Thursday, April 26, 2012

Before You Date Anyone in Nigeria and Abroad

Before You Date Anyone in Nigeria and Abroad

Nigeria is full of very physically attractive young women and young men of all shapes and sizes and many of them are fun seekers in the fast lane of the rat race in pursuit of their happiness and security.

The majority of the pretty and sexy girls come from poor families with parents who are low income earners struggling to make ends meet in the most populous country in Africa where over seventy percent of the population are illiterates. So, the competition for promotion in the social hierarchy is very tough. To find a well bred and chaste young woman here is like looking for a needle in a haystack even though majority of the people claim to be regular church going Christians and mosque going Muslims, yet there is little difference between them and the pagans in their behaviours. Therefore, do not be swayed by their eye service and lip service of being Christians or Muslims, because most of them are hypocrites and desperate opportunists with predatory pursuits. But now, the chickens have come home to roost as over 700, 000 of the youths have HIV/AIDS according to the confirmed reports from the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) in April 2012., and that is just one fifth of the total population of people living with HIV in Nigeria.

If over 700, 000 of Nigerian youths have HIV/AIDS, then imagine the dangerous risks of dating anyone of them who will never tell you their HIV/AIDS status, because majority of these hundreds of thousands of Nigerian youths infected with the deadly HIV/AIDS are predatory women between the ages 15 and 32 who would prefer to lie to lure you into their common sex-for-profit relationship. And before you know it, you have contracted HIV from sleeping with them!

Sex Chains of the 700, 000 Youths with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

The 700, 000 people with HIV/AIDS are in our midst in our communities and are still having sex and spreading the deadly infections of HIV/AIDS in their nonchalant promiscuous relationships of multiple sex partners. The fact is one of them would have had several sex partners and in the sex chains of the 700, 000, over 7 million others would have had sex with those who have had sex with these 700, 000 people from one place to another in every state in Nigeria.

Lucy with HIV/AIDS has slept with Tunde who was ignorant of her HIV/AIDS status and then Tunde has gone ahead to sleep with another person named Bolanle and Bolanle also later slept with Nduka and Nduka would also go on to have sex with Chidinma and Chidinma traveled to Abuja and slept with Captain Kadari and Captain Kadari later had sex with Aisha and Aisha before getting married to Senator Usman Jaji slept with the Youth Corps member Gbinigie from Benin and then Gbinigie the playboy also slept with four different girlfriends who also later had sex with other men and within only two to three years the sex chain of Lucy would have over 100 to 1, 000 different people in the long run. Now from that same sex chain with 1, 000 ignorant victims the figure will continue to increase daily, weekly, monthly and annually and the infections of HIV/AIDS will continue to spread in the vicious circle of just one of the 700, 000 youths with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria. The grave consequences of HIV/AIDS worsen through sex chains of promiscuous young men and young women in our communities.

The calamitous situation is the fact that majority of people are ignorant of the grave consequences of their sex chains and the spread of contagious STDs and HIV/AIDS and other deadly infections like contagious skin diseases.

When we warn people to be disciplined and faithful, it is more about the general health and safety; survival and welfare of humans than about our selfish possessions of a lover or a spouse.
The silliest ones will dismiss the warning and say “Mind your business. It is my life and not yours.”
“Shut up silly ass! It is our business and our life you are endangering by your wayward sex life of promiscuity, because you are spreading your deadly disease by forking and messing around!”

This is the stark reality of the calamity of HIV/AIDS pandemic ravaging humankind. And the ignorance of the majority continues to worsen the prevalence of the infections as the hordes of promiscuous predatory Nigerian babes and guys continue to go on their sexual rampage in Nigeria and abroad. So, before you undress to have sex with anyone of them, think twice before it is too late.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima, Thursday April 26, 2012, Shomolu, Lagos, Nigeria

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