Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Before Noon EST (17:00 UTC) Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before Noon EST (17:00 UTC) Tuesday, January 20, 2009
A fictional account of factual people, places and occurrences on the American presidential election in 2008.

The titanic contest between Senators Barack Obama and John McCain in the November 4 presidential election is making headlines all over the world. The majority of Americans have had enough of the Republicans madness in the eight years of the nightmarish maladministration of Dubya.

How did the American son of an African from Kenya become the most sensational Democrat in the history of America? His picturesque contrast to Senator Hillary Clinton made all the difference. I believe that if Barack Obama contested the Democratic nomination with another American woman and not Hilllary Clinton, the story would have had a different ending today.

He is what I call a political smart Alec or politically correct American politician from Chicago. He fished in the troubled waters of the Clintons and turned the sharks against them from Iowa to Denver. The Clintons are still licking their wounds after the political mercenaries of the anti-Clinton camp left them black and blue.

I wanted Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic presidential nomination, but she lost it after a grueling power struggle with the power brokers and carpetbaggers who would rather kiss the dust than kiss the arse of the Clintons. They gave Barack Obama all the tools he needed to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama has an irresistible charisma and his superlative words won the hearts of most Americans,” said Sid, the young liberal from New Jersey.
“Bullshit! Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton to the presidential nomination, because most American liberals would even vote for an Orangutan instead of Hillary Clinton,” I replied.“They just hate the Clintons,” I added.
“But how come she beat him in the most populous states, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Michigan and Florida ?” Sid asked.
“She beat him in those states, because most the voters there are white racists, Amigos and Gringos who think blacks are full of shit,” I replied.
“You don’t just want to give credit to Barack Obama. He has won more swing states, Virginia, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa,” said Sid.
“I have already given him credit,” I said.
“When and how?” asked Sid.
“I said he is a political opportunist who exploited the political ignorance of American youths and the arrogance of the liberal hypocrites of the American middle class and upper class,” I replied.
“Americans want A new leader,” said Sid.
“A new wine in an old bottle or a new suitcase full of borrowed jackets,” I said.
Barack Obama is the new Uncle Tom?” Sid asked.

I did not reply him.


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