Thursday, November 17, 2005

90 % of Nigerian Leaders Are Kleptomaniacs

I have been researching on the nature of Nigerian leaders from the local government level to the office of the President, and I have now concluded that over 90% of Nigerian public officers are suffering from Kleptomania. Because, they just cannot stop stealing public funds.

I have thought of asking the proven men of God in Nigeria such as Pastors Enoch Adejare Adeboye, William Folorunsho Kumuyi and Daniel Olukoya to perform special deliverance service for all our public officers turn by turn. To exorcize the evil spirits of Kleptomania out their hearts and souls.

The Nigerian Armed Forces also need deliverance from the spirit of bribery and corruption.

I am a Christian and I believe that when naturally normal humans behave like abnormal people. We have to see them as either mentally sick or spiritually ill. So, we need to address their cases accordingly.

One governor was caught for money laundering in the UK and he escaped back to Nigeria and he is still in office doing what he knows best- stealing public funds. Then, another governor was also caught for the same crime in the UK and he is not even ashamed of his disgrace. He is pointing accusing fingers at the President of Nigeria for his predicament. That the President planned his downfall? And as I blog this, millions of Nigeria are busy stealing public funds directly or indirectly through bogus contracts, over-invoicing, extortion, inflation, bribery, nepotism, tribalism, extra-judicial robbery, etc. And come Friday and Sunday, these shameless crooks and rogues will troop to the various mosques and churches they have sponsored all over Nigeria to pay lip service to God in their melodramatic masquerade of conceit and deceit in their "Narcissistic Grandiosity of Hypocrisy".

Kleptomania is a strong desire to steal. Often a kleptomaniac person steals things he could have bought easily or things that are not at all expensive. The person steals just for the tension or the kick. Kleptomania can be the result of emotional shortcomings during the youth.

These patients have an irresistible inclination to steal. Often they throw away the stolen goods. They are mostly interested in the kick of the stealing itself. Although psychiatrists consider kleptomania as a disease, this is not a legal excuse in front of an American or British court.

This disorder is rather easy to treat. It is important to find another occupation to replace the stealing activity. It is also very important to make the patient realize that others are harmed by the stealing activities.


Chippla Vandu said...

The frock does not make the monk. As a nation, Nigeria is neither religious nor spiritual.

obifromsouthlondon said...

would really love to have a chat with the 10 %.

still cant understand how a governor can get away with blatant theft like that. clear signal. to steal or not to steal?

Felix Adebayo said...

If 90% of Nigerian leaders are kleptomaniac, then it follows therefore that 90% of Nigerians are kleptomaniac. After all, the leaders come from within the populace.

There is something wrong with the psche or mentality of all Nigerians with regards to public funds.

Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

I feel Felix on his comments for sure. Nigerians mentality with regards to public funds is extremely demoralizing. It just makes you feel there is no hope for the country. Most of us compain; but what happens when we get a chance, we do the same thing. na wa o! God help us.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The 10% of the upright ones are doing their best and you can meet with them if you want to. I know some of them.

We have highly disciplined Nigerian leaders like Gamaliel Onosode, Pat Utomi and others who can make the government to excel if they are in power.

Ed Dickson said...

Very enlightening. I just did another post on the recent 419 conviction.

Keep up the good work!

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Checks and balances I believe are the things we need.
Most of those people get there to find out that Nigeria is richer than everybody (including Nigeria herself) thinks. Hence the need to take his/her share from it sharp sharp.
All these are enhanced by not having appropriate checks/bottlenecks that help remove them.
Remember during Katrina, people went about looting (even Americans) 'cos there wasn't any real law enforcement to prevent them.
In a land where there's no law (or even uneffective laws) there's no sin.

Anonymous said...

As you have asked those eminent pastors and pastoreses for prayer.
Beware, you prayer might be stolen by them. They are worse than those in government. Can I get an amen !!

Anonymous said...

My Abuja journey from the USA
By Deji Sogbesan.

I landed in Murtala Muhammad airport ,it is so beautiful, I see nice flowers and a lovely environment before I landed, I saw a Beach, while your plane is circling the airport to land, It was beautiful and blue. Lovely white sand, I saw traffic lights, I saw orderliness.
The airport is one of the biggest in Africa (It has 6 wings) I wondered if this was “Nigeria”. The pilot taxis the plane to the hangar, I walk through the terminal. It’s a hot country, I know that already, But its, quite nice. People seem relaxed , laughing, smiling everywhere, carrying on without a bother in the world. I entered the walkway.
The a/c (air conditioner) works. What a contrast, people had told me some odd things about Nigeria, about the self serving custom officers (Oga wetin you bring come for us ? ), about the piranhas outside the airport waiting for the smell of blood (in this case, this would be an unattended luggage or a JJD ).
“Nigerians, please over to the right line ”,(Non Nigerians, please over to the left line),an announcement came over the public address system-welcome to Nigeria. As the hassle free procedure of arrival is concluding,
I take the self driving subway-system to the luggage collection terminal. Hertz and Budget and Dollar and Enterprise Car rentals are all waiting outside( As I did not have someone to pick me up, or was it that the driver forgot which terminal I was arriving).I looked outside the airport, It is quite peaceful. I realized I was not dreaming, I pinched myself I am actually in Nigeria.
The Customs man/lady does not ask you for anything other than to stamp my passport (Nigerian , British or American), He does not care, He gets paid on time ,he gets his salary, his benefits, his home loan, His kids go to good schools, what does he care ?, besides the punishment for asking a traveler for money is death by firing squad He would not dare.
I realize I did not tell any of my relatives in Abuja that I was coming to Nigeria.
We (Nigerian’s abroad) have been told , this is not good (your own family fit plan for you).You never tell anybody you’re traveling, I proceed to one of the numerous Hotel booking agents at the airport, I was greeted with a smile. ”Welcome to Nigeria sir, how I may I help?, I am offered the choice of 8 hotels within my price range. I feel like driving to Abuja to see the beautiful country side, I’ve been told it’s a sight to see, from Lagos to ibadan to ile ife to ilesha to akure to lokoja on and on and on. The contrast in cultures however distinct, but surprisingly fitting into one mosaic called “Nigeria”. I have to see this.
I will stop in lokoja for the night, hence my reasoning to book the hotel at the airport before commencing on my journey. Besides, if I get tired of driving I’ll just drop off my rental car in Lokoja, then take the hourly bullet train to Abuja.
What ever the case , I do not want to spend the night in Lagos, because it is such a beautiful, organized, lively and infectious city, I may not want to leave. Lagos I’ve been told Lagos is the most well planned city on the southern part of Nigeria, the metro system is one of the most reliable in the developing world, oshodi market, jibowu, ebutte metta have very distinct characters, you could leave your car unlocked, noting will ever happen, wide open public parking are everywhere, besides the presence of police officers in their cars helping to keep law and order is a sight to see. Traffic flows like a symphony in Lagos. Most people use the underground metro or the tramlines. Some prefer to take the commercial ocean ferries from mainland to island.
There are 3 different services. They are the best in the world. Tempting as it may be I will enjoy the other parts of Nigeria. My journey ought to be an adventure on its own. I am yet to even start my Nigerian vacation.
Any way , the booking agent at the airport books my hotel, all online within 5 minutes, I pay with my credit card. Your car is waiting for you in the west terminal sir, please follow me. I’m actually shocked by the service.
It’s 10pm, who cares, Nigeria is the safest country in Africa. WOW, look at this beautiful city, you approach LAGOS-IBADAN EXPRESS WAY, you are told you have to pay a Toll N30. no problem, they collect with a smile, you are welcome sir, waive me goodbye, I am so excited, as I approached Shagamu, I saw a suya spot, I decided to eat small suya while driving towards ibadan. I’ll top up my petrol here anyway.
Look at all this highway lights, they work. They are ooh, so bright. The roads are so level, well marked, signs everywhere, I pinch myself again. I’m actually not dreaming. I look at my time, it’s about 11 PM, but it doesn’t seem that way, it is so bright, you could not believe this is Nigeria.
I get a phone call a phone call from the airline,( I had flown my excess luggage with another airline), we Nigerians like to travel with lots of baggage, we don’t travel often like the oyinbo people. My other luggages had arrived as well, they, inform me that the baggage arrived Nigeria safely. Not the phone call I was expecting anyway, but I’ll take this call anytime. They will fly it for me to Abuja tomorrow, the y just wanted to give me a courtesy call.
I ask about all the NAHCO problems. Sir, that company has been privatized, they are one of the most efficient company’s in Nigeria now. There is no problem with clearing your luggage Oga !.
What about customs and their problems ?, no sir that is the old Nigeria, my mind is at ease.
Any extra cost ?, no sir, you’ve paid all the cost prior to sending your luggage, it’s the same as shipping a container, clearing takes only 6 hours in Nigeria, now . Ok !, bye now. My mind is at ease.
The drive to lokoja was the most leisurely drive I’ve ever taken. I enjoyed driving through the countryside.
I used my GPS navigation system to get me to the hotel in a lokoja. What a beautiful hotel, it’s a 3 star, but two thousand naira was all I was willing to spend. This will do for now. I checked in, what’s your name sir ?,
Adamou ola okon, I replied. Here are your keys, check out is eleven am, complementary breakfast is from seven thirty to nine o clock sir. Thank you.
I decide to call my business partner ,I tried using my mtn cell phone, ,the hotel clerk sees me making a call from my gsm. He walks towards me, Oga you must be from abroad. Please , use the Land line,
it’s cheaper !,”only use your mobile phone when it’s necessary I thanked him, excuse my ignorance.
Apparently land line phones in Nigeria are very reliable. My business partner tells me on the phone that our meeting with our northern partner will be in about 3 days ( I had planned a few business dealings in Nigeria also), mixing pleasure with business Not be a bad idea.
I get angry with my business partner, why is this man treating us like this, I have a PhD, Msc, Ba, Dsc.
Does he not know who I know in this Nigeria ? Does he not know which tribe I’m from ?.
My name is Adamou ola okon. My friend calm down, are you not the one that set the meeting ?. Did I ?, oh , sorry oh.
Look Mr Adamou, me I have to go to bed, welcome home anyway, how was your trip ?.
I will see you tomorrow, you don’t even know anything about Nigeria.

.It’s against the law for anybody to ask you about your tribe or ethnicity or your village or your religion or your state of origin. We are all equal here. Our constitution is more progressive than that of South Africa.
That man could not care less if your name is Mustapha, buraimoh, ilesanmi , dansadau or ifeanyi.
As long as we make a good presentation, . we, have a good chance. Me I didn’t know now, I thought Nigeria was very tribalistic and regionalized and it mattered which religion you are. Stupid me I’m so ignorant.
Oh boy, e don tay when you left Nigeria. Look, my friend, he does not care whether you are Ijebu, ekiti, igbo, itshekiri, ishan, Fulani, Hausa or kanuri. This Nigeria has improved ohh, I might move back home. Anyway see you tomorrow. Before I let you go,do you know now (in Nigeria) that it is a crime to ask somebody about those things anyway. Me I did not know oh .
He tells me that mere mentioning those things is a felony offence n Nigeria now..
My alarm bell rings at about 6 pm, I had a good night sleep. wake up, wake up wake up. Who is this waking me up so early ?. It was my wife, it can’t be, it just can’t be. My wife is abroad.
Honey have you been having those Nigerian dreams again? you better hurry up and go to work.
Damn it, Damn it, I’ve been dreaming again. I better get to the bathroom before she does, this woman takes forever.
I wish I stop having this Nigerian dreams again. This America can make you have yeye dreams oh !.

Anonymous said...



Allow me to take you through a Nigerian journey; these are personal observations from the front Lines. This for me is an unbiased analysis of my noble land through the lenses of ethnic, tribal, colonial lenses.

Thinks he’s better than everybody else, If he happens to have gone to a good" Secondary school .Nobody is better than him. If he happens to be a Christian, he thinks all Muslims are ignorant, local and uncultured. If he’s dad was an Awolowo protégé, he would never employ a Muslim. He thinks all economically lower people are unsophisticated. He thinks all Hausa people are devious. They are biased, they hate Ibos, and they hate everybody. He will tell you that, he will tell you this, Look at Atiku, Look at Babangida, Look at all this bloody northerners, Awon lo.n ba Nigeria Je (They are the ones spoiling Nigeria).Look at those Muslims, who do they think they are, awon ati NAFSAT


He has been taught that he must trust Muslims and Muslims alone. That Christians are idol worshippers, that religion for them is only social and not spiritual. You must do business with your fellow Muslims only. In fact may be a northerner (MUSLIM). You see, it was difficult for his father to get into civil service during the awolowo years. He did not want to change his name or religion. Though his father was educated, he found discrimination very early on, so he decided to go into Business. He decided to sell Lace, building materials etc. He is now very rich, but because of his past experiences, he prepares his children very well for the future
You see, this is why his children hates Christians. His Yoruba fellow mates, you see he despises them. They only stick together out of ethnic loyalty.

He has a personal issue of mistrust. You see you can’t trust the Yoruba man period. They are backstabbing, Ariya Loving, arrogant bunch of people. Go to their schools, Go to their universities, NGABTI, NGBATI, NGBATI, This is all you go dey hear. Take advantage of all their resources, but, by GOD, don’t marry them, don’t hang out with them, and don’t do business with them. If yucan speak (Sic: you can) a little Hausa, move to kafanchan, kaduna or yola you fit turost (Sic :trust) the Hausa small


Has a complete paranoia of everything foreign. The concept of “Nigeria” is extremely foreign to him/her. What is Nigeria; you are either a northerner, a Muslim or a Christian. Forget the fact that Northeastern and North western Nigeria is the most feudal and oligarchy society in Nigeria. The North is rich, the North is rich. Somebody show me the wonderful distribution of wealth. The alimangeri (not sure of my spelling) would die for his benefactor; little does he know that this is his wealth as well. Let somebody raise the specter of religion, we burn down houses. These politicians have us in their pockets, they sure have our numbers!

Yet we are all still poor together. We lack the understanding that we are more than them. We the people, yes we the people have no clue about our power. Yet the best Yoruba can produce is Obasanjo. The best Ibo can produce is Orji Kalu. The best Hausa can produce is Atiku and Babangida (both rumored kleptomaniacs)
The best ijaw can produce is Alameiyesegha. Yes my Nigerian brothers, a nation of about 125 million people. This is all we have.

You see we were taught about Mungo Park, Mary Scissors, Marco Polo. All those who discovered Nigeria?.
Prejudice, hate, tribalism, ethnic hatred. We were never taught all this in school. These things that were the most important. The seeds of hate had been germinating. We all pretended that we got along.

Remember when us “Middle class Children” were in secondary school, everybody seem to have an idea which social circle/class they belonged. Remember, Remember !!. The "Village Boys stuck together. The Rich boys" stuck together. The "Christian redeemers stuck together, the Scripture Unions stuck together.
The rich Muslim’s stuck together. We found comfort within our zones.

The greatest problem in Nigeria was not even addressed. Please don’t even bring up federal character, there is nothing federal about our character. It’s like saying local government, have you been to your local government lately ?, please tell me what is local about it.

We use words like NNA ( Derogatory for Ibo people), YOROBA ( Derogatory for Yoruba people),
AREGORO (Kola nut chewer, derogatory for Hausa people) quite freely, without a bother about repercussions,
I bet you some of you still use those words.
Words like glass, once broken, you can’t put it together. Remember, people with tribal marks, we call them OWALAS.I am not making this up.

Think about your spouse for instance, how closely matched you are, in religion, economic status, social status. You see, now I have your attention. Here I go again. You want to talk about Yoruba’s arrogance. Ibo’s aggression and intransigence . The Hausa mans condescension. . It did not start yesterday. If you think it did, ask the millions that died during the last Nigerian war we are what we are today. Yes we all have a nitch. The nitch is political ignorance. How do you know where you are going, if you dont know where you are from, what you are, where you are.What exactly is a Nigerian. Who is a Nigerian. Is the mobile policeman or the soldier in uniform my country man ?. He will blow my brains on the slightest provocation. Can I go to Orlu to live if I want to ?. Why because I love Orlu.
Can I live in Bauchi if I want to ?. why you ask ?. Like kids will say in America. JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO !.

Starting with your neighbor, your teacher, your colleague at work. What do you really think of your fellow Nigerian from the other side. The other guy from a different tribe, from a different class, from a different religion, from a different village. I’m talking about the guy who has a bigger shop than you. The guy who dares to have storey building, while you live in bungalow No I have your attention again.
NOW, sweep all this under the rug, pretend it’s not there. Can we all just get along ?????????