Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Only Way The Democratic Party Can Win The Presidential Election in 2008

Most readers of the Huffington Post in support of Barack Obama are ignorant of the present realities.
Most of the Republicans and Independents who were voting for him are now wiser and they are now returning to the GOP. The polls have shown that John McCain is now the most popular of the three presidential candidates.

If Hillary Clinton is not the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, the GOP will retain the presidency.

The only way to defeat the GOP is the united front of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.
Hillary Clinton should be the President and Barack Obama, the Vice President.

Barack Obama boasting about his lead in pledged delegates, states and popular votes is schoolboy logic.
That kind of political rationale cannot win the presidential election.

Most of the supporters of Hillary Clinton will vote for John McCain if she is not the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

John McCain knows that he would be favoured by the instability in the Democratic Party, because Hillary Clinton will not step down for Barack Obama and Barack Obama is too proud to step down for her.
Whoever loses the Democratic nomination will be John McCain's gain.

Hillary Clinton still has more supporters among the Latinos, Roman Catholics, White Protestants, Gays, White Baby Boomers, blue collar workers and never-say-die Democrats and their population is more than the total population of the African American voters.
Most of them are going to vote for John McCain if Hillary Clinton is not the presidential nominee.

The wound that the racist and terrorist outbursts of Rev. Jeremiah Wright inflicted on the presidential campaign of Barack Obama is deeper than what the ignorant supporters of Barack Obama think. John McCain has gained from the crisis.

Barack Obama's rhetoric is not what the Democratic Party needs to win the presidential election, but the logic of political ratiocination.

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