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NGO Intelligence Led to Ivory Bust in China

10 Aug 2012 14:22 Africa/Lagos

NGO Intelligence Led to Ivory Bust in China

YARMOUTH PORT, Mass., Aug. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Based on information provided by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW –, China's Forestry Police conducted a surprise inspection on at Chengtian Antique Mall on where they confiscated 107 pieces of illegal ivory and other wildlife products. Three suspects were detained in connection with the August 6 th seizure.

Located near Beijing, the wholesale mall is highlighted in the recent IFAW report, "Making a Killing—A 2011 Survey of Ivory Markets in China," as one of the worst locations for illegal ivory trade. Out of 22 shops that are involved in ivory trade, only one has the necessary license.

"It is very gratifying to see that the intelligence provided by IFAW resulted in the confiscation of ivory and the arrest of criminal suspects," said Grace Gabriel, IFAW's Asia Regional Director. "Successful law enforcement operations like this serve as reminders to wildlife traffickers and traders that their crimes against nature will not be tolerated."

Under China's regulatory system that was introduced in 2004, only government-approved ivory processing and retail outlets are allowed to trade in elephant ivory.

Of the 158 retail shops and carving factories investigated by IFAW in 2011, 101 of them did not have ivory trade licenses and were operating illegally.

The IFAW report charts how the 2008 Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) sanctioned sale of stockpiled ivory has fueled the market demand for ivory, and how the legal ivory market in China has provided cover for illegal trade of ivory from poached elephants.

Prior to publicly releasing the report, IFAW sent details of the investigation to China's wildlife enforcement authorities, including intelligence on the location of the illegal ivory operations and contact details for illegal traders.

"Intelligence-led enforcement, combined with severe penalties, is absolutely necessary to deter illegal ivory trade," added Gabriel. "This sinful trade is at the core of the elephant poaching crisis in Africa right now. Poachers gun down entire families of elephants just for their ivory tusks to supply the cruel and illegal market."

Just a week ago, more than 40 elephants were slaughtered in Chad. The poachers responsible were local Chadians, but Chinese nationals working in Chad were implicated in the smuggling of the ivory.

Worldwide seizures of elephant ivory amounted to 23 tons in 2011, representing the lives of thousands of elephants.

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