Thursday, February 07, 2008

Barack Obama Cannot Beat John McCain

The hallmarks of leadership are not judged by political stump speeches or designer suits, but by the demonstration of bravery and wisdom in the service of humanity.

I have noticed undemocratic political rancor among the Democrats and I am disappointed that Senator Barack Obama is acting more like a Republican in his press statements and his wife Michelle Obama has been using subtle tirade against Senator Hillary Clinton. The Obamas’ look more desperate than the Clintons, because they have staked so much on winning the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party and losing it could be devastating to their egos. Barack Obama does not want to contest for the presidency when he is over 50 years, because his egocentric ambition is to become the first “Black” President of America before he clocks 50 and he is most likely to give up if he fails to make it in 2008.

I am impressed by the spirit of endurance of Senator John McCain who has not given up since he lost in 2000 and 2004 and even at 71, he is more determined than all the presidential candidates to succeed and become the next President of the United States of America.

Senator Barack Obama cannot beat Senator John McCain in the presidential election, because the majority of Caucasian American voters, American Latino voters and Asian-American voters will not vote for Senator Barack Obama if Senator Hillary Clinton is not the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party. Most of the older women behind Senator Hillary Clinton will prefer to vote for Senator John McCain.
Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama have been disrespectful to the older American voters and have made disparaging utterances at their rallies in mockery of these older folks in America for supporting Senator Hillary Clinton. America was not built by the youths of the Internet Age supporting him, but by the older generation who were born before and after the Great Depression. Those who invented the TV and the Computer and built the great roads, bridges, flyovers and towering skyscrapers of the great industries of America from the 1920s to the 1960s when Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were still babies in diapers.

I have weighed the characters of both Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on leadership and I have found Senator Barack Obama wanting. He lacks the humility and philosophical profundity for the leadership of all Americans and the nation building of a New America in the 21st century.

I have read him and listened to his so called great speeches and found them to be perfunctory victory speeches that were merely embellished for impressionistic motives without great depth, because he was only paraphrasing the speeches of the eulogized American preachers and political leaders. I have heard them all before. Senator Barack Obama has been overrated by the American news media, manipulated by his political spin-doctors who are only puffing him up for their own Machiavellian power struggle for the political mercantilism of American Democracy.
Senator Barack Obama lacks the dignity, political integrity, and maturity for leadership. Finis.


Dominik Hennig said...

Yes, he can!!!

Anonymous said...

I disagree. He is the only one who can beat McCain, as much as I respect Hillary, she does not stand a chance.
Obama is the only hope for the democrats to win the White House. He attracts a lot of independents. Hillary is too polarized and can not win against a moderate Republican. Please, take a closer look at Obama. His proposals on many issues are way better than Hillary's and more likely to succeed.

Jay said...

Obama would be knocked out before it even started. His Muslim family issue would become the main focus of the campaign by Republicans. Obamas family is Muslim, including his brother.

Republicans will turn this into a red flag for everyone. It would be the only thing people would be talking about. To be frank I would like to talk about the issues for once and electing Hillary would be much better in that sense. Otherwise we will be talking about Baraks Muslim background and he will lose the election due to this. That's just the way things go.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Obama is trying to be like President Kennedy, but the speeches that he delivers are not from his heart and wisdom. He is trying to impress the American public, if Hillary does not make it, I will reverse my vote. Why? I do not know Sen. Obama in the public eye. Researching about Sen. Obama, he gives more support in Africa; Nigeria and Kenya than in the U.S. This shows how much he cares about the American people and religious wise the middle east gives more support to Sen. Obama.Hmmm, Now that makes me think about Sen. Obama.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...
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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The Roman Catholic American voters, the Latino American voters and the working class American voters constitute the largest bloc of voters and they are the base of the electoral power of Senator Hillary Clinton over Senator Barack Obama.

The same voters as identified above helped George W. Bush to defeat Senator John Kerry in 2004.

The latest CNN Polls on the better presidential candidate with the experience and expertise to boost the economy and healthcare show Senator Hillary Clinton far ahead of Senator Barack Obama.
The most urgent issues in America today are the economy and healthcare and not the war in Iraq that even a dummy can end anytime.

God bless Hillary Clinton for President and God bless America!

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious when someone makes a stupid statement like Oboma is the only one that can beat McCain. I will bet my live on it that he CANNOT beat McCain. The republicans, and I'm one of them, want Obama to win the Dem ticket because honestly, Mcain will have a hard time to beat Clinton but will literally embarrass Obama. Everyone is underestimating the power of the Clintons. They have done this twice before, playing the underdog role and won BOTH times. Yes, McCain without questions wants to take on Obama

Anonymous said...

Should Clinton lose Ohio and Texas and drop out of the race,savvy Republicans will be grinning from ear to ear at the utter naivete and impressionability of the Democrats who have been carried away by the media.......i also see Obama as entirely cynical in his campaign ...

Should he win , McCain will destroy him on experience, voting consistency,and substance at a moment when as Nader says Bush's failed presidencies ought to lead to a Democrat landslide.

How i want to see a Clinton comeback and victories in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania!!How i want these piccaninnies to come to their senses

Anonymous said...

this is a ridiculous article. your opinions are way off base and you seem completely disconnected from reality. anyone with a pulse knows that mccain and the republicans are horrified of running against obama and they would pick hillary clinton as an opponent hands down. get a clue! you're smoking crack.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinion.

Go and tell the millions of American Republicans and the former President George Bush, Sr., who voted for Senator John McCain and they know how he can beat Senator Barack Obama that my article is off base and ridiculous.

You are more ignorant of the realities in America than me.

Senator Hillary Clinton has just beaten Senator Barack Obama in three of the four states of the last Democratic primaries and caucuses on Tuesday March 4, 2008.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama has lost in all the big states a presidential nominee should win if he or she must win the presidential election, except for his own state of Illinois. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has won them all and Senator John Sidney McCain has also won the big states as the Republican presidential nominee and he will beat Senator Barack Hussein Obama in those must win states.

So, who is talking?

typographica said...

America is talking, that's who. Americans elected Obama yesterday by the second largest plurality of votes in any US presidential election in the last 75 years. He inspired more people to register to vote in the past 6 months than have ever registered in any other 6-month period in our nation's history. He inspired larger voter turnout than this country has EVER SEEN.

I think maybe you are the one who doesn't understand what is going on here, and maybe you need to admit it.