Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GIX International Suppliers in West Africa


ECOWAS AfT focal point
Principal Program Officer Multilateral Trade
Tel: +234 7064181082

Jerome BOA
P.P.O Resource Mobilisation and Coordination
Tel: +234 806 732 8593

NEPAD Business Group Global Partnership Seminar Series: Revealing Opportunities available to Africans in the International System
  1. Empowerment Opportunities in Peers Mentoring Programme Promotion and Business Development Fund
  2. Opportunities in Global Partnerships Development and Promotion
  3. Opportunities in MDGs & Millennium Promise
  4. Opportunities in NEPAD & APRM

Regional Programmes with ECOWAS

  1. Cross border challenges on ECOWAS corridors
  2. ECOWAS Cooperative Empowerment Conference
  3. 3rd ECOWAS Business Forum
  4. West Africa NEPAD Business Week
  5. Slaughterhouse (Abattoir) and Private Sector participation

Continental Programmes with African Union

  1. African Union-NEPAD International Maritime Security Conference 2010
  2. African Union-NEPAD High Level Stakeholders Roundtable on Harnessing Credit Bureau services for SMEs Transformation in ECOWAS member states
  3. African Union-NEPAD High Level Stakeholders Roundtable on Global Warming and Environmental Preservation

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