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Animation is Magic! The Last Tiger in the Jungle

This is the story of a hunter who couldn't show even a tiger to his grandson because of his big mistake in the past. He misunderstands that there are lot of tigers in the forest on the basis of the photos. But unfortunately he hunts "THE LAST TIGER'' This animated film is created by Raghu Animation Studio aimed at promoting social awareness & wildlife conservation.


It is my pleasure to present to you the magic of the Golden Kuker - Sofia. 3rd International animation film festival opening from 11.06 - 17.06.2012.


Phil Mulloy was born in Wallasey, Merseyside. He attended Ravensbourne Art College in South London, where he studied fine art painting. Having completed a short animated film as part of his entrance requirements for the Royal College of Art, he specialised in making live-action film and television. After leaving college, he worked as a freelance writer/director until the late 1980s. He began making animation in 1989. Since then he has made over forty animated films.

Narrative, Minimalism and Conversation

How to make bad animation look good

Earlier this year I completed a feature length animated film called Dead But Not Buried. In it I explored the tensions within a nuclear family and the nature of absurdity. The film is the second part of a trilogy. I am now making the third and final part. Because the series of films was originally based on just forty frames, I had to invent a visual language that was both appropriate to the issues the film considered and able to explore the visual possibilities of the minimalist aesthetic, I had chosen. In part, these film are about my own process of discovering this language. It was my intention that part of the pleasure of viewing the film would be to do with the audience’s ability to share in this process of creation.

‘The Jury gave it the best feature award for its uncompromisingly experimental approach and anarchistic dialogue and humour, never before seen in an animation feature’ - Ottawa 2006.

It also won the Grand Prix for best animation feature at Cinanima, Portugal, 2006.

The following two features Goodbye Mister Christie and Dead But Not Buried went on to win the Grand Prix in Ottawa 2010 and 2011.

The workshop will be based on the ideas, I researched in this film.

Stereo Expanded: National Film Board of Canada

A Masterclass on Stereoscopic 3D films by Marc Bertrand, animation producer at the NFB, followed by a special screening.

While 3D films are making a comeback today, the NFB has been exploring the medium since the 1950s with Norman McLaren's pioneering 35mm stereoscopic animated films Now is the Time and Around Is Around. Time and again film projects initiated by the National Film Board of Canada impressively reflect the country’s cultural diversity. The Board’s experimental films are proof of its own innovative character.

Marc Bertrand will be conducting a Master Class during this program answering questions such as: How does Stereoscopy work? Why make film in S3D? Can S3D animation film be made economically? Or any other question you will want to ask him. Send your questions in advance and Marc will gladly answer it during the Masterclass.

Send question to

Marc Bertrand graduated in theatre from the Conservatoire d‘Art Dramatique du Québec in 1982. He acted in some 30 plays across the country, before joining the NFB. He became a producer in the Animation and Youth Studio in 1998 and has produced over 100 films, including such notable successes as the award winning series "Science please!" (2001) and "Noël Noël" (2003) by Nicola Lemay. His interest in new technology has led him to become involved in working on stereoscopic films. In 2008, he co-produced “Facing Champlain” - a ground-breaking stereoscopic 3D experiment about the founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain, produced by the NFB to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Quebec, as well as “Private Eyes”, both by Nicola Lemay. Tower Bawher (S3D, 2006), Drux Flux (S3D, 2009); Lipsett Diaries (2010) by Theodore Ushev.

Marc Bertrand is also one of the producers of Norman McLaren – The Master's Edition (2006), an award-winning DVD box set featuring digitally restored masterpieces by McLaren, a pioneer in the fusion of music and animation.
Marc Bertrand, producer for the NFB since 1998, presents 5 films which experiment in different ways with stereoscopic and 3D animated film: "Falling in Love Again" is a playful, musical attempt to look at the cultural myths and clichés associated with love, "Private EyeS" is an animated adaption of Gilles Tibo‘s children’s book "Black eyes", "Drux Flux" is an animated film of fast-flowing images and "Tower Bawher" is a journey through Russian constructivist art. The two last films have been directed by the Bulgarian born director Théodore Ushev. WORKSHOP & EXHIBITION

The International Animation Film Festival "Golden Kuker – Sofia", art centre PHOTOSYNTHESIS, CGArt, GROZEN Entertainment and ADCOM company, have organise a WORKSHOP+EXHIBITION event, as an porallel to the festival event, called "Animation is magic!" The opening is at 6 p.m. on September 27 @ art center "Photosynthesis", located on 57 Vasil Levski boul. in Sofia.

THE HIGLIGHT OF THE EVEN WILL BE A WORKSHOP WITH MANY PRIZES! The exhibition will showcase the art works by young Bulgarian animators from BAICAA ( and by students of Principal Dr. Anna Yaneva from New Bulgarian University – scenery and characters from animation films, as well as comics, story boards, characters, etc. by other young authors.

Lecturer: Nikolay Mihailov – animator, lector and chief editor of

You will sketch and desing with the help of a tablet, accesories, characters and backgrounds on a given topic. The best ones will be scanned and digitally coloured, and uploaded on our page in facebook: The works with most “like”-s will receive their prizes at the Award Ceremony of IAFF Golde Kuker 2011.

We expect to see you on 27 September @ 6:30 p.m.!

Let's share our love for art together!

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