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Facebook Advertising in Different Countries: 2012 Social Media Advertising Global Games

Facebook Marketing Information. Photo Credit: Patrick Wagner.

14 Aug 2012 00:30 Africa/Lagos

New Study: "2012 Social Media Advertising Global Games" Compares Performance of Facebook Advertising in Different Countries

CHICAGO, August 14, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

Kenshoo Social finds heavy mobile usage in Mexico and complex competitive

requirements in the United States and United Kingdom

Kenshoo [http://www.kenshoo.com ] (http://www.Kenshoo.com), a global leader in digital marketing software, published a new report today. "2012 Social Media Advertising Global Games" evaluates nearly 65 billion Facebook ad impressions to identify eleven critical mass countries and evaluate the performance of Facebook ads in those countries across six key "events."

"While Facebook boasts one of the most expansive communities worldwide, its advertising opportunities have become among the most targeted ever," says Sivan Metzger, general manager of Kenshoo Social. "Each individual country delivers different social media performance, and understanding the key metrics and variances by location and vertical can help brands develop successful Facebook advertising strategies."

Key highlights of the report and associated recommendations for advertisers include:

- Countries with high Facebook penetration represent great opportunity for
advertisers. Mexico and Turkey have as many Facebook users as broadband subscribers,
indicating Facebook is used heavily via mobile devices in those countries. Savvy
marketers can reach these connected populations through targeted mobile ads and take
advantage of efficient Facebook cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates.
- Facebook advertising is extremely popular in the United States and United
Kingdom. These countries have the highest CPM and cost-per-click (CPC) rates,
reflecting increased attention and bid competition from marketers. The U.S. and U.K.
also had the lowest exposure rates, meaning it's more difficult for brands to reach
their targets in these countries. For advertisers to effectively compete, they must
use advanced targeting techniques and sophisticated bid algorithms and refresh
creative assets often.
- Italy is a diamond in the rough, winning the most medals of any European
country. A high click-through-rate (CTR) indicates that Italians are willing to
interact with Facebook ads. Italy also has a low max recommended bid from Facebook; so
ads can be placed relatively inexpensively. Advertisers that want to test Pan-European
campaigns can find Italy a good point of entry.

This study analyzed aggregated global data across a wide range of brands whose Facebook ad campaigns are managed through the Kenshoo Social platform. The dataset included more than one hundred countries, but those selected for the study reached a statistical significance of at least 100 million impressions from ads that were uniquely targeted to each country.

The complete report, entitled "2012 Social Media Advertising Global Games," including detailed charts, definitions and insights, can be downloaded at http://www.Kenshoo.com/GlobalGames.

About Kenshoo Social

The mission of Kenshoo Social is to illuminate the value of social media for brands through dynamic technology. Kenshoo Social delivers a global social marketing platform for advertisers and agencies to achieve tangible business results as effectively and efficiently as possible. Through Kenshoo Social, marketers can create and optimize scalable social advertising campaigns while leveraging sophisticated measurement capabilities for owned paid, and earned initiatives across all channels. Please visit Kenshoo.com/Social [http://kenshoo.com/Social ] or Facebook.com/KenshooSocial [http://www.facebook.com/kenshoosocial ] for more information.

About Kenshoo

Kenshoo is a digital marketing software [http://kenshoo.com ] company that engineers technology solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising. Brands, agencies and marketing providers use Kenshoo Enterprise, Kenshoo Local and Kenshoo Social to direct more than $25 billion in annual client sales revenue. The Kenshoo Universal Platform delivers automation, intelligence, integration and scale to make better marketing investments. With campaigns running in more than 190 countries, Kenshoo clients include CareerBuilder, Expedia, Facebook, KAYAK, Havas Digital, Hitwise, iREP, John Lewis, LendingTree, Resolution Media, Sears, Starcom MediaVest Group, Tesco, Travelocity, Walgreens and Zappos. Kenshoo has 16 international locations and is backed by Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance. Please visit http://www.Kenshoo.com for more information.

Facebook(R) is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc. Kenshoo is a trademark of Kenshoo Ltd. Other company and brand names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Source: Kenshoo

Contact: Nick Olsen, PReturn Inc., +1-312-432-9407, nolsen@preturn.com

13 Aug 2012 14:15 Africa/Lagos

Confessiondolls Reveal the Dark Side of Facebook

New App allows people to confess anonymously through social media

AMSTERDAM, August 13, 2012/PRNewswire/ --

From now on, iPhone and iPad users can share their darkest secrets and confessions anonymously on social media. With Dutch company Mediagroe's new Confessiondolls App, they can create an alter ego they can confide in and tell their personal stories to.

They can use their virtual Confessiondoll as a personal electronic diary or share their stories with other people, thus creating a new kind of Facebook for secret confessions. People who read their stories can 'like', share, twitter or link them to traditional social media.

"Stories on regular social media are all about that lovely holiday or the best discount buys. Stories on Confessiondolls are more serious, grievous and therefore much more exciting. This is the ultimate way to anonymously leave your secret behind in the world of social media. Nobody knows it's you," says Stijn Groenemeijer of Mediagroe.

He has seen how confessing has become a new trend lately. Last year a so-called confession App for Roman-Catholics caused a worldwide fuss. Groenemeijer: "People need a place where they can leave confessions behind. Especially girls, for whom it's becoming a hype. They recognise themselves in other people's stories or share the same problems." His message: "Stop writing on public toilet doors and start confiding in your Confessiondoll, a personal listener and a friend in happy and difficult times."

Users of the App can develop their own doll, a kind of avatar, and determine skin and hair colour, clothes etcetera. All dolls in the community are hanging from a rosary, drawing an audience to their stories with titles and keywords. Crispy vector graphics combined with a physics-based user interface provide a dynamic reading and writing experience.

Every public Confessiondoll remains anonymous, but can be followed by others. The App allows users to choose their favourite dolls and follow its stories.

Mediagroe expects the App to create a new type of social media. "It can become big because it allows people to express real emotions," Groenemeijer states.

More information: http://www.confessiondolls.com

Photos: http://www.perssupport.nl/apssite/binaries/content/gallery/afbeeldingen/persberichten/2012/08/13/IMG_002jpg



Source: Mediagroe

Note to editors: For further information please contact Stijn Groenemeijer of Mediagroe, Tel: +31(0)20-4861160, Mob: +31(0)6-51245184, e-mail: stijn@mediagroe.nl.

14 Aug 2012 14:37 Africa/Lagos

New Book 'Presenting With Credibility' Reveals Exceptional Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Credibility is the most important aspect of presenting. If you don't have credibility as a presenter, people will not believe your message and they will not buy your product, support your project or adopt your idea. But how do you build credibility as a business presenter?

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Press announced today the publication of Presenting With Credibility: Practical Tools and Techniques For Effective Presentations. The book, written by Bruna Martinuzzi, President of Clarion Enterprise Ltd., reflects the author's well-earned, global reputation as an outstanding speaker, trainer, and change agent to senior and emergent leaders. " Presenting with Credibility will make you an enchanting presenter. Read it if you want to take your presentation skills to the next level." - Guy Kawasaki, author of Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions, and former chief evangelist of Apple.

In today's fast-paced, competitive economy, those who can present an idea with clarity and persuade others, stand out from the crowd. In this book, Martinuzzi guides you, step by step, through a transformative journey to deliver dynamic and effective presentations, whether it is a presentation to the Board, a keynote, or a staff meeting.

"Credibility is the foundation of leadership. Period. And Bruna Martinuzzi's book Presenting with Credibility is a concise, authoritative, and practical book on how you can earn and sustain this precious personal asset. Bruna's framework is solidly based in research, her presentation tips are directly applicable, and her examples are highly relevant. I will be using this book when I prepare for my presentations, and I recommend that you do, too." - Jim Kouzes, co-author of the best-selling The Leadership Challenge and the Dean's Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

The book provides all the techniques you need to present with credibility. In a concise, easy to follow format, the book shows you how to have presence and dynamism as a speaker and how to speak with authenticity. From knowing how to capture an audience in the first two minutes of your presentation, to speaking before an audience of senior executives or delivering a keynote, Presenting with Credibility is packed with hundreds of practical tips as well as inspiration.

Information and ordering: http://www.6seconds.org/newstore/products/presenting-with-credibility

Author contact: http://www.clarionenterprises.com

Media contact: Joshua Freedman, 831-763-1800

SOURCE Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Press

Web Site: http://www.clarionenterprises.com

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