Friday, December 09, 2005


I said the bloody battle royale of the Presidential Election of 2007 in Nigeria has already begun. And this has been confirmed by latest press conference of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)to react to the critical situation in the leadership of the ruling party as two new opposition groups have been formed by its erstwhile leaders, the Movement for Defence of Democracy (MDD) and the Movement for Restoration of Democracy (MRD). So,in panic, the PDP sent out a defensive statement in Abuja signed by its National Secretary, Chief Ojo Mad-uekwe.I watched the press conference on the Africa Independent Television(AIT)the CNN of Nigeria.

Chief Ojo Mad-uekwe was doing his best as teleguided by the powers behind the Presidency to attack the credibility of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and was calling him and his supporters names. And I enjoyed the whole political drama.

The former leaders of the PDP have let the cat out of the bag that they actually rigged the previous elections in order to defeat the other political parties. And the shocking revelations are damaging the credibility of the PDP.

How I wish that the masses of Nigeria who have been used as the cannon fodder of the political warfare in Nigeria will not be ignorant of the stark reality of these revelations as the ruthless, selfish and wicked ruling political class has been exposed for the whole world to see that they are fraudulent and malevolent evil doers who should be arrested and put on public trial for their crimes against the Nigerian electorate.

These shameless Nigerian politicians are not democrats, but unrepentant kleptocrats.

This is the debacle of the tabernacle of the Nigerian ruling class.

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Anonymous said...

who is the ruling class in nigeria? do they come from a certain ethnic group?