Friday, August 03, 2012

How To Navigate Nigerian Times for Comprehensive News and Information

How To Navigate Nigerian Times for Comprehensive News and Information

Read, Listen and View News Videos 24/7!

Publishing news releases is the niche of Nigerian Times and no other website does it better as we do in our own special and unique reporting style of audiovisual presentation to make them more viewer-friendly. Nigerian Times is the only news and information website that publishes press/news releases in full on the homepage thereby increasing the mileage and patronage of the products and services for the maximum benefit of the consumers and their producers and suppliers. While others disregard or hide it behind their websites, Nigerian Times brings it right on the front page for the whole world to see!
No wonder, Nigerian Times is receiving many submissions from the smallest to the biggest companies in the world, with over five million advert requests so far and they have been receiving millions of page views and millions of monthly impressions on Nigerian Times.

Why is Nigerian Times attracting millions of people on the internet?
The answer is FRESH CONTENT around the clock. And as they say content is king, and Nigerian Times never stops publishing something new all the time.

Check out all the links as shown on the header and side bars.

The news reports of events and incidents happening in Nigeria are in the section for Nigerian News as displayed on the right side bar and we also bring the important reports to the front page whenever necessary with informed commentaries on breaking news and others making headlines in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

The breaking news video is also a must see for everyone on the internet as our news video covers more than some of the leading mainstream news channels, because of our multiple feeds from the most current news channels in the world. Moreover, on Nigerian Times, you don’t have to search long for news and information since they are provided and recorded 24/7 for public information and education in fulfillment of our two primary goals of public enlightenment and entertainment.

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