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One Man, One Camera, One Dollar and Two Deaths

17 Apr 2012 08:00 Africa/Lagos

One Man, One Camera, One Dollar and Two Deaths

Garianno Lorenzo and Jordan Nichols are producers of the new UFC documentary entitled "FIGHT SPIRIT PRIDE" featuring the real life Karate Kid, Mark Hominick

LOS ANGELES, April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world, because of its Gladiator combat appeal. It's also practiced as a form of self-defense with civilians, police and military. Surprisingly, there are still people that believe this sport is human cockfighting, yet there are more and more MMA schools opening up teaching self-defense. Mark Hominick, who's from a small town of 2500 people, dispels the idea of professional MMA fighters being illiterate backyard brawlers. He is one example of the quality of athletes that populate this emerging sport, to the credit of UFC President Dana White.

Mark Hominick is the real life Karate Kid. He's a small-town boy next-door good kid; who is very polite, well mannered, with a high education. Mark graduated with a degree in business, top 5 (not top 5%) Cum Laude with honors from the most prestigious business school in Ontario, Canada. This film is a document about his life, and the deaths that surround it.

Garianno Lorenzo, a filmmaker, and industry veteran, six years ago was sitting on his couch in Red Bank, NJ watching an uninteresting boxing match, and the decision he made to change the channel, gave birth to this film. He switched to a channel showing an Ultimate Fighting Championship fight between Mark Hominick and Yves Edwards. Hominick defeated Edwards in an outstanding victory. While giving his post victory interview with Fear Factor's Joe Rogan, Mark pushed back tears talking about his father dying of cancer. Lorenzo saw this and was moved into action. With a camera, and a dollar, Garianno Lorenzo decided to set out on a six-year journey of filming the story of Mark Hominick. Garianno started filming at the time Mark was trying to train for his rematch to regain the title that he had previously defended nine times prior to his father's condition taking a turn for the worse. Lorenzo left his home in NJ, shut down his life and moved into London, ON Canada to film every waking moment of Mark's fight for his family and his career. As a labor of love Lorenzo filmed for three years consistently and three years periodically. He now has more than three Terabytes of footage stored on hard-drives.

Mark's father lost his fight with cancer and Mark lost his rematch to regain his title. Then, Mark was dropped from the UFC and WEC fighting organizations.

While his father was the most important male figure in Mark's life. The second most important male figure in Mark's life is his best friend, manager, mentor and trainer Shawn Tompkins. Just as Mark is coming to terms with the devastating loss of his dad, at his career low point, Mark suffered another blow with the untimely death of Shawn Tompkins late last year. Shawn passed away of a massive heart attack at the young age of 37 years old. In a very short period of time, Mark lost the two most important men in his life at the lowest point in his life, and career. The film captures how Mark fights his way back with the courage of a warrior.

By the time the movie ends, Mark is welcomed back into the UFC; he has a title fight on the horizon with the UFC, marries the girl of his dreams, builds a home, starts a successful business, and has a child. Although, Mark lost his father and his mentor, it's really a story about perseverance, internal strength, passion and heart, and that does take fight, spirit and pride.

The documentary features the most recognizable names in the sport including UFC president Dana White, actor Kevin James, Fear Factor's Joe Rogan, MMA legend Bas Rutten, UFC middle weight champion Georges St-Pierre, Sam Stout, Eddie Bravo and many others.

The film has quite a bit of traction and appreciation for the story in social media. Based on the buzz around the film within MMA and UFC fan sites; fans are eagerly waiting for the film's release. The film is currently wrapping up post-production

Demonstrated by his commitment, for six years Lorenzo funded the movie alone. And now has placed the film on the popular funding site Kickstarter.com. Anyone interested in knowing more about this project should visit: http://kck.st/HNY6Jr.

Directed By Garianno Lorenzo
Produced by Garianno Lorenzo and Jordan Nichols for Tyrant Entertainment
In association with Nichols Entertainment

PR Media Contact: David Wasserman: FightSpiritPride(at)gmail(dot)com, 323-643-9428

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