Monday, December 17, 2007

The Hillary I Know

Dear Orikinla,

Marvin is a paramedic who worked with Hillary to ensure first responders got the medical care they needed after 9/11.

Ira and Cecille are an elderly couple who have a moving story about how Hillary helped them get married.

Betsy is Hillary's childhood friend.

Their stories are about a Hillary you might not know, the Hillary whose heart and tireless spirit changed their lives. There are a lot of stories like theirs, and we wanted to share some with you.

We've compiled over 30 videos from those who know Hillary best: her close friends, those who have worked alongside her, and people who have found in Hillary a source of strength and compassion when they needed help the most.

Take a look at their stories on our new website.
The Hillary I Know

I want to make sure that you see one of the most powerful videos on the site, when Shannon Mallozzi talks about how she turned to Hillary for help.

Shannon tells her story best in her own words. Watch it here:
The Hillary I Know

I'm so lucky to have known Hillary for 16 years. I've seen Hillary in action helping people like Shannon. I've enjoyed the friendship of one of the warmest people I've ever met.

If you want to know Hillary like I know her, there's no better way than to listen to the people who know her best tell their stories. I hope you enjoy them.

Patti Solis Doyle
Campaign Manager
Hillary for President

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