before and after 9/11.

The results of the war on terror so far have shown the failures of the CIA and Pentagon in the prosecution of the war. Because, the Al Qaida has used less men as suicide-bombers to kill more Americans and other people than the battalions of troops and allies being used by America since 9/11 to date.

One suicide-bomber can kill ten US Marines in one terrorist attack. And with these dare-devil terrorist suicide-bombers, the Al Qaida has done more damage to the reputation of the CIA, Pentagon and NATO. And as we can see, America cannot dictate the course of the war on terror. And the terrorists are still boasting as Ayman Al-Zawahri recently said:
“Thanks be to God, (al-Qaida’s) prince, Sheikh Osama bin Laden, is still, God protect him, leading the holy war.”

Now, what is your opinion?


The volatile political atmosphere in Nigeria as at present should be giving Nigerians enough feast for thought. Because, as we say in Africa, there is no smoke without fire. This atmosphere is smoking hot. The political gas is already circulating in the air. Just light a match and everywhere will go up in flames.

Why is President Olusegun Obasanjo harassing his VP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. And he has put Atiku Abubakar on the defensive. Because, the man is now making public statements to refute many negative allegations being circulated against him. And the allegations are being made by loyalists of the President.

Who is afraid of Atiku Abubakar?

President Olusegun Obasanjo's godfathers in Minna are afraid of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. And they are using the President and his agents to haunt Atiku Abubakar.
Why? Because, they are scared of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar becoming the next President of Nigeria. And their fears are as real as the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Because, the "evil genius" of the Nigerian Kleptocracy knows that Atiku can defeat him in the next Presidential Election. And he has conspired with the current President to frustrate, harass and embarrass Atiku to make him unpopular among the populace. And if possible to hang a crime on him that will disqualify Atiku from contesting the next Presidential Election in 2007.

The political gambit is to attempt to discredit Atiku and if they fail, they will amend the Constitution to favour a Third Term for President Olusegun Obasanjo. But, they will fail.

The "evil genius" is the worst political kleptocrat in Nigeria and President Olusegun Obasanjo and his EFCC are scared of him. But Atiku is not afraid of their sacred cow. And the sacred cow is afraid of Atiku. Because, Atiku can slaughter this sacred cow if given the power to do so.So the dice is cast.

The bloody battle royale of the 2007 Presidential Election in Nigeria is already being written.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005



Three "Biafrans" have been killed in the latest bloody clashes between the revolutionary separatist activists and the security forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The casualties were reported in Aba and Onitsha.

The political situation in the South East of Nigeria needs to be addressed by the United Nations and the G-8, because the on-going separatist protests by the members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra(MASSOB), demanding for the release their leader Chief Ralph Uwazuruike have distrupted business activities as markets, shops, offices and banks have been shut since yesterday. And three protesters have been killed and several others have been wounded in the violent disturbances in Aba and Onitsha just across the Niger Bridge.

The UN is always slow to react to such emergencies until the situation becomes worse and then the UN will be running helter-skelter in panic to stop the anarchy and chaos.

We don't have to wait for another civil war to break out in Nigeria before we know that there is a state of emergency in the southern states of Nigeria from the critical situation over the "Wanted" Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, governor of Bayelsa state to the unresolved crisis in Anambra State and the mayhem over Biafra.

The foreign news agencies have been circulating the reports since Nigerian Times published the first information yesterday.

Monday, December 05, 2005


The Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra(MASSOB)has ordered all traders and workers in South Eastern Nigeria to close their shops and offices today. The MASSOB has declared today "NO WORK DAY IN BIAFRA".

The news got to me yesterday and I have tried to confirm it from their web site, but there is nothing on such a directive. No Press Release. The news reached Bonny Island by word of mouth from Port Harcourt in Rivers State and the people in Port Harcourt informed me that only the native Ibo speaking states will likely comply with the directive of MASSOB.

I have had on line discussions with some leading members of MASSOB and I told them that they are not well organised and having radio station, web sites and other forms of mass media does not mean they are well organised. Because, emotional ratiocination will not be enough to address the goals and objectives of their mission. The majority of Ibos would rather be Nigerians than be Biafrans.
Even, most of the Ibos supporting Biafra cannot do without their Nigerian passport.

The best way to demonstrate their faith in Biafra is to withdraw their Nigerian citizenship and return their Nigerian passports to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You cannot claim Biafra while carrying a Nigerian ID or Passport as all the so called "Biafrans" are currently doing.

MASSOB should stop kicking against their balls.

The problem with Nigeria is not tribalism, but kleptocracy.
Let us join hands to destroy kleptocracy and Nigeria will be the pride of all Nigerians and other Africans.

One God and One Nation Nigeria under the sun.

That romantic Biafran flag belongs to the Nigerian Civil War museum.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The PDP of Nigeria Fools The CNN

DSP ALAMIEYESEIGHA:The Scarlet Pimpernel Governor of the Year.

Party expels Nigeria bail-jump governor

Friday, December 2, 2005 Posted: 1431 GMT (2231 HKT)

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) -- The ruling party has expelled a Nigeria state governor who was charged in Britain with money laundering.

President Olusegun Obasanjo's People's Democratic Party said in a statement that Bayelsa State Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha's actions are "an assault on the integrity" of the party.

Alamieyeseigha was arrested while on a visit to Britain and charged there on September 15 with laundering £1.8 million ($3.2 million) of stolen Nigerian government funds

From the above CNN news report, apparently, the People's Democratic Party(PDP)of Nigeria has fooled the almighty CNN.

The CNN should not be deceived by the on-going political drama over the ordeals of Chief DSP Alamieyeseigha, the Governor of Bayelsa State in Nigeria. Because, the so called ruling party of Nigeria, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) is a party of crooks and rogues in power who rigged the elections since 1999 to date to rule the ignorant and gullible Nigerian electorate. And even the President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is a bona fide beneficiary of the criminal activities of the PDP.

The PDP is not a democratic party, but a kleptocratic ruling class of notorious oligarchs holding the rest of Nigerians hostage and we have to expel these evil politicians, otherwise Nigeria will continue to rot.

The PDP has abused democracy and contravened the Rule of Law in Nigeria.

The PDP is already developing strategies for rigging the next elections in Nigeria in order to prolong the tyranny of their kleptocracy in Nigeria.

The CNN should be told the plain truth that the so called ruling party, People's Democratic Party (PDP)has no integrity and it is a rogue party that has perpetrated criminal atrocities since 1999 to date.

The PDP rigged elections to come to power in Nigeria and the scandalous crimes of the Nigerian politicians in the PDP such as the wanted governors Dariye and Alamieyeseigha are the true criminal characteristics of the PDP in Nigeria.

The sooner we expel the PDP the better.

The PDP has abused democracy and contravened the Rule of Law In Nigeria. And if you want the facts, the CNN should go and interview Chief Gani Fawehinmi, the respected human rights lawyer and activist in Nigeria.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Dr. Peter Odili and Baba Iyabo

The melodramatic ordeals of Chief Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, the "wanted" governor of Bayelsa state of Nigeria will not end with his prosecution in Nigeria and the UK. Because, he is not the only corrupt public official in Nigeria. And we don't have to wait until the Metropolitan Police nabs anyone of them for money laundering before we start screaming all over the place.

Recently as I was on the Nigeria LNG Jetty shuttle bus the news was on the local radio that Dr.Peter Odili donated N100 Million to the Stella Maris Catholic Church University Fund and all the other occupants laughed out aloud. That he was squandering the revenue allocation of Rivers State meant for the development of the host communities of the multinational oil companies.

The Diepreye Alamieyeseigha scandal has diverted the attention of the media from the scandal of the private jet acquired by Dr.Peter Odili that a news reporter wrote about and was arrested and detained.

President Olusegun Obasanjo alias "Baba Iyabo" has not sent his Bobbies of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)to interrogate Dr. Peter Odili.

I am sharing the opinions of the critics that Baba Iyabo is only witch-hunting his political rivals.

Mr Obasanjo set up the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in order to fight fraud in a country ranked as one of the most corruption in the world.

But his critics say the anti-corruption drive is bring used to eliminate political rivals.

Mr Alamieyeseigha is seen as being close to Vice-President Atiku Abubakar - who is vying with Mr Obasanjo for control of the ruling People's Democratic Party.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yakubu Gowon:The Best Head of State Nigeria Has Ever Had

Gen (Dr.) Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s military Head of State for nine years, from 29 July 1966 to 29 July 1975, was born on 19 October 1934 in Pankshin, Plateau state. He was educated at St. Bartholomew School, Wusasa, Zaria from 1939 to 1949; Government College, Zaria (1950-53). He received his military training at Officer Cadet Training School, Teshie Ghana (1954); Eaton Hall, Chester, England (1955); Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, (1955-56); Young Officers’ College, Hythe Warminster (1957;, Staff College, Camberley, England (1962); Joint Services College, Latimer, England, (1965).

Dr. Yakubu Gowon is the best head of state Nigeria has ever had since Independence to date. He was only 32 when he took over the reins of power at the most critical period of our history when Nigeria was in crisis and the civil of 1967 -70 wrecked the political and economic stability of Nigeria. But, Yakubu Gowon still succeeded in leading Nigeria with the most brilliant Nigerian personalities of the period such as the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and others.

I believe that Dr. Yakubu Gowon can still lead Nigeria if given the choice to serve our nation again. Even at such a time as this.

Read more on The Chinua Achebe Foundation Interview Series© following the link above.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Reign of Kleptocracy in Nigeria

May I quote from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kleptocracy (sometimes Cleptocracy) (root: Klepto+cracy = rule by thieves) is a pejorative, informal term for a government so corrupt that no pretense of honesty remains. In a kleptocracy the mechanisms of government are almost entirely devoted to taxing the public at large in order to amass substantial personal fortunes for the rulers and their cronies (collectively, kleptocrats), or to keep said rulers in power. Kleptocrats typically use money laundering and/or anonymous banking to protect and conceal their illegal gains.

Kleptocracies are by and large dictatorships or some other form of autocratic government, since democracy makes thievery more difficult to accomplish and conceal. Kleptocratic states consistently tend to be politically and socially unstable, while being stably kleptocratic. That is, the political governance of such states typically consists of one set of thieves displacing their predecessors by subversive or violent means.

The economies of kleptocracies tend to perform badly, as the systematic corruption engendered by kleptocratic governance means that the economy is subordinated to the interests of the kleptocrats. Kleptocrats realize that they have more to gain from taking a large share of a stable or shrinking pie than from a shrinking share of an increasing pie. Economies based on the extraction of natural resources (eg. diamonds and oil in a few prominent cases) can be particularly prone to kleptocracy, as the kleptocrats simply tax the Ricardian rent. Historically, the socio-political environment associated with colonial rule - in particular the dominance of colonial economies by a small number of commodities - has been particularly conducive to the later creation of kleptocracies, especially in Africa and South America.

The creation of a kleptocracy typically results in many years of general hardship and suffering for the vast majority of citizens as civil society and the rule of law distintegrates. In addition, kleptocrats routinely ignore economic and social problems in their quest to amass ever more wealth. As kleptocrats do not attempt to build or maintain functioning states, or even maintain large security forces for fear of coups d'état, kleptocracies are generally incompetent in the face of social crises, and often collapse into prolonged civil war and anarchy.

Some observers use the term 'kleptocracy' to disparage political processes which permit corporations to influence political policy. Ralph Nader called the United States a kleptocracy in this sense of the word during the 2000 US presidential campaign. A more accurate term for this influence over a state is plutocracy.

The above definition sums up the true state of Nigeria since 1979 to date. And ironically it was the present head of state of Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo who handed over to the corrupt leadership of President Shehu Shagari of the National Party of Nigeria (NPN) that rigged the Presidential Election to defeat the late Chief Obafemi Jeremiah Awolowo of the Unity Party of Nigeria(UPN). The coming to power of the NPN was the beginning of the reign of Kleptocracy in Nigeria parading in the masquerade of quasi-democracy stage-managed by the American Intelligence and British government. Because, both the American and British agencies were privy to the massive rigging of the Presidential Elections manipulated to favour their neo-colonial policies in Nigeria. And since 1979 to date, the plague of Kleptocracy has done collateral damage to Nigeria.

The beneficiaries of the kleptocratic regimes are now touted and celebrated as the richest men in Nigeria and decorated as the gurus of the economic growth of Nigeria. Criminals who should be in jail or even summarily executed for causing the untimely deaths of millions of the masses in Nigeria they left in penury and misery.

I will not repeat myself, because these contentious issues of corruption and misadministration in Nigeria have been thoroughly addressed on Nigerian Times since June to date. That is why I am not alarmed over the dramatic global kleptocratic antics of Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State who jumped bail in Britain and escaped back to Nigeria.

Governor Peter Odili of Rivers State is also looting the treasury of the state and he is still basking in the sun with his godfather President Olusegun Obasanjo who is using the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to haunt his enemies and the supporters of his Vice, Atiku Abubakar.

I wish there are still true officers of honour in the Nigerian Armed Forces to do the right thing now. TO TOPPLE THE CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OF THE RULING PARTY IN NIGERIA.
Enough is enough!

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Nigerian Puzzle of the Year

Who is the richest man in Nigeria?
The "evil genius"?

Is it Dr. Mike Adenuga jr?

Now who is the real owner of Globalcom Nigeria, Conoil and all the other companies managed by the dummy of the "evil genius"?

Did the late Gen.Sanni Abacha steal more billions of naira than the "evil genius" and his dummies in Nigeria who are posing and posturing to be "gurus" of the Nigerian oligarchy?

From the gullible ignorant majority to their kleptomaniac paymasters and taskmasters in power, Nigerians make an interesting comedy. What I call the "comedy of errors". A melodramatic black comedy.

For the answers, please see the archives for "Looters of Nigeria" or "Owners of Nigeria".

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Laptop For Every Nigerian Child


The good news is music to my ears as you can see in the current news column on the sidebar. And it has been reported since yesterday.That every Nigerian child will benefit from the "One Laptop-One Child Initiative" for only $100 per laptop.

These are the notes from the news report.
The President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is very excited and thrilled by the break-through of Professor Nicholas Negroponte and his team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States for the initiative.

President Olusegun Obasanjo met the brains behind the laudable and remarkable achievement in Tunisia, at the second phase of World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS-05. And a meeting has been scheduled between them and the Nigerian top government officials.

NIGERIA and five other countries have been named the first beneficiaries of the One-Laptop-One-Child Initiative. Others are Egypt, India, Brazil, China and Thailand.

Chairman of the initiative, Professor Nicholas Negroponte who disclosed this in Tunis Wednesday, said the laptops would be distributed through various governments of benefitting nations.

Also, Nigeria has redeemed its 0.5 million Euros (aboout N87.5 million) to the Digital Solidarity Fund, President Olusegun Obasanjo has said. He spoke in Tunis.

Initial distribution of the laptops is expected by first quarter of next year.

But there are skeptics and cynics.
Negroponte's dream may not match reality, for all its Utopian promise

It's one of the great Utopian visions — universal access to the world's knowledge without limitation of wealth, location or social position. The logical conclusion to universal literacy and universal suffrage: nobody can argue against it as a force for good.

Negroponte has an attractive vision. Then again, MIT's Media Lab has never lacked vision. It should shame nobody to ask about delivery, appropriateness and long-term strategy. Utopias are never cheap.,39020505,39237331,00.htm

But, I sincerely hope that millions of Children in Nigeria will benefit from this initiative. Because, my suspicion is that as usual, the very greedy and selfish Nigerian Middle Class and Upper Class will hijack these subsidized laptops and divert them to their own kids in their Ivy League private schools and High Schools and the millions of the less privileged kids of the poor majority will never receive any of the laptops.

I can bet with President Olusegun Obasanjo that the rich and more privileged Nigerians in private and public offices will hijack these laptops meant for the children of the poor who have been suffering great deprivations all these years.

I want proven Nigerians of integrity and probity like Rev. Gamaliel Onosode, Dr. Dora Nkem Akunyili and Dr. Pat Utomi to be given the responsibility for the distribution of the laptops before they are hijacked or stolen midway by the Nigerian kleptomaniacs in the corridors of power from Lagos to Abuja.

I am overwhelmed by this break through that will propel an Internet revolution in Nigeria as every family in Nigeria should be able to connect their computers to the Internet. And the intellectual enlightenment and empowerment of the new generation of Nigerians will accelerate the advancement of Information Technology for sustainable human capital development in Nigeria.

Friday, November 18, 2005

President George W. Bush of America Warns President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria

The latest news in town is that the President of America, George Walker Bush has warned the President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo not to attempt staying in power beyond his second term of office when it ends in 2007.

There are rumours of the speculations that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo wants to go for a third term in office contrary to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. And his political mafia is working hard to manipulate the National Assembly to amend the Constitution to make it possible for him to extend his stay in office to the third term.

Let me just warn Chief Olusegun Obasanjo that if he is in hurry to join his beloved wife Mrs. Stella Obasanjo, he should continue with his subtle plans to extend his second term in office.


US president advises Nigeria's Obasanjo against third term:

LAGOS, Nov. 17 (Xinhuanet)
US President George W. Bush has advised his Nigerian counterpart Olusegun Obasanjo against seeking a third term in office, as lawmakers reportedly tried to amend the constitution to extend Obasanjo's tenure, a private newspaper reported Thursday.

The Punch newspaper quoted a diplomatic source as saying Bush in a letter dated on October 24 urged Obasanjo to respect his country's constitution and hand over the baton to a new civilian leader in 2007.

"He (Bush) said it was important to have a transition government from one civilian government to another civilian government ... The message from Bush was clear and unambiguous," the source added.

Obasanjo's spokesman Femi Fani-Kayode denied that a warning letter had been received from Bush, telling the newspaper that the letter is "purely a case of someone's wildest imagination."

Spokesman for the US embassy in Nigeria Rudolph Stewart neither denied nor confirmed the information on the letter.

Obasanjo, who took office in 1999 and won reelection in 2003, has repeatedly said he would hand over the baton in 2007 and go back to his own farm raising poultry and birds. He once did the unthinkable by voluntarily handing over power to an elected government in 1979 after three years as a military leader.

But his supporters are reportedly seeking to amend the 1999 constitution so that Obasanjo has a third term. The speculation escalated Wednesday when a critic of the proposal was removed from a National Assembly sub-committee that has been working on a constitutional amendment since 2003. End item

Thursday, November 17, 2005

90 % of Nigerian Leaders Are Kleptomaniacs

I have been researching on the nature of Nigerian leaders from the local government level to the office of the President, and I have now concluded that over 90% of Nigerian public officers are suffering from Kleptomania. Because, they just cannot stop stealing public funds.

I have thought of asking the proven men of God in Nigeria such as Pastors Enoch Adejare Adeboye, William Folorunsho Kumuyi and Daniel Olukoya to perform special deliverance service for all our public officers turn by turn. To exorcize the evil spirits of Kleptomania out their hearts and souls.

The Nigerian Armed Forces also need deliverance from the spirit of bribery and corruption.

I am a Christian and I believe that when naturally normal humans behave like abnormal people. We have to see them as either mentally sick or spiritually ill. So, we need to address their cases accordingly.

One governor was caught for money laundering in the UK and he escaped back to Nigeria and he is still in office doing what he knows best- stealing public funds. Then, another governor was also caught for the same crime in the UK and he is not even ashamed of his disgrace. He is pointing accusing fingers at the President of Nigeria for his predicament. That the President planned his downfall? And as I blog this, millions of Nigeria are busy stealing public funds directly or indirectly through bogus contracts, over-invoicing, extortion, inflation, bribery, nepotism, tribalism, extra-judicial robbery, etc. And come Friday and Sunday, these shameless crooks and rogues will troop to the various mosques and churches they have sponsored all over Nigeria to pay lip service to God in their melodramatic masquerade of conceit and deceit in their "Narcissistic Grandiosity of Hypocrisy".

Kleptomania is a strong desire to steal. Often a kleptomaniac person steals things he could have bought easily or things that are not at all expensive. The person steals just for the tension or the kick. Kleptomania can be the result of emotional shortcomings during the youth.

These patients have an irresistible inclination to steal. Often they throw away the stolen goods. They are mostly interested in the kick of the stealing itself. Although psychiatrists consider kleptomania as a disease, this is not a legal excuse in front of an American or British court.

This disorder is rather easy to treat. It is important to find another occupation to replace the stealing activity. It is also very important to make the patient realize that others are harmed by the stealing activities.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nigeria Wins 2005 Coventry International Peace Prize

Organisers of the Coventry International Prize for Peace and Reconciliation chose to honour President Obasanjo for his "outstanding and sustained contributions towards peace and reconciliation in Africa".

Speaking after receiving the prize, President Obasanjo said that there could be no substitute for peace and reconciliation in the world and that the quest for peace would always remain relevant especially in a country like Nigeria with about 350 ethnic groups.

"This ceremony, this award and this honour are most touching in a number of ways and very humbly, I accept the honour that the Cathedral and the city of Coventry have done me, my family, Nigeria and Africa," he said.

I decided to say Nigeria wins the 2005 Coventry International Peace Prize, because the credit should go to Nigeria for sacrificing so much in peace keeping operations in Africa, notably in Liberia, Sierra Leone, The Congo and Sudan. And Nigeria lost over 1,000 soldiers in peace keeping operations.

President Olusegun Obasanjo cannot claim the credit for the achievements of Nigeria. Because, Nigeria has been playing vital roles in World Peace since Nigeria became Independent from the British Empire on October 1st, 1960. Even the military junta of the late tyranical dictator Gen. Sani Abacha sent thousands of Nigerian soldiers to Liberia and Sierra Leone when even the UN and the US were scared of daring the devils on rampage like the late Samuel Doe, the wanted fugitive Charles Taylor who is still in the protective custody of President Olusegun Obasanjo in Nigeria and Yommie Johnson. So, President Olusegun Obasanjo is not the one who initiated our costly peace keeping operations in West Africa and other regions of Africa.

In fact, the government of President Olusegun Obasanjo is guilty of the violations of the human rights of millions of Nigerians in the Niger Delta region and in other parts of Nigeria where the storm troopers of the Nigerian Armed Forces have invaded many rural communities and left them in ruins. More cases of extra-judicial killings have been recorded since 1999 when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was sworn in as the President to date than all the years of the tyranny of the late dictator Gen. Sani Abacha. So, President Olusegun Obasanjo does not deserve any prize for peace and reconciliation until he has improved the human rights records of his government.

The presentation of the 2005 Coventry International Peace Prize took place last Monday on the anniversary of 1940 Blitz that destroyed the old Cathedral and much of the city.