Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Hypocrisy of the American News Media and the Hypocrisy of the Carpetbaggers of American Presidential Campaign in 2008

The hypocrisy of the American news media has become more pronounced in the coverage of the American presidential campaign in 2008.

Presidential candidates have been misquoted, their statements distorted and reported out of context for sensational headlines and to start controversies to perpetrate malicious campaigns and turn voters against the targets of their offensives and the Clintons have been at the receiving end. That is why David Runciman’s article “Vote Hypocrite” on the Boston Globe online edition of February 3, 2008, is a good analysis of the conflict of interests among the Democrats and Republicans in their power struggle for political supremacy.

I have seen spurious endorsements of the leading presidential candidates by those who have personal grudges against their political rivals. Malice and prejudice are so evident that only an ignorant observer would be fooled.
These dishonest and ill-conceived approval ratings have only exposed the rot in American Democracy.

It is not coincidental that Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Susan Eisenhower, the grand-daughter of late President Dwight D. Eisenhower are united in their endorsements of Barack Obama against the Clintons.
These carpetbaggers of American politics are now the chief donors and sponsors of Senator Barack Obama. The sight of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy stumping with Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama was reminiscent of the "Black and Tan" (biracial) constitutional convention in Mississippi in 1868. They are the strangest bedfellows of the American presidential election campaign in 2008.
Barack Obama is the concoction of a plot against the advancement of the Clintons in the political leadership of America.

Most of those now claiming animosity against the war in Iraq and against those who voted in support of the resolution are shameless hypocrites. Their hypocrisy is so appalling that even strangers to American politics would be shocked to read their so-called blogs and comments of the campaign of calumny to malign their political archrivals.

There are people with little or no knowledge of the critical circumstances of the state of America since 9/11 are posting articles and commentaries without rhyme or reason.

Barack Obama makes two bombastic and impressionistic victory speeches and they are convinced they have seen a "messiah" for a New America. But when you analyze their reasons for supporting his presidential ambition, there are no facts to convince even an alien in New York.

If there were any catalyst for Change, John Edwards would have been the most visible beyond mere political rhetoric and hypocritical impressionism. But they never endorsed or supported him, because John Edwards would not be willing to be used for their political vanities.

Martin Luther King, III, was able to see through their cloak of hypocrisy and fallacy and noted this in his letter to John Edwards in January 2008.

The American presidential Campaign in 2008 is a celebration of political conceit and deceit in high places.

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