Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nigeria Has Gone To The Dogs

I have read Reuben Abati's "Disasters, Crocodile Tears And The Next Tragedy" and I wish that every literate person in Nigeria will sit down and read it and meditate on it. Then look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question of how much your life is worth as a Nigerian.

How much are you worth to Nigeria?
How much have you done to separate yourself from the dogs and pigs in Nigeria?

Who Are the Dogs and Who Are the Pigs?

The dogs and pigs are those who have no scruples and would careless to do anything to belong to the Joneses.
They have no dignity and no integrity.
They will say anything and do anything to ape the Joneses.

Only Nigerian fools will boast of living in mansions while they cannot boast of good and safe roads.

Only Nigerian fools will boast of going to Nigerian universities when they cannot boast of any Nigerian university among the top 30 universities in Africa!

Only Nigerian fools will boast of the Nigerian parodies of American TV reality shows, but cannot boast of any Nigerian film in competition at the Cannes.

Only Nigerian fools will boast of their skills and wits in aping American hip-hop music and dance, but cannot boast of Nigerian music icons.

Only Nigerian fools will boast of wasting millions of naira to sponsor the importation of American hip-hop music stars, but cannot boast of promoting the appreciation of Nigerian music of Fela Sowande, I.K. Dairo, Ayo Bankole, Sam Akpabot and other geniuses of Nigerian music.
I am pointing my accusing fingers at the Nigerian Breweries Plc, This Day newspapers and others who are accomplices of those guilty of the corruption and pollution of the minds of Nigerian youths on TV and on stage.

Only Nigerian fools will boast of supporting Manchester United, Chelsea and other popular Western European soccer teams, but cannot boast of Western Europeans who can even name Nigerian soccer teams. Of course, only Nigerian fools died while screaming their heads off over the last UEFA Champions League Final in Moscow.
As fools lies, fools die.

Only Nigerian fools voted for the People's Democratic Party (PDP) to elect an incompetent President who does not know that being the governor of a Northern state is millions of miles apart from being the President of the most populous nation in Africa.

Only Nigerian fools will honour a Senate President who should be on trial for graft and electoral malpractices.

Only Nigerian fools will be fooled by the political contractors in public offices and their partners in crime in the private sector.

Only Nigerian fools will boast of winning millions of naira from Nigerian promotions, but they cannot call a spade and spade and tell the MTN, CELTEL, GLO, NBL and other capitalist exploiters to go and spend the millions on the renovation of neglected campuses and upgrading laboratories and studios of Nigerian colleges and universities.
The millions of naira you wasted in importing 50 Cent and Rihanna will be more than enough to refurbish and equip the laboratories of the University of Lagos.

Only Nigerian fools will prefer to dine and wine with the corrupt public officials and their partners in crime in the private sector without telling them the truth. That they are going to burn in hell, except they repent.

The list of these Nigerian fools is very long.

They are the hypocrites, parasites and prostitutes in Nigerian churches, mosques, corridors of power, private companies, campuses and other places who are behaving and living like dogs and pigs. Even those who see themselves as the Nigerian elites are nothing more than dogs.

Only a political, economic and social revolution to purge Nigeria of the corruption and pollution plaguing the Nigerian society will suffice.


Kory Hoopes said...

Such fiery passion on what seems to be a very important and controversial topic. Tell me, what do you think is Nigeria's role on the world stage? What do you see Nigeria contributing?

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you Kory Hoopes for reading it.

I have already addressed the Nigerian anomie and the solution and the role of Nigeria in the leadership of Africa in the 21st century in my essay Dear Nigerians, Only the Best Is Good Enough For Us.

It is only 20 pages long and reading it will answer the question you have asked me.

Cheers aand God bless.

Kory Hoopes said...

Thank you for the response! I will indeed read your essay.

I'm researching a paper about the effect of blogs and other types of new media on countries outside America. I will definitely keep an eye on what you have to say. Thanks again for the great information.