Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yakubu Gowon:The Best Head of State Nigeria Has Ever Had

Gen (Dr.) Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria’s military Head of State for nine years, from 29 July 1966 to 29 July 1975, was born on 19 October 1934 in Pankshin, Plateau state. He was educated at St. Bartholomew School, Wusasa, Zaria from 1939 to 1949; Government College, Zaria (1950-53). He received his military training at Officer Cadet Training School, Teshie Ghana (1954); Eaton Hall, Chester, England (1955); Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, (1955-56); Young Officers’ College, Hythe Warminster (1957;, Staff College, Camberley, England (1962); Joint Services College, Latimer, England, (1965).

Dr. Yakubu Gowon is the best head of state Nigeria has ever had since Independence to date. He was only 32 when he took over the reins of power at the most critical period of our history when Nigeria was in crisis and the civil of 1967 -70 wrecked the political and economic stability of Nigeria. But, Yakubu Gowon still succeeded in leading Nigeria with the most brilliant Nigerian personalities of the period such as the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and others.

I believe that Dr. Yakubu Gowon can still lead Nigeria if given the choice to serve our nation again. Even at such a time as this.

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Shola said...

Interesting thought, though it will take a lot for even one of his integrity to turn things around. A tree can not make a forest, so will the people around him be willing to change?

He is also getting old so not sure if physically he is up to the challenge.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Gowon is only 71 and he is still physically fit.

I want to appreciate the leadership qualities of Dr. Yakubu Gowon as an example worthy of emulation.

There are younger Nigerians who can lead Nigeria and I have identified them. Such as Dr. Dora Nkem Akunyili, Dr. Pat Utomi and Prince Ibrahim Sanusi.

Imnakoya said...

On what basis hare you choosen Gowon? He prosecuted the civil war brilliantly because he built a solid coalition- great! What else? Would he have accomplished as much as he did if he were a politician?

Running a country is way different from running a federal organization or business empire; this entity called Nigeria is not that easy to manage. Besides why would we want to start from the top all the time? Let the people you have mentioned go to their local government areas and start from there. If they can apply their various skill sets in turning around their LGA’s then they have earned my confidence and they can process to higher levels.

skenod said...

According to you, he is your best leader, but not to me, how could you say that about a man who masterminded the assasination of Aguiyi-Ironsi and Murtala Mohammed whom most Nigerians believe is the best leader we have ever had, within 6 months of his leadership, Murtala Muhammed accomplished something that Gowon couldn't do in 9 years, and that is, tackle corruption, Not to talk about human right violations, we all know that many journalists were jailed for expressing their views, ask Wole Soyinka, and he remains unrepentant, he ruled Nigeria during the oil boom era, what an opportunity for the populous black nation to develope and he blew it, King Gowon spent more time and money traveling all over the world with wife and holding grandiose parties entertaining dignitaries, democracy was alien to him, O'yes he helped avoid the breakup of Nigeria but that civil war was very avoidable he had addressed the issue of pogrom of the southeasterners in northern Nigeria, WE are still suffering from Gowons misrule, and that's why a southern presidence is very unreal, tell me why Obasanjo is always pandering to the north.

tyty said...

I cannot believe any of you will assasinate a man like Yakubu Gowon. Most of you are trabalistic individuals and to see the truth is hard for each and everyone of you. separatism is not going to help the country of Nigeria if not unity.

while some of you were still walking around naked with snorts running down your running mouth Gowon was the one who United the nation. He did not take a penny out of your fund neither did he ordered any ones assasination. Most of you will have to go back to history read itn to understand and not for your insecurity's madness.

Gowon have no comparison with all the president the country had allowed.

Before you write or say a word on aman please know the facts. Assasination of character is a sin.

True he was the best head of state Nigeria ever had and would have.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thanks for your good memory.

A good leader is a good leader, whether military or civilian.

Jerry Rawlings of Ghana was a good military leader and was also a good civilian leader.

Cheers and God bless.