Monday, August 20, 2012

Shylock Landlords and Greedy Realtors Are Fueling Corruption in Nigeria

Corruption in Nigeria. Photo Credit: Leadership Newspapers.

Shylock Landlords and Greedy Realtors Are Fueling Corruption in Nigeria

Corruption has become embedded in the culture of Nigerian life and most of the accusing fingers point at the kleptomaniac politicians in public office, civil servants and their accomplices in the corridors of power. But what pushes majority of Nigerians into corrupt practices?

Why is corruption endemic in the Nigerian society?

Majority of Nigerians are desperate to compete for the most idolized status symbols of the elites and acquire them by all means and at all costs regardless of the defamation of their character in the society, because the rich elites use these status symbols to impress their peers and oppress the lower classes of Nigerians. Almost every Nigerian is suffering from the Morality Deficiency Syndrome (MDS) in their dog eat dog rat race. But many of them still live in denial of their complicity in the crimes and evils of corruption. Among these accomplices of the kleptomaniacs are the greedy shylock landlords and realtors who inflate the house rents and prices of real estate so preposterously that you are sure they must be insane. Because they ask for rents that can only be afforded by only high income earners or robbers. So, the low income earners who make up the largest population are frustrated and frustration leads to their desperation to get rich quick to catch up with the Joneses who control the reins of power in the society. This high cost of living in the Nigerian society caused by the greedy shylock landlords and realtors, producers and suppliers of goods who are also members of the ruling class or their partners in crime is what pushes Nigerians into corruption.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima 

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