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Beer Market Trends, Targeting Adult Consumer Needs in Soft Drinks Market

Beer Market Trends, Targeting Adult Consumer Needs in Soft Drinks Market & Innovation Trends Analyzed in New Industry Research Reports

DALLAS, July 23, 2012/PRNewswire/ -- adds new market research reports on Consumer and Innovation Trends in Beer and Targeting Adult Consumer Needs in Soft Drinks to its store.

A. Consumer and Innovation Trends in Beer [ ]

The beer market which for so long has been dominated by national brands is changing. On the one hand there has been considerable consolidation: with a few truly global players emerging who are leveraging brands across markets. On the other hand, there has been an explosion of small-scale, niche craft players that are really pushing the boundaries of brewing innovation.

Features and benefits

- Each section is introduced with a concise SWOT analysis that outlines how
each TrendSights mega-trend can be applied to the beer category
- Consumer insight analysis covering 18 countries globally highlights the key
attitudes and behaviors which drive drinkers' beer preferences
- Draw inspiration from numerous case studies and product examples throughout
the brief that showcase best-in-class innovations for beer


Engagement with younger consumers - those under 25 - is emerging as an industry imperative, as younger consumers are being drawn away from beer to spirits and wine.

New product opportunities are spurred by consumer demand for more novel product flavors. Over a third (39%) of global consumers cite "that they enjoy experimenting with alcoholic beverages flavors and mixers." As such a raft of new product flavors have entered the markets that capitalize on the consumers' willingness to experiment.

Niche, local or craft brewers are pushing the envelope in terms of both the depth and breadth of beer and brewing styles on offer. The eclecticism of beers available has been further augmented by a rise in in nano-brewers, home brewers who are experimenting, creating their own unique brews.

Your key questions answered

- How do Datamonitor's mega-trends apply specifically to beer? How is this
likely to evolve over the next few years?
- Where is innovation occurring in the beer category and what does it look like?
- To what extent are consumers willing to sacrifice taste for a healthier
- How are brewers incorporating sustainability and ethics considerations into
their brand identities?
- How are industry players using the online space to more effectively engage
with consumers?

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B. Targeting Adult Consumer Needs in Soft Drinks [ ]

As the world ages and the soft drinks industry matures, the need to target specific adult groups increases. This report analyzes the value and volume of drinks consumption by adults across the soft drinks industry, segmented by region and category. As an important adult-focused category, malt beverage sales are broken out in their own right.

Features and benefits

- Understand how adult soft drinks consumption breaks down by age group,
category and geography of adult soft drinks consumption.
- Assess which developments in the consumption of soft drinks by adults will be
the most important over the coming years.
- Identify how companies are tailoring their soft drinks new product development
to meet specific adult groups' demands.
- Analyze the global market for malt beverages, how it breaks down
geographically, and how its growth patterns are changing.
- Understand the key success factors when seeking to market soft drinks as
alcohol substitutes in the on-trade.


In 2011 the number of over-55s worldwide overtook the number of 25-34s for the first time. The slowest-growing adult group has been 18-24s, as the impact of China's one child policy has joined the impact of low birth rates in Europe and slowing birth rates in other mid-income countries.

The growth seen in the malt category between 2006-2011 in volume terms was an annual average of 5.3%, higher than was seen in any of the major categories other than RTD tea & coffee. Although brewed drinks are gaining share globally, the Africa & Middle East region will keep its dominant market position to 2016.

All major developed markets are set to show lower alcoholic drinks volume consumption per head in 2015 than they did in 2005, with the UK and France showing particularly substantial declines. The combined growth of soft and low/no-alcohol alternatives will increasingly normalize the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks.

Your key questions answered

- Which categories are the most important driving consumption among each of
the different adult age groups?
- How are aging populations affecting the dynamics of soft drinks markets in the
developed and developing world?
- How will economic and technological factors affect the marketing of soft
drinks to adults?
- How representative is the malt beverages market of wider trends in adult soft
- Why are adults with soft drinks becoming an important topic at the current

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