Monday, February 11, 2008

Re: Who Is Maggie Williams?

Ms. Arianna Huffington,

I read your "Who Is Maggie Williams?" posted on Sunday, February 10, 2008 | 05:49 PM (EST) on your Huffington Post Blog.
It was a bad example of Witch Hunt Journalism.

Maggie Williams has a questionable past?
How about you?
1997 is gone and gone forever.
It is all in the past.

How would you feel if I dig up what you did in the UK and why you were not married to the man you lived with for years before leaving for the US and got married to Mr. Huffington and other things?

Are you not a better person now than your were in the 1980s?

Would it be fair to use your past to judge you now?
Like using Barack Obama's years of smoking pot and sniffing coke to denounce him now?

Hypocrisy comes in different colors and contours.
Do you have a conscience?

I wonder why you American intellectuals in the news media like taking advantage of the ignorance and gullibility of most of your less informed readers?

What will you gain from such political witch-hunting?

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