Monday, December 17, 2007

Re: "Nigeria Trapped in Anomie?":

Re: "Nigeria Trapped in Anomie?"
By Paquito

Nigeria is not trapped in anomie;which is the absence of social norms and,nigeria is presenting its natural true self one that has come to the fore as a result of decades of mismanagement and debuchery,its called lack of nationhood.

No administration since independence has worked to augment all the forces that make up Nigeria into a true nation. Partisan politics has been and contines to be the order of the day.

Social norms do exist in our respective communities, so we cannot say anomie.
The answer is more sophisticated than that.
The implementation is simplistic with the right mindset, but not if political gangsterism is the order of the day, that leaves no room whatsoever for constructive dialogue.

To illustrate my point.
How on earth do we explain the oxymoron ; the high level supporters of ex-governor James Ibori?
Only in Nigeria will an ex felon be lauded with such incredulity.
My friends, Nigeria is only great if we want it to be.
Presently, it is an economic enclave where a few can make a fortune quite easily.
At this stage, nationhood is a dream.

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