Thursday, December 22, 2005


Armed gunmen attacked Shell's flow stations across the Opobo Channel, 50 km southwest of the southern Nigerian oil city of Port Harcourt and they also attacked the Nigeria LNG on Bonny Island last Tuesday morning.

The gunmen would have blown the main Nigeria LNG Jetty if not for the swift reaction of the mobile police stationed at the jetty.

Shell said the explosion may have been caused by a dynamite attack carried out by unidentified persons. Witnesses said that armed youths arrived in the place in four motorized boats and chased away the residents before blowing up the pipeline with dynamite, the official News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported.

The insecurity in the Niger Delta is due to the incompetence of the leadership of the Nigerian government.

The breaking news from AFX News Limited says Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria as pipeline fire continues
12.22.2005, 04:57 AM

I have already oveflogged the problems of corruption and misadministration plaguing Nigeria and without repentance, the people will continue to perish in their ignorance, arrogance and foolishness.

When the Bellview plane crashed, I warned the governemnt and the government ignored my warning until the last air disaster when the ill-fated Sosoliso plane crashed at the Port Harcourt International Airport where there was no ordinary water supply to put out the fire of the burning aircraft. And over 50 innocent children were among the 110 people who died in the air disaster.

What Jesus Christ said about disasters:
(Luke 13) Repent or Perish!
"...Unless you repent you will all likewise perish." (Luke 13:3)

Many times in conversation with people the topic of someone's sudden death arises. Often people will say: "His/Her time was 'up.'" In Luke 13, it says that some tragic events happened. Pilate had killed some people from the region of Galilee and had mixed their blood had been mixed with the sacrifices. (Perhaps Pilate had killed some people as they came to make sacrifices as part of their worship). Also, there was some type of tragedy involving a tower in the city of Siloam that fell one day, killing 18 people. Jesus asked if the people thought that those who had died were worse sinners than anyone else because their lives had ended tragically. Then He answered His own question: "No; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish." (verse 5b)

Sometimes people die because of their own poor choices or through someone else's choice or by accident. Don't make the mistake of thinking that when something tragic causes death that those people are being singled out for punishment. Jesus did not say that was correct. All of us die one day. But, He said, that unless we repent, we shall also perish.

Repent or Perish!


Angie said...

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Imnakoya said...

I wonder how effective this violent strategy is? The government is bad; there is no doubt about that.

What beats me is the silence on the equally corrupt and self-centered village/clan heads and opinion leaders of these oil producing communities; many of their leaders would rather ask for “regular cash payoff” than demanding long-lasting solutions and better infrastructure from the oil companies.

These random acts hardly work and end up creating more damage at the end.

Chippla Vandu said...

Violence will always be justified, by its perpetrators that is. However, I really believe that the government needs to seriously address the decay and poverty in the Niger Delta region. Silence or the use of force will not help here.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The Nigerian President pays lip service to public service and he refuses to learn from past mistakes.

I hold him accountable for the lawlessness in the Niger Delta and other regions of Nigeria.