Saturday, May 17, 2008

Re: Obama's Struggle With Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

This is my comment on John Ridley's Obama's Struggle With Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

Political hypocrisy plagues American democracy.
Barack Obama cannot please everybody.
If Obama fails to win the nomination and the presidential election, the so-called American Liberals will be the Judas of his betrayal.

What has made Barack Obama so successful so far is not his animated amplification of the politiical sound bites of his political spin doctors, but the big budget of his sponsors who used their mainstream media and proxies in the social network sites to launch their vicious campaign of calumny against the Clintons and maligned them so badly that they have done more harm than good to the Democratic Party in the long run of the presidential campaign. If the Clintons and their millions of supporters turn against Barack Obama and his sponsors in the presidential election, do not blame the Clintons.

Most of those endorsing Barack Obama are doing so to spite the Clintons and have not really done much to show why he would be a better president than John McCain.
If we put the war in Iraq behind us, how would Barack Obama fare as the President of America?
This is not even a question of whether he is "Black enough" or not, but if he can really and truly be the kind of president America needs now.

We should not judge any person by the color of the skin, but by the intellect and benefit to human development.
Most of the African Americans voting for Barack Obama are racist, because they are voting for him, because he is Black.
Would the majority of them vote for him if he were White?
Why did most working class African Americans who should have voted for John Edwards prefer to vote for Barack Obama?
It is natural for Blacks to support a Black candidate?
Even if the Black candidate is not really better than the White candidate?
The White voters of Barack Obama have impressed me more than the Black voters.
The Blacks are making this presidential election look like a Black versus White power struggle.

If African Americans feel that it is long over due to elect a Black president, then how would the Latinos and American Indians feel?

Apart from his opposition to the war in Iraq, Barack Obama's shortcomings in political expediency are making him look like the puppet of the political power brokers who really careless about the war in Iraq and want to use him to settle scores and secure their future in the American government.

Americans must not reduce this election into an opportunity to compensate Blacks or settle political scores, because it would be irrational to do so.

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