Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Political Ignorance of Those Attacking Hillary Clinton

I have doubts about the political education of those attacking Hillary Clinton in replies to serious issues.

It would be better if readers take time to read and study the political biography of Hillary Clinton, who has been active in the democratic development of America since the 1960s and that was long before she met Bill Clinton.

When Oprah Winfrey was name dropping Martin Luther King, Jr., in South Carolina, I laughed at her ignorance of the life history of Hillary Clinton, because Hillary Clinton is more qualified to speak on the Civil Rights Movement than both Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama.

It would be really foolish to nominate Barack Obama as the presidential candidate of the Democrats, because he would be a walk over for the Republicans.

Look at Obama's record as a senator and compare his performance so far to that of Hillary Clinton.
Look at the political facts and not indulging in petty personalities.

Barack Obama has a shallow knowledge of foreign policy and making noise about his opposition to the war in Iraq is mere playing to the gallery.
Very cheap sales pitch.

I hope the political strategists of the Democrats are reading what Arianna Huffington has addressed for their own good.
It would be a sad day in America if the Democrats should lose the presidential election to the Republicans in 2008.

After the publicity stunts of Oprah Winfrey, Madonna has offered to hit the road for Hillary Clinton as reported by the Daily News. But I don't think Hillary Clinton is as desperate as Barack Obama.

God bless America.

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