Monday, February 11, 2008

Nigeria: Muslims Kill Two Police Officers in Religious Riot Over Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in Kano

Two Nigerian police officers were killed by a mob of Muslims in the Northern state of Kano last Friday. The mob atttacked a police station when a religious riot broke out in Sumaila Local Government Area of Kano State.

The The Times of Nigeria reported that the crisis began from the Government Secondary School, Sumaila, when a Christian student (names withheld), now in hiding, drew a caricature of Prophet Mohammad."

More details.

Nigeria is largely populated by uncivilized people and the majority are Muslims located in the North. These Muslims should be more concerned about helping the millions of poor Muslims than looking for innocent non-Muslims to lynch over childish and foolish religious arguments.

How can a cartoon of their prophet be offensive when none of them knows what Prophet Muhammad looked like?

Hello Imams! Can you show me any photograph of Prophet Muhammad?
What an uncivilized nation of religious zombies!

Nigerian would have made great progress in modern civilization if these Muslims were separated from the rest of the country.
Just go on tour of the Islamic regions in Northern Nigeria and see how backward they are.

God save Nigeria from these lunatic fringe elements.

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