Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bill Clinton:Glenda, Clare, and David

Dear Orikinla,

I have a new favorite way to watch presidential debates.

I don't miss a single one with Hillary in it, of course. There's so much at stake that I'm always glued to the screen. But this last one was my favorite yet, thanks to Glenda, Clare, and David, the winners of the campaign's debate watch contest.

It was a great setting -- just a few of us sitting down on a couch, watching the debate, cheering for Hillary, and talking about what was unfolding on the TV. I love talking to Hillary's supporters, and it's even better when we're watching her on that stage.

We talked about their lives, too -- and about why they're supporting Hillary for president. After the debate, I got a call from Hillary (we often talk right after they're over), and she talked to Glenda, Clare, and David, too. (I had to pull the phone away from David because the two of them were reminiscing about Park Ridge, Illinois, where Hillary grew up!)

It was a great evening, and a great way to watch a debate. I'm really looking forward to doing this again.

And although you couldn't be there with us, the campaign put together a short video of the evening for you to enjoy. Take a look:



Bill Clinton

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