Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nigerian Girls, Nigerian Guys Need More Than Your Body

Nigerian Girls, Nigerian Guys Need More Than Your Body

The most common mistake Nigerian Girls make with Nigerian Guys is they think every Nigerian Guy is the same and this mistake is doing them more harm than good. They think majority of Nigerian guys want the same thing in women, a regular sex partner. So, they have been hawking themselves to Nigerian guys as sex objects and naturally in the social marketing of romance, it is what you are offering your target audience is what they will bargain for. Nigerian girls are hawking themselves as sex objects to Nigerian guys and that has made Nigerian guys to see them first as sex objects and treat them as sex objects and end up even marrying them as sex objects. Because what Nigerian girls have advertised and sold to the guys is nothing more than their sexuality.

On the street, on the internet, on the pages of print, on radio and on TV, Nigerian girls are hawking themselves as sex objects so shamelessly.
That you wonder if they have brains at all or their brains are just wired for nothing more than sex.
C'mon! Don't you have anything more to offer Nigerian guys than your vagina?

Majority of Nigerian girls have become so sexually abused and misused that Nigerian guys are now bored and tired of them and are no longer excited in getting married to anyone of them.
“Just simply fork them and get them pregnant, because that all they are meant for,” said a Nigerian guy.

Nigeria is now full of girlfriends and wives who are more of liabilities than anything else to Nigerian men. Even the exceptional ones among these hordes of part-time and full time prostituting girlfriends and wives are sick of them, because their notorious deeds have become so widespread that Nigerian men now think to find a decent Nigerian girl or woman is looking for a needle in a haystack.
Yes, it is really that bad. These Nigerian girls have gone to the dogs.

From their rampant promiscuity on and off campus one wonders if majority of them have only gone to the university to boost the marketability of their sexuality, because they still prefer to use their loins more than their brains in the rat race.

It is really expedient to be very blunt in addressing this social malaise of wanton licentiousness that has become endemic among the majority of the impressionable and vulnerable young women in Nigeria, because it is already a dangerous social plague that is destroying the security and welfare of the Nigerian family and society at large.
These girls are the future mothers of our children! So, what kind of parenting will they give our innocent children when they are so morally corrupt and shameless too?

“It is one of the grave consequences of the corruption that is endemic in the Nigerian system, because it spreads like a contagious disease from the top to the bottom and the only immunity against it is total separation from the system,” said a friend as we discussed the promiscuous lifestyle of young women in Nigeria.

This social problem is the burden of everyone who really cares about the morality and security of your family and society, because none of us can escape from the repercussions. And discussing it is pertinent to dealing with it without apologies or regrets in being acerbic and sarcastic. I have always believed more in calling a spade and spade than call it a spoon.

This problem is not meant to start any slanging-match between the sexes, because heaven knows I am not a sexist, but more concerned about the dignity, integrity and nobility of womanhood, not necessarily to make any promiscuous young woman feel more guilty, but to realize that there is more to her femininity than her sexuality which is being abused and misused by her own sexploitation.

~ By Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima.

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