Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Dogs and the Pigs in Nigeria

There are political subjects I deliberately ignore in Nigeria, because it would be a waste of time to discuss them.

The primitive nature of the so-called Chief Adedibu and the political prostitution of Patricia Etteh, are enough to show us the stock-in-trade of the notorious People's Democratic Party of Nigeria.

When I read that a Nigerian bank has won an award as the best bank in Africa, I chuckle and smirk, because only fools would be impressed.

To those giving kudos to the PDP led government, I feel sorry for their conceit and deceit.

If you really want to know the quality of the leadership of the PDP led government, please go on tour of the NYSC Camps in Nigeria and ask yourself if any sane government in the world would subject the future leaders of the country to such inhuman conditions and reduce Nigerian graduates to the state of animals in a ranch.

When I see the administrators of the National Youth Service Commission, I feel like hanging them if not to have them shot.

The Dogs

There are those who behave and live like dogs.
Dogs can eat the shit of their masters and the shit of anyone who can give them a piece of meat or even a bone and dogs can eat their own vomit.

The dogs are in majority.

The Pigs

They are those who have no dignity and no integrity such as the likes of Patricia Etteh, Adedibu, and others who will do anything to fatten themselves.
They are the looters and fraudsters who have made Nigeria to top the charts of the most corrupt countries in the world.

What we have is a land of desperate opportunists all scrambling for posts for their selfish interests.

Terrible things happened to people at the Nigeria LNG Limited this month and some children and adults died miserable deaths, and yet their parents and colleagues continue to drift in the flood of their ignorance.

I have been in a state of utter shock and dismay when I see how the majority of Nigerians behave like sub-humans without any regard for the dignity of humanity.
Majority of Nigerians have no scruples and that is why 85% of Nigeria is still in the Dark Ages.

Majority of them have low IQ and are shameless intellectual morons in the masquerade of their own local titular status symbols, but cannot stand when the chips are down in the global village and are contributing nothing to the growth of human civilization.

I keep on seeing full page adverts of the so called Christian universities in Nigeria, posting copies of their fake standards to misguide and mislead millions of ignorant and gullible Nigerians when God knows that they are telling lies and are predators of human souls who are partners in crime with the looters and destroyers of Nigeria.

Greedy devils and vampires manage the Nigerian banks and even though they can fool the majority of the populace, but they cannot fool those who know the truth.

The Governor of the apex bank and the beneficiaries of the corrupt system will be judged by the testimonies of those who died in misery. The retired pensioners who died whilst waiting for their unpaid pensions, and the testimonies of the unfortunate graduates who have died from preventable causes at the horrible and terrible NYSC camps and the daily lamentations of the millions of the masses suffering and dying in the state of neglect.

For how long will you continue to fool yourselves and millions of others in your fallacies and hypocrisies?

Only the best is good enough for us.
~ Bishop Ajayi Crowther

Do not settle for less.

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