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Nigerian Housemate Ofuneka Was Raped By Richard In Big Brother Africa 2

God knows I do not like covering sins or evils.

The Nigerian Housemake Ofuneka in Big Brother Africa 2 was sexually assaulted by the notorious male Housemate Richard and there is now a Big Brother Cover Up to sweep the sex-attack under the soiled red carpet of Big Brother Africa when the family of the victim should have sued the organisers and sponsors of Big Brother Africa.

The following news reports will prove the allegations to be true.

Monday, October 29, 2007 - Web posted at 9:08:55 GMT

Big Brother Africa: Scandal rocks the house

WHAT started as a lazy, hazy Saturday afternoon in the Big Brother house ended on a sordid and scandalous note.

The scene was a mix of crazy, drunken antics, which culminated in a display of what can only be described as sexual abuse.

It also showed how destructive alcohol can be when it is abused.

On a continent where alcoholism is rampant, abuse of women and children is pervasive and HIV-AIDS cases have reached alarming rates, what happened in the house can only be described as sad.

None of us really had the stomach to write about what some viewers are describing as "the most scandalous day" in Big Brother history, but because the incidents have sparked such debate and outrage, we are left with no option.

Such has been the outrage that some BBA pundits are wondering if there will be a BBA3.

We enjoy writing tongue-in-the cheek takes on the housemates and house happenings, or doing breakdowns of events; writing about Saturday's events offers no pleasure.

No matter how much we love BBA, the question has to be asked: did what went down cross a line? Of course, there were those gung-ho sexual cowboys on the SMS strip wanting more, urging Rich on.

Sure, BBA is a reality show, but surely even in reality shows there are bottom lines? If the housemates had all been sober, it could have been seen differently: at least the dynamics of consent would have come into play.

FISHING TASK It all started with a fishing task, which ended with Rich fishing - uninvited - in forbidden waters.

The task saw the housemates degenerating into drunken zombies - there was the large-scale vomiting, and what is being seen as the sexual abuse of especially a blind-drunk Ofunneka.

Tati was also on the receiving end.

Matters got so bad that the paramedics had to be called in! And, eventually, Richard was locked in the diary room.

Big Brother himself chose to censor viewing at one point by switching to an empty garden for a good 30 minutes or so.

In terms of a reality show, this was also not on, one "horrified" viewer who telephoned The Namibian said.

OK, so still hung over from the previous night, the housemates were supposed to fish with magnetic fishing rods - they had to catch an array of magnetised fish.

On the reverse side of each fish was a written question or task and the housemates, in typical Simon Says fashion, had to follow the instructions.

As is usual on a Saturday, Biggie provided housemates with an abundance of alcohol.

The booze combined with an across-the-board hangover and the fact that the housemates had seemingly had very little to eat led to some of the most offensive scenes of the show.

So offensive that Biggie has remained suspiciously mum on the whole issue, allegedly censoring snippets of the sordid ordeal and allegedly even removing certain threads on the official BBA website forum.

BBA viewers are also shouting the odds that their SMS messages on the incident are not being shown, that only a limited, selective few are being screened on the SMS strip.

None of the housemates emerged with any credit - though, if anyone showed even a modicum of sense under the circumstances, it was Maureen, who was tipsy but not as out of it as the others.

HOW IT WENT DOWN After only 30 minutes, the housemates were so drunk that they could barely complete the fishing task.

As a post on the BBA Ultimate Fan Web blog said, it was like the blind leading the blind, the blind drunk.

The housemates were falling all over the place, stumbling into each other, holding each other, kissing ,

After a few more shots of booze all round, the day went from bad to worse as the crazy behaviour continued.

After a while the 'Big 5's' bodies just couldn't handle it any more and one after the other they started puking their guts out.

Ofu and Tati were undoubtedly the two most out of it.

Don't know what was going through Richard's mind at the time but he seemed to think that two all-but passed-out women was a sexual invitation! WTF??!!! Lying between the two women in the bedroom, Richard began to kiss and fondle and fiddle with Ofu, and this while his lover - Tati - was lying right next to him.

On the same bed! You could have been forgiven for thinking you had stumbled across a new porn channel, as one viewer who called in said - but no, it was Big Brother Africa.

This is reality television, people - showcasing not only the highs and lows of human behaviour but the ugliest side of people too.

As Richard groped and abused Ofu, a dazed and confused Maureen walked in and out of the room - babbling, seemingly at a loss over what to do.

She had tried to lead Richard out of the room, but he was running on rampant and eager to get back to the two women.

At one point she got him to sit on the couch, at which stage he seemed to revel in sniffing his fingers.

As Maureen struggled with the situation, the paramedics were sent in and Richard was eventually locked in the diary room.

This is also when Biggie decided to switch to the garden camera.

OUTRAGE What Richard did to Ofunneka can only be described as morally reprehensible.

There are even those on BBA forums and other BBA threads charging that it is tantamount to sex-attack, with many calling for the Tanzanian to be removed from the Big Brother house for what he did to his Nigerian housemate.

Abuse should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form, whether it is in the form of physical or emotional violence or a sexual affront.

Diehard Richard fans are trying to play down the incident, shifting the blame on to Ofunneka, claiming that that she "wanted it".

Hello people? That is like saying that women ask to be attacked?! As one message on the SMS strip said, "When is someone going to teach Rich what NO and STOP IT mean?" But don't be surprised if Richard fans try to paint him as a saint of sexual favours.

Any decent man would never take advantage of a woman in that situation.

Ofunneka was unaware of what was going on around her, unaware of what Richard was doing to her yet he continued to abuse her in the most vile manner.

Others are trying to blame Maureen.

They say she should have hit Richard over the head with something.

Well, imagine if she hadn't knocked him out, and he had turned on her?!! When will this man be stopped? Viewers across Africa have already given his adulterous relationship with Tatiana the stamp of approval by not voting him out on numerous occasions.

And doubtless there will be those who will continue to vote for their "Richie".

Do they really approve of his abusive and chauvinistic behaviour? What message does this send out to men and women across Africa? That it's okay to cheat on your wife, to sexually cheat on live television, to intimately grope a passed-out woman? AFTERMATH After the paramedics left, the housemates slept for a very long period.

And when they finally surfaced, they tried to piece together the events of the afternoon.

Tatiana and Ofunekka said they could not remember how they even got to the bedroom.

Although Richard seemed to remember bits and pieces, he certainly did not divulge the details.

But the man sure strutted around the house as though he owned all the women.

He was obviously cock-a-hoop, pronouncing loudly "I have seen the rivers and mountains of Big Brother", and then guffawing in a very self-satisfied way.

Not only did he seem very, very pleased with himself, but he boldly pronounced, almost shouted, that he had "changed strategy" and "I'm going to bump all the women in the BBA house" - not once, not twice, but a number of times.

He even shouted out a demand to Tati, in full hearing of Ofu and Maureen, that he wanted a BJ.

It seems that with each eviction that he has survived, Rich has become increasingly convinced that he is untouchable, and can do whatever he wants - without fear of retribution, or accountability.

- Additional reporting by JEAN SUTHERLAND.

Big Bro Viewers Outraged By Sex Case
Updated:14:52, Thursday November 01, 2007

A sexual incident on the African version of Big Brother has sparked outrage throughout the continent.

Bezuidenhout and MolokwuRichard Bezuidenhout from Tanzania was judged by some viewers to have sexually assaulted fellow housemate Ofunneka Molokwu.

The two are still in the show and are among three finalists vying to win the £50,000 prize when the programme ends later this month.

Viewers have expressed disgust after the alleged incident was broadcast live on air by pay-TV channel M-Net.

Many have complained to newspapers and voiced their anger on message boards.

But M-Net, which is an over-18s channel, says both housemates consented and the company has decided that it was not assault.,,30200-1291137,00.html?f=rss


Thursday, November 1, 2007 - Web posted at 7:20:22 GMT

This statement is reprinted as is: Big Brother Africa: The official response on BBA's 'Saturday of shame'

IN the past few days, M-Net has received varied comments and queries about the events of Saturday October 27 on Big Brother Africa II.

There have been opposing views and differing opinions from the show's audiences.

In answer to viewer queries regarding the events on Saturday October 27, M-Net would like to advise the following - M-Net is concerned about the rate of alcohol consumption in the Big Brother Africa House so going forward, there will be a reduction in the amount of alcohol sent into the House.

In addition, Big Brother has addressed the issue of irresponsible drinking with all the Housemates individually.

However, none of the Housemates has made any complaint regarding any incident that occurred on Saturday.

Furthermore none of the Housemates broken any of the House rules by becoming intoxicated.

Big Brother Africa is a 24-hour, daily reality show on an age restricted channel and parental control is provided.

Furthermore the choice to view is an individual one.

Big Brother is based on showing the Housemates' actions whilst in the House for audiences who wish to make informed voting decisions based on Housemate behaviour.

Finally M-Net hopes that fans of the show will continue to use this website to discuss opinions, catch up with the show and interact with one another.

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