Thursday, December 06, 2007

General Wesley Clark Goes To Iowa for the Victory of Hillary Clinton

General Wesley Clark

General Wesley Clark sent me a very important letter by e-mail today on how much we must do our best to support Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for her victory in the presidential caucuses in Iowa.

Dear Orikinla,

For the next 28 days, I'm doing everything I can for Hillary. I'm hitting the campaign trail for Hillary in Iowa so I can talk to voters, make phone calls, and do whatever I can to help her campaign win. I've known Hillary for 24 years, and I've seen what she can do. That's why I'm traveling for her in Iowa, because I know that helping her in this race is the most important thing I can do at this moment.

There are just 28 days until the Iowa caucuses, and the race there is a dead heat. It's so close that anything -- no matter how small it may seem -- can make a difference. It could be one group of voters I talked to yesterday. It could be a donation you make today that puts Hillary over the top. I know from experience that everything we do at this critical moment matters.

Your action today can affect the ultimate outcome of this race. Hillary's campaign has set an ambitious goal for the week: $1.25 million to help her fight in the early states. We're more than halfway there, but we can't reach that goal without your help.

Click here to contribute today and help Hillary win.

We are facing tough times in this country. For seven years, we've learned a hard lesson: Experience matters. If we want to reverse George Bush's irresponsible course, we need real leadership.

Deciding to support Hillary was easy for me -- I know she'll make sound decisions and execute them flawlessly. I trust her to steer us straight at home and represent us ably abroad. So if we want to put our country back on track, you and I need to play an active role in her campaign -- especially at a critical moment like this.

Now there are just 28 days until the first contest in this race, the Iowa caucuses. In Iowa, the race is tight, and Hillary's supporters are excited and ready to get to work. I know I'm going to do everything I can to help her win, and I hope you'll join me now.

You can make a difference for her in a race this close. There's no better way than to help her reach that $1.25 million goal so she has what she needs to win.

Click here to make a contribution today.

Thank you for all you are doing to help Hillary change America.


Wes Clark


Vote For Hillary Online said...

I have his e-mail blocked (I won't go into the details about what happened) but I think it's great that he's out there campaigning for Hillary. People are starting to wake up to the fact that Hillary is our only hope to take back America.

Vote For Hillary Online

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

So much apprehension over Oprah Winfrey's campaign for Barack Obama, but I know that her airs and graces would be blown away in Iowa by the Iowans themselves who are wiser.

Senator Hillary Clinton is still the best of the lot and she deserves our support.

I have already posted my "Open Letter To Iowans" on Topix, asking them to support Hillary Clinton All the Way to Victory.

Cheers and God bless.