Thursday, May 22, 2008

Will You Tell CNN That You Expect An Apology From Alex Castellanos?

>> Will you tell CNN to take responsibility for their on-air talent?

Dear Friend,

Is it ever acceptable to use the term "bitch" to describe a woman? CNN political contributor Alex Castellanos seems to think it is.

On Wednesday's edition of The Situation Room, moments after CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin referred to a column in The New York Times that "talked about some of the humor in the campaign, and the punch line was a line that was -- that Hillary Clinton was a 'white bitch,'" Castellanos asserted, "And some women, by the way, are named that and it's accurate."

Hard to believe? You can check out the Media Matters for America item below or watch the video for yourself here.

It's time to hold CNN and Castellanos accountable for his horribly sexist remarks. I hope you'll take a moment to contact CNN today and demand an on-air apology from Castellanos.

>> Make your voice heard -- Contact CNN today and demand an on-air apology.


Eric Burns
Chief of Staff
Media Matters for America

PS -- You can see more of Castellanos' comments from the past month here.

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