Friday, July 13, 2012

Top Security Tips for Smartphones

Top Security Tips for Smartphones

~ By Anna Miller

Losing a smartphone can be very easy. You might leave it unattended at a party or might lose it in a bus or a metro. This can be harmful since it may get into the wrong hands and can cause you a lot of trouble. Your smartphone is an important device containing many of your confidential and personal information that is probably meant so much for you. Therefore, you can never be too careful with protecting your smartphone and giving it the highest level of security possible.
Here are some smart security tips to keep your smartphone well protected.

Take measures such as screen locking
Screen locking your smartphone can be an extremely good idea if you do not want unknown people tampering with it. You can set your smartphone security settings such that it will automatically lock itself and arm it with password and pin lock codes if left unattended for a certain period of time. You can even set locks on sensitive data and files so that any outsider cannot rifle through your personal contents.

Enable Locating, locking and wiping services
A lot of apps have been developed to increase the security quotient of your smartphone. Make use of them. Various apps help you to track down the approximate locations of your smartphone in case it is lost or stolen. You can track your phone through GPS coordinates.

Most of these services also allow you to immediately lock your phone and delete sensitive information and files if you cannot find it. This helps you to protect your data even if your smartphone is stolen and make sure no one makes wrong use of it. Smartphone locating apps or services can be very useful if you are trying to retrieve a lost smartphone.

Implement regular software updates
Even though most of the software updates that your service provider or manufacturing company notifies you of might not interest you, keep track of them and implement them from time to time. These applications often contain important security updates that help you to protect your smartphone.

Use mobile monitoring apps
Mobile monitoring apps are very helpful for protecting your smartphone. They help you to keep track of all cell phone activities carried from the smartphone and also track GPS coordinates so that you can easily track down your smartphone in case it is lost. These apps, such as the Mobile Spy, also enable you to lock files, delete data and restrict cell phone activity to prevent illegal or unwanted usage of your phone and its data.

Provide backups for your existing data
Even if you track down a stolen smartphone, you might have needed to delete important data from it before you were able to retrieve it. This is why you should regularly sync your data and create backups for it so that even you lose your smartphone, you will still have all your important data intact.

Protecting your smartphone is very important since it contains a lot of your personal details and information. Taking certain easy measures help you to minimize on the risk factor and enable you to fully use your smartphone.

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