Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Attention To All New and Old Members of Nigerian Times International Forum!

I do not want what Nigerians are doing on Nairaland to be repeated on Nigerian Times International Forum.

I am developing the largest Nigerian news media on the Internet and Nigerian Times International Forum is a cosmopolitan news, current affairs, and general features forum with discussion boards on all the subjects and aspects of life and it is for the general benefit of the international community in the global village.

Members creating double memberships will not help you and I.

I am not desperate for more members.

Nigerian Times International Forum has no competition.
The language of the content and the context are above what you see in other Nigerian forums.
I respect the dignity and integrity of the highly educated members of Nigerian Times International Forum, who are among the most educated intellectuals and professionals online and offline.
Please, respect them as well by obeying the rules and regulations of Nigerian Times International Forum.

We must be honest and transparent.

419 Internet scammers have also joined Nairaland to tarnish the good image of the most popular Nigerian website. I have already notified the owner and administrator, Mr. Seun Osewa to remove all the links to my e-mails and contact adressess on his website, because Internet romance scammers were harassing me and claiming that they saw my profile on Nairaland.
It is malicious and vicious to abuse and misuse the goodwill of hardworking Nigerians who are committed and dedicated to the promotion of the best practices of professionalism on the Internet and to redeem the bad image of Nigerians online and offline.

I am going to introduce subscription and registration fees for the membership of Nigerian Times International Forum with formal subscription and registration forms in selected Nigerian Banks and online, where the password will be given to only registered subscribers with full details of their real names, addresses and offices.
This is the only way to protect and safeguard the honest and transparent members of Nigerian Times International Forum from criminals and lunatic fringe elements roaming the Internet in search of innocent and ignorant victims to rob and swindle.

~ Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima
Nigerian Times International Online Media Network

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