Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama

The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright (left), pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.
(January 17, 2008)
Credit: Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune

I have actually ignored the uproar over the so-called anti-American and unpatriotic sermon of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and I have been accused of been pro-Obama on my blog.

Many of the supporters of Senator Barack Obama were really annoyed and disappointed by the lame excuses of Barack Obama. A poster said Barack Obama lied that he was not present on the day Jeremiah Wright preached the fiery sermon after the catastrophe of 9/11. The misleading untternaces of Jeremiah Wright have made many Americans to doubt the personality of Senator Barack Obama and such erroneous utterances could harm the prospects of the Democratic Party in the presidential election in November.

The burden is the crisis of faith in America and not about racism.
The fact is, Barack Obama lacks sound judgment and from Pastor Jeremiah Wright to his bone-headedness in doing business with Antoin "Tony" Rezko when the Syrian was under Federal Investigation, Americans can see that Barack Obama cannot lead the United States of America.

There is nothing different between Osama bin Laden and Jeremiah Wright.
One uses Islam to attack America and the other uses Christianity to attack America.
Both of them are terrorists who are using religion to preach lies and hate.
Now we can see why and how the Islamic backgrounds of Barack Obama have led him to associate with such fringe elements as Pastor Jeremiah Wright for over 20 years.
His references to the social welfare services of Jeremiah Wright's church are meaningless, because the Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic cults also feed the poor, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and care for the sick, but such charitable acts do not make them angels.
Even devils give alms to the poor.

The Democratic Party should face the grave consequences of the truth of what Senator Barack Obama represents.

Senator Barack Obama is not any "uniter" and is not an agent of change, because he is not a reformist. In fact, if Barack Obama had balls, he would have been a Republican and not a Democrat.

Senator Barack Obama is just another politician with very good political spin-doctors who have been making up the sound bites of his romantic political speeches to spin the majority of ignorant and gullible American voters.

The election of George Walker Bush has made things bad, but the election of Barack Hussein Obama will make things worse.

Only the best is good enough for America.


betsy784 said...

Watch Rev. Jeremiah Wright's 9-11 sermon in context

Anthrophile said...

"Only the best is good enough for America."

Are you being facetious?

If not, why do you think this? I am curious to know.