Monday, February 25, 2008

Political Bribery Trail Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

The most popular American presidential candidates, Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on political bribery.

Christine Escobar's "Obama, Clinton Fill Superdelegates' Wallets" is all the proof I need to confirm that American politicians are corrupt.
Even, the so called "Mr. Change" Senator Barack Obama, who is boasting to change the corrupt political tactics of Washington has been bribing the Super Delegates to endorse him!

The following politicians are on a long list of the Super Delegates Barack Obama bribed.
1. Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa - $16,000.
2. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa - $10,000.
Rep. Melissa Bean (IL) - $19,000

Others included, Rep. Leonard Boswell (IA), Rep. Joe Baca (CA), Rep. Dennis Cardoza (CA), and Rep. Tim Mahoney (FL). Some received $18,826 and $19,000 each.

Hillary Clinton also bribed many Super Delegates.

Let me spell it out to you in CAPS.

See Political Bribery.

I read on the Politico that Senator Barack Obama even employed people and each person gets $12 per hour to get people to vote for Barack Obama. So, every voter is being lured to vote for Barack Obama.

If Obama had no millions of dollars, there would have been no "Obamania" and all the other political jazz over Barack Obama online and offline.
It is simply branding and massive promos.
He is spending more than Hillary Clinton on adverts and grassroots campaign.
The guy is the most DESPERATE of the presidential candidates.
The way he is spending millions of dollars to win at all costs is enough proof of questionable character.

If Senators Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the best presidential candidates in America, then Americans do not know what is best for America.

Most Americans are simply dancing to the most popular tunes on their airwaves and Barack Obama is spending more millions of dollars to stay on top of the charts.

Who is fooling whom?

This is not democracy, but political hypocrisy.

"They face a collision with reality.
None of the three candidates is coming to grips with budget realities."
~ Bob Greenstein, Head of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
On Yahoo News.

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