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Barack Obama Exposed 2

By larrysinclair0926

Mr. Obama has continued to lie about his past in regards to his use and sale of drugs and his sex with a gay male in 1999.

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Barack Obama's Stole Content From Jesse Jackson's Website
By mmille732003.

I feel sad rather than offended that Barack Obama did not show up at the State of the Black Union Address. I am happy that Hillary did, votes or no votes. It shows the continuing respect that Hillary Clinton has for the African-American community. Barack Obama is so busy to meet with the people who are voting their hearts out for him. Jesse Jackson would not have behaved in such fashion. African Americans need to examine Barack closely and I fear that is one of the reasons that he is not keen to get too close to blacks because they will discover some truths and realise 'that all that glitters is not gold' where Barack is concerned.

African-Americans, and it seems like the whole of America is seeing Barack Obama as the first serious African-American candidate running for the Presidency. Everytime I hear this I cringe. It was Jesse Jackson and his winning of eleven primaries who is the first serious candidate (Shirley Chisholm who was the first African-American acknowledged that she ran only to create history and for the record). When Jesse Jackson ran in 1988 it was his second try. It was Jesse Jackson, winning eleven primaries, who forced the Democratic party to change 'the winner take all' system to the 'Proportional Representation ' that Barack Obama is running away with today. Hadnt Jesse Jackson forced the Democrats to change the system Hillary Clinton would have had the upper hand as she won the big states such as Califorinia, New York, Massachussetts etc States that are a must win to win to be President. So Barack has been heir to Jesse Jackson's presidential campaign and Jesse insisting that the Democratic Party voting system be changed. So African- American make no mistake Jesse Jackson is , was, and will always be the first serious presidential candidate in American and African-American history.

It was Jesse Jackson 'who gave life and reality to the black Presidential strategy' So you see folks Barack Obama has read the book " OUR TIME HAS COME" on Jesse Jackson's 1984 Presidential campaign and is basically pinching ideas. Barack is not original . I just cant believe what I am seeing. Check the internet folks, it is all there.

Barack shouts about CHANGE but what he does not acknowledge, to the American public and to African-Americans, is the fact that he has again pinched Jesse Jackson's ideas on CHANGE. In 1989 Jesse Jackson stated " I offer you this book as my agenda for CHANGE. I believe it is our agenda for HOPE"

Jesse further argued "Now is the time when themes, symbols, and policies to which the national electorate responds are being defined" ......There's an old axiom in politics that people alone can't CHANGE the course of history- conditions count too. NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHANGE".

Barack is shouting about Change but he has not acknowledged Jesse Jackson's ideas.

"KEEP HOPE ALIVE" was Jesse Jackson's 1988 Presidential caption. So basically all that Barack Obama is doing is rehashing Jesse Jackson's ideas as his own without acknowledgement. It seems that African-Americans and the American people are being taken for a ride by Obama. These are not his ideas, they are Jesse Jackson's.

Just check it for yourselves on the internet

OUR TIME HAS COME - Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign 1984
KEEP HOPE ALIVE- Jesse Jackson Presidential Campaign 1988
The books can be purchased from the University of Illinois.
In the book they also discussed strategies for running for President.
African-Americans acknowledged that they would have to pay consideration when "white candidate" .."who had a strong built in relationship with the African -American and Hispanic communities" decide to run for the President. " The African-American community would have to consider white candidates who had a civil rights record or history of involvement in the African community who deserve the African community vote".

It is sad that these ideas were not put into action as it would have avoided the dilema which now faces the African-American community with the Clinton/Obama situation. It is sad that these ideas were discussed and even printed yet we have this situation where Hillary Clinton with a long history of invovlvement in the African-American community (even before she met Bill Clinton) is now sidelined for Barack Obama. If those were the ideas discussed Hillary Clinton deserves the backing as President from the Afican -American community. Right now the only reason that African-Americans seem to backing Obama is the fact that he is African-American. African Americans must never, ever allow a situation like this to happen again.
Read those articles on the internet or buy the books and you will see that Barack is not original. You will see how Barack is using Jesse Jackson's ideas as his own. TIME FOR CHANGE and KEEP HOPE ALIVE - OUR TIME HAS COME all belong to Jesse Jackson not Barack Obama.

~ From McClatchydc.

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