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Wikileaks "The World Tomorrow" Premieres on RT Channels On April 17.

13 Apr 2012 17:33 Africa/Lagos

Julian Assange Exclusive Project to Premiere April 17 on RT

MOSCOW, April 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- "The World Tomorrow," an exclusive new project by Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, will premiere on all RT channels on April 17.

The new series will be simultaneously broadcast from Moscow across RT's three channels in English, Arabic and Spanish, and from Washington, DC on RT America. April 17th also marks the 500th day of the international blockade of Wikileaks funding.

The show was filmed in London, where Julian Assange has remained under house arrest for over a year, without being officially charged. The series sees Assange, the series creator and host, engage with a wide range of global notables – in his opinion, those shaping the global agenda of tomorrow.

Assange's top-secret guest list includes "figures...who normally simply would not be given a voice on TV at all. What is fair to say is that the majority of what they have said to me they could not say on a mainstream TV network."

"We do not want to kill the buzz and the intrigue by revealing the name of the first guest," stated RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan. "But I have no doubts that this particular guest and this interview will lead to calls to shut us down from some especially hawkish personalities who have little respect for freedom of speech."

Assange explained why he chose RT to premiere "The World Tomorrow." "When we look at international networks there's really only two that are worth speaking about, and that's RT and Al Jazeera," noted Assange. "When we were looking what international broadcaster...we wished to partner with, we looked to see what was the penetration into the United States. RT had greater penetration into the United States."

RT, a global international news network that broadcasts in English, Arabic and Spanish from its studios in Moscow and Washington, DC, is available to 480 million viewers, or 25% of all cable subscribers, worldwide. In the UK RT is more popular than Bloomberg, according to the recent survey by Kantar Media. RT became the first news channel in the world to pass 700 million views on YouTube. In 2010, RT became the first ever Russian channel to garner a nomination for the prestigious Emmy International Award, in the News category. RT streams online at the network's website

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