Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary Clinton Should Not Give Up

Senator Barack Obama's spectacular primary victories in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia have confirmed that he is the New Face of American Democracy.

I cannot deny the fact that the best case scenario for the Democratic Party, is having Senator Barack Obama as the presidential nominee.

I am disappointed that Senator Hillary Clinton is behaving like a bad loser.
She would be more regarded if she could swallow her pride and congratulate Senator Barack Obama.

The tides of these interesting times favour Barack Obama.

I am still supporting Hillary Clinton for President.
For better or worse, do not give up hope.

I know that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is scared after Senator Barack Obama's clean sweep of the Potomac primaries. As one of her HillRaisers, I am worried, because none of us expected the latest results. If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, it would be a miracle.

As I said on the Huffington Post that if Hillary Clinton will not give up, I will continue to support her for President.

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